April 1971 in History

Events in History

  • Apr 1 United Kingdom lifts all restrictions on gold ownership
  • Apr 1 US/Canada ISIS 2 launched to study ionosphere
  • Apr 2 Libya concludes 5 weeks of negotiations with Western oil companies in Tripoli
  • Apr 3 The Temptations score their second US No. 1 with "Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)"
  • Apr 4 Marine clay under houses liquefies in St-Jean-Vianney, Quebec, 31 die
  • Apr 5 Fran Phipps is 1st woman to reach North Pole
  • Apr 5 Mount Etna erupts in Sicily

Event of Interest

Apr 5 Sri Lanka's communist Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) launches insurrection against the United Front government of Sirimavo Bandaranaike

  • Apr 5 US Lt William Calley sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering 22 unarmed South Vietnamese civilians in the My Lai Massacre

Event of Interest

Apr 6 During a debate at Westminster on Northern Ireland, Harold Wilson of the Labour Party claims that a draft Bill for the imposition of direct rule exists

Event of Interest

Apr 7 US President Richard Nixon orders lt Calley (Mi Lai) free

  • Apr 8 1st legal off-track betting system begins (OTB-New York)
  • Apr 10 The Republican commemorations is held in Belfast of the Easter Rising (in 1916 in Dublin), revealing conflicts between the two wings of the Irish Republican Army
  • Apr 10 US table tennis team arrives in People's Republic of China
  • Apr 11 "Johnny Johnson" opens/closes at Edison Theater NYC for 1 performance
  • Apr 14 Fort Point, San Francisco dedicated as a national historic site
  • Apr 14 US President Richard Nixon ends blockade against People's Republic of China
  • Apr 14 US Supreme Court upheld busing as means of achieving racial desegregation
  • Apr 17 Egypt, Libya & Syria form federation (FAR)
  • Apr 19 Sierra Leone becomes a republic (National Day)
  • Apr 19 USSR Salyut 1 launched; 1st manned lab in orbit
  • Apr 20 US Supreme Court upholds use of busing to achieve racial desegregation
  • Apr 21 Original Codex Reguis (with Edda-liederen) returns to Iceland
  • Apr 22 Soviet spacecraft Soyuz 10 launched
  • Apr 22 Soyuz 10 launches as the world's first mission to the first-ever space station (the Salyut 1) however the docking was unsuccessful and the cosmonauts returned to Earth
  • Apr 23 Columbia University operations virtually end, by student strike
  • Apr 24 Soyuz 10 returns to Earth
  • Apr 25 About 200,000 anti-Vietnam War protesters march on Washington, D.C.
  • Apr 25 The Northern Ireland census is held
  • Apr 25 US canal rights in Nicaragua & rights to Corn Islands expire
  • Apr 25 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Apr 26 Heaviest rains ever in Bahia district of Brazil, 15" in 24 hrs
  • Apr 26 San Francisco lightship replaced by automatic buoy
  • Apr 26 Turkey state of siege proclaimed
  • Apr 28 Dutch social democratic party/D'66/DS'70 win parliamentary election
  • Apr 28 Samuel Lee Gravely Jr. becomes 1st black admiral in US Navy
  • Apr 29 Boeing receives contract for Mariner 10, Mercury exploration
  • Apr 29 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Birthdays in History

  • Apr 2 ZEEBRA [Hideyuki Yokoi], Japanese hip hop artist, born in Tokyo, Japan
  • Apr 14 Peter Gibson, American writer, born in Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Apr 16 Frederik Nilsson, IHL forward (Team Sweden, KC (IHL)), born in Stockholm, Sweden
  • Apr 21 Alexander Kravchenko, Russian professional poker player
  • Apr 21 Hasan Akbar, American convicted murderer
  • Apr 22 Daisuke Enomoto, Japanese people space tourist
  • Apr 25 Pablo Helguera, Mexican-born artist (The School of Panamerican Unrest), born in Mexico City
  • Apr 30 Darren Emerson, English DJ (Underworld)
  • Apr 30 John Boyne, Irish novelist (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas), born in Dublin, Ireland

Deaths in History

  • Apr 1 Kathleen Lonsdale, Irish-born British pacifist and crystallographer (one of 1st two women elected to Royal Society), dies of cancer at 68
  • Apr 3 Joseph Valachi, American gangster, dies at 66
  • Apr 3 Manfred Bonnington Lee [Ellery Queen], American detective writer, dies at 65
  • Apr 13 Juhan Smuul, Estonian author, dies at 49
  • Apr 14 Armand Spitz, developer of small educational planetarium, dies

Fran├žois Duvalier (1907-1971)

Apr 21 Dictator and President of Haiti (1957-71), dies of heart disease and diabetes at 64

  • Apr 23 William V. S. Tubman, Liberian politician (President of Liberia 1944-71), dies at 76
  • Apr 30 Elmo Roper, pollster (Roper Poll), dies at 70