April 1974 in History

Events in History

Event of Interest

Apr 1 Ayatollah Khomeini calls for an Islamic Republic in Iran

  • Apr 1 In England, "Local Government Act 1972" redraws the administrative map and creates six new Metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties; Newport and Monmouthshire transferred from England to Wales
  • Apr 1 Yourdon Inc consulting formed by Edward Yourdon
  • Apr 2 Arganat Comm publishes report concerning Yom Kippur War
  • Apr 3 Gold hits record $197 an ounce in Paris
  • Apr 3 The Super Outbreak: 2nd largest tornado outbreak over 24hr period with 148 confirmed tornadoes in 13 US states, killing approximately 315 people and injuring nearly 5,500
  • Apr 6 Firestone World Tournament of Champions won by Earl Anthony 11/16
  • Apr 7 Herb Gardner's "Thieves" premieres in NYC
  • Apr 10 American Boccaccio Association forms

Event of Interest

Apr 10 Golda Meir resigns as Israel's Prime Minister

  • Apr 11 WW II war criminal JP Philippa arrested
  • Apr 15 Military coup in Niger, president Diori Hamani deposed
  • Apr 16 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Apr 17 Bundy victim Susan Rancourt disappears from CWU, Ellensburg, Washington
  • Apr 17 Muslim fundamentalists assault military academy in Heliopolis, Egypt
  • Apr 18 Red Brigade kidnaps Italian attorney general Mario Sossi
  • Apr 20 'The Troubles', the Northern Ireland conflict between republican and loyalist paramilitaries, British security forces, and civil rights groups, claims its 1000th victim
  • Apr 23 USSR performs nuclear test at Sary Shagan USSR
  • Apr 24 Dutch women hockey team becomes world champion

Spy Günter Guillaume Exposed

Apr 25 Günter Guillaume, an aide to West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, is exposed as a Stasi spy (East German secret service)

  • Apr 25 Leo Tindemans forms Belgium government
  • Apr 25 Portuguese Prime Minister Marcello Caetano is overthrown in the Carnation revolution, bringing Portugal's authoritarian Estado Novo (New State) government to an end
  • Apr 26 Landslide in Huancavelica Province Peru creates a natural dam
  • Apr 26 Malta adopts constitution
  • Apr 27 Pan Am 707 crashes into mountains of Bali, killing 107

Event of Interest

Apr 29 US President Richard Nixon said he will release edited tapes made in the White House

  • Apr 30 US President Richard Nixon hands over partial transcripts of Watergate tape recordings

Birthdays in History

  • Apr 8 Chris Kyle, American Navy SEAL sniper (160 kills), born in Odessa, Texas (d. 2013)
  • Apr 8 Holger Hott Johansen, Norwegian orienteerist
  • Apr 8 Nnedi Okorafor, Nigerian American writer (Binti books), born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Apr 9 Alexander Pichushkin, Russian serial killer (known as The Chessboard Killer and The Bitsa Park Maniac), born in Mytishchi, Moscow Oblast, Russia
  • Apr 10 Eric Greitens, American politician, Governor of Missouri (2017-18), born in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Apr 13 Ruben Östlund, Swedish director (The Square), born in Styrsö, Sweden
  • Apr 18 Edgar Wright, British director (A Fistful of Fingers), born in Poole, Dorset, England
  • Apr 28 Vernon Kay, British TV/radio presenter, born in Bolton, England

Deaths in History

Georges PompidouGeorges Pompidou (1911-1974)

Apr 2 French President (1969-74) and Prime Minister (1962-68), dies in Paris at 62

  • Apr 5 A. Y. Jackson, Canadian painter (Group of Seven), dies at 91

Hudson FyshHudson Fysh (1895-1974)

Apr 6 Australian aviator, businessman and co-founder of QANTAS, dies at 79

  • Apr 6 Ronald Russell, British journalist, author and Conservative politician, dies at 69
  • Apr 6 Willem Dudok, Dutch architect (Hilversum Town Hall; Beehive Rotterdam), dies at 89
  • Apr 8 James Charles McGuigan, Catholic cardinal archbishop of Toronto, dies at 79
  • Apr 10 Patricia Collinge, dies at 81
  • Apr 10 Roger Bastide, French sociologist study of Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean religions, dies at 76
  • Apr 20 Mohammed Ayub Khan, Pakistani general and politician (1958 coup, President of Pakistan 1958-69), dies at 66
  • Apr 20 Richard Huelsenbeck, German Dada writer, dies at 81
  • Apr 22 Tjalie Robinson [Jan Boon], Dutch East Indies writer & journalist (Tong Tong), dies at 63
  • Apr 25 Jascha Golowanjuk, Swedish writer (My Golden Road from Samarkand), dies at 69
  • Apr 25 Pamela Courson, American artist and long-term companion of Jim Morrison, dies of a heroin overdose at 27