September 1963 in History

Events in History

  • Sep 1 Language laws in Belgium goes into effect causing a riot

Event of Interest

Sep 2 Alabama Governor George Wallace prevents integration of Tuskegee High School

  • Sep 4 Swissair Flight 306 crashes near Dürrenäsch, Switzerland, killing all 80 people on board
  • Sep 6 The Centre for International Industrial Property Studies (CEIPI) is founded at of the University of Strasbourg, France
  • Sep 7 American Bandstand moves to California, & airs once a week on Saturday
  • Sep 7 Two-building Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio is officially opened
  • Sep 8 Algerian population accepts constitution
  • Sep 8 Ines Cuervo de Priete, 34, gives birth to quintuplets, all boys in Venezuela
  • Sep 9 Alabama Governor George Wallace served a federal injunction to stop orders of state police to bar black students from enrolling in white schools
  • Sep 10 20 black students enter public schools in Alabama
  • Sep 11 Typhoon Gloria strikes Taiwan killing 330, with $17.5 million damage
  • Sep 13 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Sep 14 Mary Ann Fischer of Aberdeen, South Dakota, gives birth to America's 1st surviving quintuplets, 4 girls & a boy
  • Sep 15 Ben Bella elected 1st president of Algeria
  • Sep 15 Church bombing in Birmingham Alabama, kills 4 African-American girls

Federation of Malaysia

Sep 16 Federation of Malaysia formed by Malaya, Singapore, British North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak

  • Sep 17 Train struck makeshift bus full of migrant workers, killing 32
  • Sep 18 USSR orders 58.5 million barrels of cereal from Australia
  • Sep 19 Iota Phi Theta Fraternity, Inc. is founded at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Voyage of Discovery

Sep 20 JFK proposes a joint US-Soviet voyage to the moon

  • Sep 22 Czechoslovakian premier Viliam Široký deposed by Josef Lenart
  • Sep 23 Georgette Ciselet is 1st woman on Belgian Council of State
  • Sep 24 US Senate ratifies treaty with Britain & USSR limiting nuclear testing
  • Sep 26 1st edition of NYC Review of Books

Event of Interest

Sep 26 Lee Harvey Oswald travels on Continental Trailways bus to Mexico City, Mexico

  • Sep 27 At 10:59 AM census clock, records US population at 190,000,000
  • Sep 27 Lee Harvey Oswald visits Cuban consulate in Mexico City, seeking a visa
  • Sep 28 Giuseppe Cantarella roller-skates record 25.78 mph (415 k) for 440 yds
  • Sep 29 2nd session of Ecumenical council, `Vatican II,' opened in Rome by Pope Paul
  • Sep 29 Houston Colt .45 John Paciorek goes 3 for 3 in his only game
  • Sep 30 56th Postmaster General: John A. Gronouski of Wisconsin takes office

Birthdays in History

  • Sep 1 Stephen Kernahan, Australian rules footballer
  • Sep 3 Guido Imbens, Dutch American economist (2021 Nobel Prize for Economics), born in Geldrop, Netherlands
  • Sep 6 Alice Sebold, American novelist (The Almost Moon), born in Madison, Wisconsin
  • Sep 6 Bryan Simonaire, American politician (Maryland State Senator), born in Baltimore, Maryland
  • Sep 6 Geert Wilders, Dutch politician (Party for Freedom leader), born in Venlo, Netherlands
  • Sep 7 Chris Coons, American politician (Senator-D-Delaware 2010-), born in Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Sep 13 Theodoros Roussopoulos, Greek politician (Minister of State), born in Messinia, Greece
  • Sep 17 Amy Roloff, American reality star (Little People, Big World), born in Michigan
  • Sep 17 Michael Adler, American businessman and diplomat
  • Sep 17 Rami Saari, Israeli poet and translator, born in Petah Tikva, Israel
  • Sep 17 Wendy Northcutt, American author of the Darwin Awards
  • Sep 25 Keely Shaye Smith, American journalist (Unsolved Mysteries), born in Vallejo, California

Weddings in History

  • Sep 7 US politician Nancy D'Alesandro (23) marries businessman Paul Francis Pelosi (23) in Baltimore, Maryland

Deaths in History

  • Sep 1 Jean Canneel, Flemish sculptor, dies at 73
  • Sep 4 Robert Schuman, Luxembourg-born French statesman and Prime Minister of France (1947-48), dies at 77
  • Sep 9 Ernst Kantorowicz, German-American historian (Laudes regiae), dies at 68
  • Sep 9 Jan Schouten, Dutch co-founder of Daily Trouw (illegal resistance newspaper WWII), dies at 80
  • Sep 10 Eugène Baie, Belgian author (Sub rosa et sub umbra), dies at 89
  • Sep 12 Mervyn A. Ellison, British astronomer (spectrohelioscope), dies at 63
  • Sep 17 Eduard Spranger, German psychologist and educator, dies at 81
  • Sep 21 Paulino Masip, Spanish playwright (b. 1899)