Year 1971 in History

Events in History

  • Jan 25 Military coup in Uganda under Major General Idi Amin
  • Feb 2 Idi Amin ousts Milton Obote and appoints himself President (dictator) of Uganda
  • Feb 8 Nasdaq Composite stock market index debuts with 50 companies and a starting value of 100
  • Feb 14 Richard Nixon installs secret taping system in the White House
  • Mar 26 Bangladesh (East Pakistan) under Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declares its independence from Pakistan
  • Jul 9 Henry Kissinger visits the People's Republic of China to negotiate a detente between the US and China
  • Oct 25 United Nations votes to expel the Chinese Nationalist ruled Taiwan and admit the Communist People's Republic of China
  • Nov 21 Battle of Garibpur: Indian troops aided by the Mukti Bahini, Bengali guerrillas, defeat the army of Pakistan
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Historical Marriages

  • Jan 7 American horror, sci-fi and fantasy author Stephen King marries Tabitha Spruce, author and activist
  • Jun 12 Tricia Nixon & Edward F Cox marry at White House

Historical Divorces

  • Jan 11 1st "Quickie" Divorce granted in UK
  • Jun 18 Aviator Howard Hughes divorces 2nd wife Jean Peters after 14 years of marriage