July 1967 in History

Events in History

  • Jul 1 Canada celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 1867 British North America Act which served as Canada's constitution for over 100 years
  • Jul 3 "News at 10" premieres on British TV
  • Jul 4 Opening ceremony of Tassajara Zen Mountain Center
  • Jul 5 Congo uprising under Belgian mercenary Jean Schramme
  • Jul 6 Nigerian Civil War erupts as Nigerian forces invade the secessionist state of Biafra
  • Jul 8 Helen Weston of Detroit rolls a record 4,585 in 24 games
  • Jul 10 Bobbie Gentry records "Ode to Billie Joe" - single goes on to win 4 Grammys
  • Jul 10 Uruguay becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty
  • Jul 12 Greek regime deprives 480 Greeks of their citizenship
  • Jul 12 Race riot in Newark, New Jersey, 26 killed, 1,500 injured & over 1,000 arrested
  • Jul 13 Race riots break out in Newark, 27 die
  • Jul 14 Surveyor 4 launched to Moon; explodes just before landing
  • Jul 15 LA Wolves beat Washington Whips 6-5 in OT to be United Soccer Association champions
  • Jul 15 USSR performs 23-kilo ton nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk, USSR
  • Jul 16 Prison brawl ignites barracks, killing 37 (Jay, Florida)
  • Jul 17 Race riots in Cairo, Illinois
  • Jul 18 Silver hits record $1.87 an ounce in NY
  • Jul 19 1st air conditioned NYC subway car (R-38 on the F line)
  • Jul 19 Race riots in Durham, North Carolina
  • Jul 19 US launches Explorer 35 for lunar orbit (800/7400 km)

Event of Interest

Jul 20 Chilean poet and diplomat Pablo Neruda receives 1st Viareggio-Versilia Prize, recognizing “world personalities who work for culture and understanding between peoples”

  • Jul 20 Race riots in Memphis, Tennessee
  • Jul 22 1st major appearance by Vanilla Fudge (Village Theater NYC)
  • Jul 23 -27] 43 die in race riot in Detroit (2,000 injured, 442 fires)
  • Jul 23 First successful liver transplant, on 19 month old Julie Rodriguez by Dr Starzl at the University of Colorado
  • Jul 23 Pirate Radio Swinging Scotland closes down for financial reasons

Event of Interest

Jul 24 Charles de Gaulle says 'Vive le Quebec libre! Long live free Quebec!'

  • Jul 24 Chinese army/air force/fleet repress uprising in Wuhan City

Event of Interest

Jul 24 First modern hospice St. Christopher's founded by Dr. Cicely Saunders in London, beginning of modern palliative care and the hospice movement

  • Jul 24 Norway requests European Common Market membership
  • Jul 24 Race riots in Cambridge, Maryland
  • Jul 25 Construction begins on San Francisco MUNI METRO (Market Street subway)
  • Jul 27 Arabs Federation premier Hoesein Al Bayoomi resigns

Event of Interest

Jul 27 LBJ sets up commission to study cause of urban violence

  • Jul 27 US performs nuclear Test at Nevada Test Site
  • Jul 28 Pirate Radio Station 390 (Radio Invicta) (England) closes down
  • Jul 29 Fire aboard carrier USS Forrestal in Gulf of Tonkin kills 134
  • Jul 29 Moderate quake (6.5) strikes Caracas Venezuela causing severe damage
  • Jul 30 Race riot in Milwaukee (4 killed)

Birthdays in History

  • Jul 5 Silvia Ziche, Italian comics artist (Italian Donald Duck comics), born in Thiene, Italy
  • Jul 7 Jason R. Rich, American writer (Celebrity Teen Talk), born in Irvington, New York
  • Jul 9 Gunnar Axén, Swedish politician
  • Jul 13 Benny Benassi, Italian disc jockey
  • Jul 13 Dean Barnett, American Conservative blogger, born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 2008)
  • Jul 13 Jane Fraser, British-American banker (CEO of Citigroup - first woman to run a major Wall Street bank), born in St Andrews, Scotland
  • Jul 14 Patrick J. Kennedy, American politician (Rep-D-Rhode Island 1995-2011), born in Boston, Massachusetts
  • Jul 22 Lauren Booth, British journalist
  • Jul 25 Tommy Skjerven, Norwegian football referee, born in Kaupanger, Norway
  • Jul 31 Elizabeth Wurtzel, American author (Prozac Nation), born in NYC, New York (d. 2020)

Deaths in History

Fatima JinnahFatima Jinnah (1893-1967)

Jul 8 Mother of Pakistan, sister and close adviser of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, dies officially of a heart failure at 73 but rumors of foul play by the military junta persist

Eugen FischerEugen Fischer (1874-1967)

Jul 9 Nazi physician (Kaiser Wilhelm Institute), dies at 93

  • Jul 11 Guy Favreau, French Canadian lawyer, politician and judge, dies at 50
  • Jul 13 Cornelis A Eman, chairman (State of Aruba Peoples Party), dies at 51
  • Jul 14 Tudor Arghezi, Romanian writer (b. 1880)
  • Jul 18 Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco, Brazilian military leader and 26th President of Brazil (1964-67), dies at 66
  • Jul 21 Albert J Luthuli, South African teacher, anti-apartheid activist, politician (ANC president) and Nobel laureate, dies when struck by a freight train at about 69 [birth date uncertain]
  • Jul 21 Pierre Kemp, Dutch poet (English paint box), dies at 80
  • Jul 22 Carl Sandburg, poet (Abraham Lincoln: Prairie Years), dies at 89
  • Jul 24 Little Billy Rhodes, dies of stroke at 72
  • Jul 25 W Gombrowicz, writer, dies at 62
  • Jul 28 Karl W. Richter, American Air Force pilot during Vietnam War (youngest to shoot down a MiG), shot down at 24
  • Jul 31 Margaret Kennedy, English novelist (The Constant Nymph), dies at 71
  • Jul 31 Richard Kuhn, Austrian-German biochemist (Nobel 1938-work on carotenoids and vitamins), dies at 66