On This Day

November 1970 in History

Events in History

  • Nov 1 Fire at Club Cinq-Sept Discotheque in Saint-Laurent-du-Pont, France, kills 146, as all emergency exits were padlocked

Historic Event

Nov 3 US President Richard Nixon promises gradual troop removal of Vietnam

Historic Event

Nov 3 Marxist Salvador Allende inaugurated as President of Chile

Historic Event

Nov 4 Russian nuclear physicist Andrei Sakharov forms Human Rights Committee

  • Nov 4 Genie, a 13 year old feral child found in Los Angeles, California, having been locked in her bedroom by her father for most of her life
  • Nov 6 Twins Jim Perry wins AL Cy Young Award
  • Nov 7 Race riots in Daytona Beach Florida
  • Nov 9 Trial of Seattle 8 anti-war protesters begins
  • Nov 9 The Irish School of Ecumenics is founded by Michael Hurley
  • Nov 10 Luna 17, with unmanned self-propelled Lunokhod 1, is launched
  • Nov 11 Baltimore Oriole Boog Powell wins AL MVP
  • Nov 12 Scientists perform 1st artificial synthesis of a live cell
  • Nov 12 Cyclone Bhola makes landfall in East Pakistan (Bangladesh) killing up to 500,000, making it the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded
  • Nov 12 The Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) is formed; the NIHE gradually took over control of the building and allocation of public sector housing in Northern Ireland

Historic Event

Nov 13 US Vice President Spiro Agnew calls TV executives "impudent snobs"

  • Nov 14 Marshall U football team wiped out in DC-9 air crash at Kenova, West Virginia, killing 75
  • Nov 16 Two men are shot dead by the Irish Republican Army (IRA)
  • Nov 16 South Vietnamese Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky defends operations in Cambodia because communist forces could overrun South Vietnam "within 24 hours" if troops operating there were withdrawn
  • Nov 17 British newspaper Sun puts 1st pinup girl on page 3 (Stephanie Rahn)
  • Nov 17 Russia lands Lunokhod 1 unmanned remote-controlled vehicle on Moon

Historic Invention

Nov 17 Douglas Engelbart receives the patent for the first computer mouse

Historic Event

Nov 18 Linus Pauling declares large doses of Vitamin C could ward off colds

  • Nov 18 Netherlands & Albania form diplomatic relations
  • Nov 18 Russia lands self propelled rover on Moon
  • Nov 19 Golden Gate Park Conservatory becomes a Californian state historical landmark
  • Nov 19 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Nov 20 UN General Assembly accepts membership of People's Republic of China

Coup d'état

Nov 21 General Hafez al-Assad becomes Prime Minister of Syria following military coup

  • Nov 23 Arthur Young resigns as Chief Constable of the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC)
  • Nov 25 In Japan, author Yukio Mishima and two compatriots commit ritualistic suicide after an unsuccessful coup attempt
  • Nov 26 In Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, 1.5 inches (38.1mm) of rain fall in a minute, the heaviest rainfall ever on record
  • Nov 27 Carl Morton (18-11 for last-place Expos), receives NL Rookie of Year

Papal Visit

Nov 27 Pope Paul VI wounded in chest during a visit to Philippines by a dagger-wielding Bolivian painter disguised as a priest

Birthdays in History

  • Nov 8 Tom Anderson, American co-founder of MySpace, born in San Diego, California
  • Nov 9 Domino [Damian Siguenza], American Hip Hop Producer, born in San Francisco, California
  • Nov 11 Lee Parkin Starsky, daughter of Ringo
  • Nov 11 Lee Battersby, Australian sci-fi and horror author, born in Nottingham, England
  • Nov 16 Kōshi Rikudō, Japanese manga cartoon artist (Excel Saga), born in Dazaifu, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Nov 18 Peter Dutton, Australian politician, Minister for Home Affairs (2017-18), born in Brisbane, Australia
  • Nov 20 Matt Blunt, American politician, Governor of Missouri (2005-2009), born in Greene County, Missouri
  • Nov 22 Stel Pavlou, British novelist
  • Nov 23 Zoë Ball, British television and radio presenter, born in Blackpool, United Kingdom
  • Nov 24 Marlon James, Jamaican writer (A Brief History of Seven Killings), born in Kingston, Jamaica
  • Nov 25 Saskia Sibilo, Miss Suriname (1990)

Deaths in History

  • Nov 2 Richard Cushing, US cardinal to Boston, dies at 75
  • Nov 3 Peter II Karadjordjevic, last King of Yugoslavia (1934-45), dies at 57
  • Nov 8 Huw T. Edwards, Welsh trade unionist and politician, dies at 77
  • Nov 8 Napoleon Hill, American writer and philosopher (Think and Grow Rich), dies at 87
  • Nov 9 William L Dawson, (Rep-D-Ill), dies at 84

Charles de Gaulle

Nov 9 Charles de Gaulle, French army general, and politician (President of France, 1958-69), dies at 79

  • Nov 21 Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, Indian physicist (Nobel Prize 1930 for light scattering), dies at 82
  • Nov 23 Yusuf Bin Ishak, president of Singapore 1965-70, dies at about 60
  • Nov 25 Yukio Mishima, Japanese author/nationalist (Harakiri), dies at 45
  • Nov 26 B O Davis Sr, 1st African American general, dies at 93 in Chicago
  • Nov 28 Fritz von Unruh, German writer, dies at 85
  • Nov 28 Jan Drda, Czech writer (Nema Barikada, Mestecko Na Dlani), dies at 55