February 1968 in History

Events in History

Event of Interest

Feb 1 Former US VP Richard Nixon announces candidacy for president

Execution of a Viet Cong Prisoner

Feb 1 Saigon police chief Nguyễn Ngọc Loan executes Viet Cong officer Nguyễn Văn Lém with a pistol shot to head. The execution is captured by photographer Eddie Adams and becomes an anti-war icon.

  • Feb 1 World trade conference Unctad 2 opens in New Delhi
  • Feb 2 Springer Publishers in West Berlin, bombed
  • Feb 4 Around 100 Indians and Pakistanis from Kenya arrive in Britain, escaping discrimination
  • Feb 5 A fishing trawler from Hull sinks off the coast of Iceland
  • Feb 6 Dutch 2nd Chamber condemns US bombing of North Vietnam

Event of Interest

Feb 6 Former President Dwight Eisenhower shot a hole-in-one

  • Feb 7 Belgium government of Vanden Boeynants falls
  • Feb 8 Orangeburg Massacre: highway patrol officers kill 3 students and injure 27 others demonstrating at South Carolina State University, 1st student killing by law enforcement in the US
  • Feb 9 Rotterdam metro opened by Princess Beatrix
  • Feb 11 Israeli-Jordan border fight
  • Feb 11 Jeffrey Kramer survives 76-m jump, Washington Bridge, Hudson River New York
  • Feb 11 Madison Square Garden III closes Madison Square Garden IV opens (NYC)
  • Feb 13 US sends 10,500 additional soldiers to Vietnam
  • Feb 15 Anaheim's Les Salvage scores 10, 3-pt baskets in ABA game vs Denver
  • Feb 16 US 1st 911 phone system goes into service in Haleyville, Alabama
  • Feb 18 Britain commences a trial of year-round daylight saving time (BST - British Standard Time, one hour ahead of GMT)
  • Feb 18 Thousands of people in West Berlin demonstrate against US involvement in the Vietnam War
  • Feb 19 1st US teachers' strike (Florida)
  • Feb 20 State troopers used tear gas to stop demonstration at Alcorn A & M
  • Feb 21 150,000 demonstrate against leftist students in West Berlin

Scientific Discovery

Feb 24 Discovery of 1st pulsar announced (CP 1919) by Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish

  • Feb 24 US troops reconquer Hue Vietnam
  • Feb 25 430 Unification Church couples wed in Korea
  • Feb 25 Makarios re-elected president of Cyprus
  • Feb 26 Clandestine Radio Voice of Iraqi People (Communist) final transmission
  • Feb 28 Pirate Radio Hauraki, on a boat floating off coast of NZ, returns to the air
  • Feb 29 National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders (Kerner Comm) reports against racism & demands aid given to blacks
  • Feb 29 US end regular flights with nuclear bombs
  • Feb 29 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Birthdays in History

  • Feb 12 Christopher McCandless, American nomad, subject of biography Into the Wild, born in El Segundo, California (d. 1992)
  • Feb 16 Warren Ellis, British comic book writer (Red), born in Essex, England
  • Feb 22 Shawn Graham, Canadian politician, born in Rexton, Canada
  • Feb 29 Eugene Volokh, American law professor
  • Feb 29 Gonzalo Lira, Chilean-American novelist

Deaths in History

  • Feb 4 Gerard den Brabander [Jan G Jofriet], poet (Nothing New), dies at 67
  • Feb 4 Neal Cassady, American writer (b. 1926)
  • Feb 8 J Borremans, Belgian politician (Communist), dies at 56
  • Feb 9 Frederik M. baron van Asbeck, Dutch lawyer and legal scholar (League of Nations), dies at 78
  • Feb 10 Pitirim Sorokin, Russian-American sociologist (Social mobility), dies at 79
  • Feb 18 Sigurd Erixon, etnologist (Atlas "ver Svensk Folkkultur), dies at 79

Howard FloreyHoward Florey (1898-1968)

Feb 21 Australian pathologist and pharmacologist who purified penicillin (Nobel 1945), dies at 69

  • Feb 22 Peter Arno, American cartoonist (New Yorker), dies at 64
  • Feb 23 Fannie Hurst, American author (Anatomy of Me), dies at 78
  • Feb 25 Camille Huysmans, Belgian premier (1946-47), dies at 96
  • Feb 27 Johannes Tralow, German writer (Ottoman tetralogy), dies at 85
  • Feb 29 Tore Ørjasæter, Norwegian poet (b. 1886)