1958 in History

Events in History

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  • Jan 1 BOAC Britannia flies London to NY in a record 7h57m
  • Jan 1 European Economic Community, better known as the European Common Market starts operation

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 3 Edmund Hillary reaches South Pole overland

Mountaineer and Explorer Edmund Hillary
Mountaineer and Explorer
Edmund Hillary
  • Jan 3 Lindsay Kline takes a hat-trick v South Africa at Cape Town
  • Jan 3 The West Indies Federation is formed.
  • Jan 4 Sputnik 1 reenters atmosphere & burns up
  • Jan 4 Sir Edmund Hillary reaches the South Pole
  • Jan 6 Bollingen Prize for poetry awarded to E. E. Cummings
  • Jan 7 USSR reduces army to 300,000
  • Jan 8 Cuban revolutionary forces capture Havana
  • Jan 13 9,000 scientists of 43 nations petition UN for nuclear test ban
  • Jan 13 US newspaper "Daily Worker" ceases publication
  • Jan 13 Moroccan Liberation Army ambushes Spanish patrol in the Battle of Edchera.
  • Jan 16 William Gibson's "Two for the Seesaw" premieres in NYC
  • Jan 19 Canadian Football Council renamed Canadian Football League
  • Jan 20 A group attempting the 1st surface crossing of Antarctic join up at the South Pole

  • Jan 23 Dictator Marcos Perez Jiménez flees Venezuela, Larrazabal takes power
  • Jan 24 After warming to 100,000,000 degrees, 2 light atoms are bashed together to create a heavier atom, resulting in 1st man-made nuclear fusion

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jan 26 H Laskow replaces Moshe Dayan on as Israeli minister of Defense

Israeli Politician and General Moshe Dayan
Israeli Politician and General
Moshe Dayan
  • Jan 26 Japanese ferry Nankai Maru capsized off southern Awaji Island, Japan, 167 killed.
  • Jan 27 Ferenc Munnich succeeds Kadar as premier of Hungary
  • Jan 28 Construction began on 1st private thorium-uranium nuclear reactor
  • Jan 28 The Lego company patents their design of Lego bricks, still compatible with bricks produced today
  • Jan 29 Murderer, Charles Starkweather, captured by police in Wyoming
  • Jan 30 1st 2-way moving sidewalk in service, Dallas Tx
  • Jan 30 Dore Schary's "Sunrise at Campobello" premieres in NYC
  • Jan 30 UK House of Lords passes bill allowing women to take seats
  • Jan 31 James van Allen discovers radiation belt
  • Jan 31 US launches their 1st artificial satellite, Explorer 1
  • Feb 1 1st US satellite (Explorer I) launched
  • Feb 1 Egypt & Syria announce plans to merge into United Arab Republic
  • Feb 1 "Volare" ("Nel blu dipinto di blu") single released by Domenico Modugno (Grammy Award Record of the Year, Song of the Year 1958)
  • Feb 2 Syria joins Egypt in United Arab Republic
  • Feb 5 Clifton R Wharton confirmed as 1st US African American foreign minister ( to Romania)
  • Feb 5 Gamel Abdel Nasser nominated 1st President of United Arab Republic
  • Feb 5 Vanguard TV-3 back-up launches into Earth orbit; reaches 6 km
  • Feb 7 1st showing of Dutch auto-transmission car, the DAF 600
  • Feb 8 Edgar Whitehead succeeds Garfield Todd as premier of South Rhodesia
  • Feb 8 French planes bomb Sakiet Tunisia, 75 die
  • Feb 11 Marshal Chen Yi succeeds Chu En-lai as Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Feb 11 Ruth Carol Taylor is 1st African-American woman hired as flight attendant, Ithaca NY

  • Feb 12 Gen Miguel Ydegoras Fuentes elected President of Guatemala
  • Feb 14 Arab Federation of Iraq & Jordan forms
  • Feb 15 Ice Pairs Championship at Paris won by Barbara Wagner/Rob Paul of CAN
  • Feb 15 Ladies' Figure Skating Championship in Paris won by Carol Heiss of USA
  • Feb 15 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Paris won by David Jenkins USA
  • Feb 15 Sjafroeddin Prawiranegara forms anti-government of Middle Sumatra
  • Feb 17 Comic strip "BC" 1st appears
  • Feb 19 Carl Perkins leaves Sun Records for Columbia Records
  • Feb 21 Egypt-Syria as United Arab Republic elect Nasser president (99.9% vote)
  • Feb 22 Egypt & Syria form United Arab Republic (UAR)
  • Feb 22 Indonesian air force bombs Padang, Sumatra/Menado, Celebes
  • Feb 23 Arturo Frondizi elected President of Argentina
  • Feb 23 Last Municipal arc light at Mission & 25th removed in San Francisco (installed 1913)
  • Feb 23 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Feb 27 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Mar 1 Gary Sobers completes 446 stand for 2nd wicket with Conrad Hunte, 260
  • Mar 1 Samuel Alphonsus Stritch, is appointed Pro-Prefect of the Propagation of Faith and thus becomes the first American member of the Roman Curia
  • Mar 2 1st surface crossing of Antarctic continent is completed in 99 days
  • Mar 2 Yemen announces it would join the United Arab Republic
  • Mar 3 Nuri ash Said becomes premier of Iraq
  • Mar 5 Explorer 2 fails to reach Earth orbit
  • Mar 7 Chicago Cardinals announce they will play their 1958 opener in Buffalo
  • Mar 8 Silky Sullivan comes from 40 lengths back to win by 3 at Santa Anita

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 8 William Faulkner says US school degenerated to become babysitters

Author and Nobel Laureate William Faulkner
Author and Nobel Laureate
William Faulkner
  • Mar 11 American B-47 accidentally drops nuclear bomb 15,000 ft on a family home in Mars Bluff, South Carolina; creates crater 75 ft across, bomb without its nuclear capsule
  • Mar 11 Starting this season, AL batters are required to wear batting helmets
  • Mar 12 British Empire Day is renamed "Commonwealth Day"
  • Mar 13 Government troops land in Sumatra Indonesia
  • Mar 14 RIAA certifies 1st gold record (Perry Como's Catch A Falling Star)
  • Mar 14 Recording Industry Association of American created
  • Mar 14 South Africa's government prohibits the African National Congress
  • Mar 14 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Mar 14 USSR performs atmospheric nuclear test
  • Mar 15 USSR performs atmospheric nuclear test in Ground Zero, Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan (of 36 total for 1958)
  • Mar 17 US Navy launches Vanguard 1 into orbit (2nd US), measures Earth shape

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 19 Britain's first planetarium opens at Madame Tussaud's, London

Wax Museum Creator Madame Tussaud
Wax Museum Creator
Madame Tussaud
  • Mar 19 Gary Sobers completes a century in each innings for WI vs. Pakistan
  • Mar 20 50" snow across the Mason-Dixon line
  • Mar 20 Clandestine Burasi Bizim Radio (communist) begins transmitting
  • Mar 20 Greek Clandestine Radio (communist), Voice of Truth 1st transmission
  • Mar 21 1st presentation of West Point's Sylvanus Thayer Award
  • Mar 21 USSR performs atmospheric nuclear test

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 22 Under pressure King Saud appoints Faisal Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia

  • Mar 22 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR
  • Mar 25 West German parliament desires German atomic weapons
  • Mar 26 US Army launched America's third successful satellite, "Explorer III"
  • Mar 26 The African Regroupment Party (PRA) is launched at a meeting in Paris.
  • Mar 27 Havana Hilton opens in Cuba, later HQ for Fidel Castro

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Mar 27 Nikita Khrushchev becomes Soviet Premier as well as First Secretary of the Communist Party

Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev
Soviet First Secretary
Nikita Khrushchev
  • Mar 31 US Navy forms atomic submarine division
  • Mar 31 USSR suspends nuclear weapons tests, & urges US & Britain to do same
  • Apr 1 Marshal Nikolai Bulganin becomes director of Soviet State Bank
  • Apr 2 Antillean Brewery (Amstel beer) opens
  • Apr 2 Wind speed reaches a record 450 kph in tornado, Wichita Falls, Texas

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 3 Fidel Castro's rebels attacked Havana

Cuban Revolutionary and President Fidel Castro
Cuban Revolutionary and President
Fidel Castro
  • Apr 4 1st march against nuclear weapons (Aldermaston, England)
  • Apr 4 Eugene Ionesco's "Tueur sans Gages" premieres in Darmstadt
  • Apr 4 The CND Peace Symbol displayed in public for the first time in London
  • Apr 5 Ripple Rock, an underwater threat to navigation in the Seymour Narrows in Canada is destroyed in one of the largest ever non-nuclear controlled explosions

Birthdays in History

Birthdays 1 - 100 of 150

  • Jan 7 Donna Rice, model/Gary Hart's lover, born in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Jan 7 Peter R Mokaba, president (South African Youth Congress)
  • Jan 9 Mehmet Ali Ağca, Turkish attempted assassin of Pope John Paul II
  • Jan 9 Stephen Neale, British philosopher
  • Jan 11 Diego León Montoya Sánchez, former Colombian crime boss
  • Jan 14 Colin Ferguson, murderer (6 people on the LIRR on Dec 7, 1993)
  • Jan 15 Boris Tadić, President of Serbia
  • Jan 16 Anatoli Boukreev, mountaineer
  • Jan 16 Lena Ek, Swedish politician
  • Jan 18 Jeffrey N Williams, Superior Wisc, Major Army/astronaut
  • Jan 19 Thomas Kinkade, artist, born in Sacramento, California (d. 2012)
  • Jan 25 Harti Weirather, Austrian alpine skier
  • Jan 27 Alan Milburn, British MP
  • Jan 27 James Grippando, American novelist
  • Jan 27 Kadri Mälk, Estonian artist and jewelry designer
  • Jan 30 Brett Butler, comedienne (Grace-Grace Under Fire), born in Montgomery, Alabama
  • Feb 3 Joe Frank Edwards Jr, Cmdr USN/astronaut (STS 89), born in Richmond, Virginia
  • Feb 3 N. Gregory Mankiw, American economist
  • Feb 4 Werner Schwab, Austrian playwright and artist, born in Graz (d. 1994)
  • Feb 4 Tomasz Pacyński, Polish writer
  • Feb 6 Cecily Adams, entertainment caster (American Heart), born in Queens, New York
  • Feb 7 Matt Ridley, British science writer
  • Feb 13 Marc Fox, British congas/percussionist (Haircut 100-Nobody's Fool)
  • Feb 13 Marc Emery, Canadian cannabis activist
  • Feb 13 Derek Riggs, British artist
  • Feb 14 Grant Thomas, Australian rules footballer
  • Feb 15 Chrystine Brouillet, Quebec novelist
  • Feb 16 Michael W. Burns, American politician, born in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Feb 19 Helen Fielding, English writer (Bridget Jones), born in Morley, England
  • Feb 21 Jake Steinfeld, exercise expert (Body by Jake)
  • Feb 26 Susan J Helms, Mjr USAF/Astronaut (STS 54, 64, 78), born in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Feb 26 Karen Berger, American comic book editor
  • Feb 26 Michel Houellebecq, French novelist
  • Feb 26 Tim Kaine, US Senator (D-Vir) and 2016 Democratic nominee for Vice President, born in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Feb 27 Nancy Spungen, American murder victim of Sid Vicious (d. 1978)
  • Mar 1 Bertrand Piccard, Swiss balloonist and psychiatrist
  • Mar 2 Peter Arnold, American architect
  • Mar 3 Marc Silvestri, American comic book artist and publisher (Top Cow Productions)
  • Mar 4 Lennie Lee, British artist
  • Mar 7 Alan Hale, American astronomer (Comet Hale–Bopp), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • Mar 11 Jim Pinkerton, American pundit
  • Mar 11 Flemming Rose, Danish journalist
  • Mar 11 Ghazi Mashal Ajil al-Yawer, interim President of Iraq
  • Mar 13 Rick Lazio, American politician, U.S. House of Representatives from New York, born in Amityville, New York

Person of interestDanny Meyer

Mar 14 Danny Meyer, American restaurateur (Shake Shack, Union Square Cafe), born in St. Louis, Missouri

Restaurateur and Founder of Shake Shack Danny Meyer
Restaurateur and Founder of Shake Shack
Danny Meyer

Person of interestJorge Ramos

Mar 16 Jorge Ramos, Mexican TV anchor, born in Mexico City

News Anchor Jorge Ramos
News Anchor
Jorge Ramos
  • Mar 16 Kate Worley, American comic book writer (d. 2004)
  • Mar 22 Laurie David, American political activist
  • Mar 25 Sisy Chen, Taiwanese politician and television commentator
  • Mar 25 Åsa Torstensson, Swedish politician
  • Mar 27 Susan Molinari, American politician, U.S. House of Representatives from New York, born in NYC, New York
  • Apr 5 Cammie Lusko, Guinness' World Strongest Woman, born in Los Angeles, California
  • Apr 9 Nigel Slater, English cook and writer (The Observer), born in Wolverhampton, England
  • Apr 15 Dolores Gordon-Smith, British Writer
  • Apr 15 Benjamin Zephaniah, British writer
  • Apr 17 Sergei Yuriyevich Vozovikov, Russian major/cosmonaut
  • Apr 21 Michael Zarnock, American author and columnist
  • Apr 21 Yoshito Usui, Japanese manga artist
  • Apr 24 Brian Paddick, British former deputy assistant commissioner and most senior openly gay police officer, born in London
  • Apr 26 John Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute
  • Apr 26 Jeffrey Guterman, American mental health counselor

Person of interestKeith Haring

May 4 Keith Haring, American graffiti artist (Vanity Fair, Paris Review) and social activist, born in Reading, Pennsylvania (d. 1990)

Artist & Social Activist Keith Haring
Artist & Social Activist
Keith Haring
  • May 5 Ron Arad, Israeli aircraft navigator missing in action.
  • May 10 Ellen Ochoa, PhD/Astronaut (STS 56, 66), born in Los Angeles, California
  • May 10 Rick Santorum, (Rep-R-Penn)
  • May 10 Yu Suzuki, Japanese creator of Virtua Fighter series
  • May 12 Christian Brando, son of Marlon/killed sisters boyfriend
  • May 12 Andreas Petroulakis, Greek political caricaturist
  • May 21 Jefery Levy, American television director
  • May 23 Thomas Reiter, German cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-22)
  • May 23 Mitch Albom, American writer
  • May 25 Dorothy Straight, 4 year old author (How World Begun)
  • May 29 Willem Holleeder, Dutch criminal
  • May 30 Michael E Lopez-Alegria, Lt Cmdr/astro (STS 73, sk 92), born in Madrid, Spain
  • May 30 Steve Israel, American politician, member of the United States House of Representatives (D-New York)
  • May 31 Mkhuseli Jack, South African UDF-leader (consumer boycots)
  • Jun 1 Ahron Bregman, Israeli journalist
  • Jun 5 Ahmed Abdallah Mohamed Sambi, President of the Comoros
  • Jun 7 Francesca Thyssen, Swiss art collector, born in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Jun 7 Surakiart Sathirathai, Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand
  • Jun 9 Donald Michael Santini, Mass, murderer (FBI Most Wanted List)
  • Jun 12 Fernando "Frank" Caldeiro, Argentine-American astronaut, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Jun 17 Sam Hamad, Syrian-born Canadian politician
  • Jun 21 Gennadi Ivanovich Padalka, Russian major/cosmonaut (SK: Soyuz TM-28)
  • Jun 24 Victor M Gerena, American security guard robbed $7 million (FBI wanted), born in NYC, New York
  • Jun 26 Glen Stewart Godwin, American murderer (FBI Most Wanted), born in Miami, Florida
  • Jul 2 Thomas Bickerton, American Methodist bishop
  • Jul 3 Matthew Fraser, Canadian-British journalist
  • Jul 3 Siân Lloyd, Welsh weather presenter
  • Jul 5 Meredith Ann Pierce, American sci-fi author (Darkangel)
  • Jul 5 William "Bill" Watterson, American cartoonist known for being author of the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes (1985-95), born in Washington, D.C.
  • Jul 8 Tzipi Livni, Israeli politician, born in Tel Aviv
  • Jul 8 Andreas Carlgren, Swedish politician
  • Jul 15 Mac Thornberry, American politician
  • Jul 16 Pierre Roland Renoir, Canadian artist, born in Monaco
  • Jul 16 Mike Rogers, American politician (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Alabama), born in Hammond, Indiana
  • Jul 18 Margo [AM] Vliegenthart, Dutch 2nd Chamber member (PvdA)
  • Aug 4 Allison Hedge Coke, American poet and writer
  • Aug 8 Deborah Norville, news anchor (Today Show, Inside Edition)
  • Aug 10 Rami Hamdallah, Palestinian politician, academic and Prime Minister of Palestine (2014-present), born in Anabta, West Bank

Weddings in History

  • Jan 1 Sammy Davis Jr marries Loray White

HeartWedding of Interest

Jan 14 Human rights activist Malcolm X marries fellow activist Betty Shabazz in Lansing, Michigan

African American Activist Malcolm X
African American Activist
Malcolm X
Civil Rights Activist Betty Shabazz
Civil Rights Activist
Betty Shabazz
  • Mar 27 Latin American and magic realism leading novelist and short story writer "One Hundred years of Solitude" Gabriel Garc

HeartWedding of Interest

Mar 27 Writer Gabriel García Márquez (31) weds Mercedes Barcha

Colombian Writer Gabriel García Márquez
Colombian Writer
Gabriel García Márquez

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 8 Author and a science pioneer in the semiconductor industry Andrew Grove (21) weds Eva Kastan

Semiconductor Pioneer and CEO of Intel Andrew Grove
Semiconductor Pioneer and CEO of Intel
Andrew Grove

HeartWedding of Interest

Jun 14 Nelson Mandela weds Winnie Madikizela

Anti-apartheid activist and South African President Nelson Mandela
Anti-apartheid activist and South African President
Nelson Mandela
Anti-Apartheid Activist and Politician Winnie Mandela
Anti-Apartheid Activist and Politician
Winnie Mandela

Deaths in History

Deaths 1 - 100 of 126

  • Jan 1 Edward Weston, American photographer (b. 1886)
  • Jan 4 John Anderson, 1st Viscount Waverley, British civil servant, politician and Chancellor of the Exchequer (1943-45), dies at 75
  • Jan 6 Josephine CMA, princess of Belgium/nun, dies at 85
  • Jan 7 Petru Groza, premier/president (Romania, 1945-58), dies at 74
  • Jan 9 Paul Fechter, German writer (Der Zauberer Gottes), dies at 77
  • Jan 9 Willis Rodney Whitney, American Chemist, founder of the General Electric research laboratory, and pioneer of industrial scientific research, dies at 89
  • Jan 10 Charles de Trooz, Belgian writer, dies at 52
  • Jan 12 Charles Mallory Hatfield, U.S. rainmaker (b. 1875)
  • Jan 13 John Lindeboom, Dutch vicar/church historian, dies at 75
  • Jan 30 Earnest H Heinkel, German airplane builder (WWII), dies at 70
  • Jan 30 Jean Crotti, Swiss-French artist, dies at 79
  • Feb 1 Clinton Joseph Davisson, dies
  • Feb 3 Henry Kuttner, sci-fi author (Dark World, As You Were), dies at 42
  • Feb 3 Johannes F Buziau, Dutch cabaret performer, dies at 81
  • Feb 4 Frederik de Merode, Belgian prince, dies at 46
  • Feb 5 H. M. Tomlinson, British writer (Under red ensign), dies at 84
  • Feb 11 Ernest Jones, British psychonanalyst (b. 1879)
  • Feb 12 Marcel Cachin, French politician and co-founder (French Communistic Party), dies at 88
  • Feb 12 Douglas R. Hartree, English mathematician and physicist, dies at 60
  • Feb 13 Georges Rouault, French painter (Christ aux outrages), dies at 86
  • Feb 13 Dame Christabel Pankhurst, a leading suffragette (English) "Queen of the mob" (b.1880)
  • Feb 14 Abdul Rab Nishtar, veteran leader of Pakistan Movement, (b. 1899)
  • Feb 17 Hugh McCrae, Australian writer and poet (Satyrs and Sunlight: Sylvarum Libri), dies at 81
  • Feb 22 Theo Harych, German writer, commits suicide at 54
  • Feb 24 Fernand Baldensperger [Fernand Baldenne], French poet, dies at 86
  • Feb 27 Harry Cohn, CEO (Columbia Pictures), dies of a heart attack
  • Mar 1 Giacomo Balla, Italian painter (Dog at a Rope), dies at 86
  • Mar 4 Albert Kuyle, [Lou Kuitenbrouwer], writer (Jesus' Carpet), dies at 54
  • Mar 11 Ole Kirk Christiansen, Danish inventor (founded LEGO), dies of a heart attack at 66
  • Mar 12 Princess Ingeborg of Sweden, wife of Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland, dies at 79
  • Mar 16 Leon J Cadore, pitched the 26 inning game, dies at 65
  • Mar 21 Cyril M. Kornbluth, American sci-fi writer (Space Merchants), dies at 34
  • Mar 22 Michael "Mike" Todd [Avrom Goldbogen], American producer (Around the World in 80 Days) and 3rd husband of Elizabeth Taylor, dies in a plane crash at 48
  • Mar 23 Florian Znaniecki, Polish/US sociologist/philosopher, dies at 76
  • Apr 2 Josei Toda, Japanese second president of the Buddhist association Soka Gakkai (b. 1900)
  • Apr 3 Theodor Kramer, Austrian poet and writer, dies at 61
  • Apr 4 Hendrik Heyman, Belgian minister of Nijverheid/mayor, dies at 78
  • Apr 5 Jozef Brems, Flemish apostole vicar of Denmark, dies at 87
  • Apr 8 Ethel Turner, Australian author (b. 1872)
  • Apr 8 George Jean Nathan, American editor, author and critic (American Mercury), dies at 76
  • Apr 11 Konstantin Yuon, Russian painter, dies at 82
  • Apr 15 Estelle Taylor, dies at 64

Person of interestRosalind Franklin

Apr 16 Rosalind Franklin, English chemist and co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, dies of ovarian cancer at 37

Chemist and Molecular Biologist Rosalind Franklin
Chemist and Molecular Biologist
Rosalind Franklin
  • Apr 18 Maurice-Gustave Gamelin, French generalissmo (WW I, WW II), dies at 85
  • Apr 18 Richard B Goldschmidt, German-American zoologist (butterflies), dies at 80
  • Apr 18 Maurice Gamelin, French Army general (unable to stop the German assault on France (May 1940)), dies at 85
  • Apr 26 Johan N C "Joan" Collette, painter, dies at 68
  • May 2 Alfred Weber, German economist and sociologist, dies at 89
  • May 7 Nyogen Senzaki, 1st Zen teacher to reside in USA, dies at 81
  • May 8 Nasni Matni, Lebanese journalist, murdered
  • May 8 Norman Bel Geddes, American theatrical designer (Rivals, Dead End), dies at 65
  • May 15 Michael G the Boer, historian (Harbor of Amsterdam), dies at 91
  • May 16 Jeroom Verten [Jozef Frans Vermetten], Flemish playwright, dies at 49
  • May 27 Samuel Stritch, US cardinal/archbishop (Chicago), dies
  • May 29 Juan Ramon Jiménez, Spanish poet (Nobel 1956), dies at 76
  • Jun 4 Mechtilde Lichnowsky, German writer, dies at 79
  • Jun 10 Angelina Weld Grimke, American journalist (b. 1880)
  • Jun 13 Edwin Keppel Bennett, English writer (Built in Jerusalem’s Wall: A Book in praise of Jerusalem), dies at 70
  • Jun 15 François de Vries, Dutch economist, dies at 74
  • Jun 16 Imre Nagy, Prime Minister of Hungary (1953-56), dies at 62
  • Jun 20 Kurt Alder, German chemist (Nobel 1950), dies at 55
  • Jun 26 Martinus Ballings, Flemish jesuit/author (Vocation), dies at 93
  • Jun 26 Andrija Štampar, Croatian physician and United Nations diplomat (b. 1888)
  • Jun 28 Alfred Noyes, British poet and essayist (Robin Hood), dies at 77
  • Jun 29 Charles Spencelayh, English painter (Why War), dies at 92
  • Jul 1 Apie [Adrian P] Prince, Dutch writer (I Go Me Own Way), dies
  • Jul 1 Harry Nicholls Holmes, American chemist (crystallized vitamin A), dies at 78
  • Jul 4 Adolf Herckenrath, Flemish playwright/poet (Avondvlam), dies at 79
  • Jul 11 Karel Wellens, Flemish painter, dies at 69
  • Jul 14 Abdoel Illah, crown prince of Iraq, murdered
  • Jul 14 Faisal II, King of Iraq (1939-58), son of Ghasi I, assassinated at Baghdad at 23
  • Jul 14 Franciscus J. Feron, vicaris-general of Roermond, dies at 62
  • Jul 14 Noeri el-Said, premier of Iraq, murdered
  • Jul 15 Nuries-Said, Iraqi soldier/statesman, assassinated, dies

Person of interestHenri Farman

Jul 17 Henri Farman, British-French aviator who broke several aviation records, dies at 84

Aviator Henri Farman
Henri Farman
  • Jul 19 Robert Earl Hughes, weighed 1,041 lbs (473 kg), dies at 32
  • Jul 22 Mikhail Zoshchenko, Russian author and satirist, dies at 62
  • Jul 25 Harry Warner, US movie pioneer (Warner Bros), dies at 81
  • Jul 27 Claire Chennault, American military leader, dies at 64
  • Aug 4 Ethel Anderson, Australian poet (b. 1883)
  • Aug 13 Otto Witte, acrobat and, purportedly, King of Albania (b. 1868)
  • Aug 14 Frederic Joliot-Curie, French nuclear physicist (Nobel 1936), dies
  • Aug 14 Gladys Presley, mother of Elvis, dies at 46
  • Aug 14 Mary Ritter Beard, American historian, dies at 82
  • Aug 14 Konstantin von Neurath, German diplomat (b.1873)
  • Aug 22 Roger Martin du Gard, novelist/playwright, dies
  • Aug 23 Martin du Gard, writer, dies
  • Aug 24 John G Strijdom, premier of South Africa (1954-58), dies at 65
  • Aug 24 Paul Henry, Northern Irish artist, dies at 82
  • Aug 27 Ernest Lawrence, American nuclear scientist and inventor (Cyclotron - Nobel 1939), dies at 57
  • Sep 11 Robert W. Service, Scottish-born Canadian poet (b. 1874)
  • Sep 11 Camillien Houde, French Canadian politician and Mayor of Montreal, dies at 69
  • Sep 17 Eugène Jungers, Belgian Governor of Rwanda Urundi, dies at 70
  • Sep 17 Friedrich Adolf Paneth, Austrian/British chemist, dies at 71
  • Sep 22 Mary Roberts Rinehart, American mystery writer and playwright (The Circular Staircase), dies at 82
  • Sep 25 John B Watson, US psychologist/behaviorist, dies at 80
  • Sep 30 Niels Bjerrum, Danish chemist (ph-stipulation), dies at 79
  • Oct 1 Robert Falk, Russian painter (b. 1886)
  • Oct 2 Marie Stopes, birth control pioneer, dies
  • Oct 8 Ran Bosilek, Bulgarian author (b. 1886)