June 1962 in History

Events in History

  • Jun 1 Oscar 2 (ham radio satellite) launched into Earth orbit
  • Jun 1 USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 40,420 m
  • Jun 3 Air France Boeing 707 crashes on takeoff from Paris, kills 130

Historic Event

Jun 3 Lee Harvey Oswald arrives by train in Oldenzaal, Netherlands

Historic Event

Jun 7 NASA civilian test pilot Joseph A. Walker takes X-15 to 31,580 m

  • Jun 8 Jim Beatty runs world record 2 mile (8:29.8)
  • Jun 9 Warner Bros "Bill of Hare" with Bug Bunny premieres in USA
  • Jun 11 Brothers John and Clarence Anglin and fellow inmate Frank Morris escape from Alcatraz Island prison, the only ones to do so

Historic Event

Jun 11 US President John F. Kennedy accepts an honorary degree from Yale

  • Jun 12 Laos Prince Souvanna Phouma forms coalition government
  • Jun 12 USAF Maj Robert M White takes X-15 to 56,270 m
  • Jun 13 Norway named ombudsman
  • Jun 14 Albert DeSalvo, better known as the Boston Strangler, murders Anna Slesers, his first victim
  • Jun 14 The European Space Research Organisation is established in Paris - later becoming the European Space Agency
  • Jun 15 South Africa passes a bill setting death penalty for many crimes
  • Jun 15 Students for a Democratic Society complete the Port Huron Statement
  • Jun 16 2 US army officers killed in Saigon
  • Jun 21 USAF Major Robert M. White takes X-15 to 75,190 m
  • Jun 22 1st test flight of a Hovercraft
  • Jun 22 French Boeing 707 crashes at Guadeloupe, 113 killed
  • Jun 23 Suvanna Phuma forms government in Laos
  • Jun 25 İnönü government forms in Turkey
  • Jun 25 Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) forms
  • Jun 25 Supreme Court rules NY school prayer unconstitutional
  • Jun 26 Blacks begin passive resistance in Cairo Ill
  • Jun 27 In South Africa, the General Law Amendment Act (Sabotage Act) No 76 commences, increasing the state president's power to declare organisations unlawful and to add further restrictions to banning orders
  • Jun 27 NASA civilian pilot Joseph A. Walker takes X-15 to 6,606 kph, 37,700 m

Historic Event

Jun 27 Ross Perot begins Electronic Data Systems

  • Jun 28 Thalidomide drug banned in Netherlands
  • Jun 29 1st flight Vickers (British Aerospace) VC-10 long-range airliner
  • Jun 30 French Foreign Legion leaves Algeria
  • Jun 30 Premier Ben Khedda disbands Algerian Liberation Army fighters
  • Jun 30 Rwanda and Burundi become independent

Birthdays in History

  • Jun 3 Susannah Constantine, British fashion guru (What Not to Wear), born in London, England
  • Jun 5 Astrid, Belgian princess and daughter of Albert II
  • Jun 10 Akie Abe (née Matsuzaki), First Lady of Japan, 2006-07 and 2012-20, born in Tokyo

Jordan Peterson

Jun 12 Jordan Peterson, Canadian psychologist and author (12 Rules for Life), born in Edmonton, Alberta

  • Jun 18 Jan[ice] Merrill, track star (US record long distance holder 1979)
  • Jun 24 Gautam Adani, Indian businessman (Adani Group, India's 2nd richest person), born in Ahmedabad, India
  • Jun 26 George Windsor, Earl of St Andrews, elder son of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, born in Coppins, Iver, Buckinghamshire, England
  • Jun 29 George Zamka, American NASA astronaut, born in Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Jun 30 Vladimir Mikolaevich Dezhurov, Russian stronaut (Mir 18, STS-71), born in Zubovo-Polyansk, Yavas, Mordovia

Deaths in History

ExecutionAdolf Eichmann

Jun 1 Adolf Eichmann, German Nazi officer (SS-Obersturmbannführer, Holocaust organizer), hanged in Israel at 56

  • Jun 2 Fran Saleški Finžgar, Slovene folk writer (Our Blood, Service Girls), dies at 91
  • Jun 2 Vita Sackville-West, English novelist, poet (The Land) and gardener (Sissinghurst), dies at 70
  • Jun 4 William Beebe, US biologist/explorer, dies at 84
  • Jun 6 Yves Klein, French sculptor and painter, dies at 34
  • Jun 14 Anna Sleasers, first Boston Strangler victim
  • Jun 19 Frank Borzage, American director (7th Heaven, Strange Cargo), dies at 69
  • Jun 25 Ephraim Lisitsky, American Hebrew poet, dies (b. 1885)
  • Jun 27 Paul Viiding, Estonian poet, dies at 58