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August 1978 in History

Events in History

  • Aug 1 Commandos occupy Iraqi embassy in Paris, 1 dead
  • Aug 3 11th Commonwealth Games open in Edmonton, Canada

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 7 Thousands of mourners file past body of Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI
Paul VI
  • Aug 8 Pioneer-Venus 2 with 5 atmospheric probes launched toward Venus
  • Aug 9 USSR performs (underground) nuclear test
  • Aug 10 USSR performs nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya

Papal InaugurationFuneral of Pope Paul VI

Aug 11 Funeral of Pope Paul VI held in the Vatican

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Pope Paul VI's body lying in view in the Vatican after his death
Pope Paul VI's body lying in view in the Vatican after his death
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  • Aug 11 Legionnaire's disease bacteria isolated in Atlanta
  • Aug 12 Arron Marshall completes a record shower of 336 hours
  • Aug 12 China & Japan sign peace treaty
  • Aug 12 International Cometary Explorer (ICE) spacecraft launched - to study solar wind
  • Aug 13 Bomb attack in Beirut, 175 killed
  • Aug 15 US House of Representatives approves (233-169), 39-month extension for ERA
  • Aug 17 1st successful crossing of the Atlantic by balloon (3 Americans)
  • Aug 18 Memphis Tenn settles with striking police officers & firefighters
  • Aug 20 Gunmen open fire on an Israeli El Al Airline bus in London
  • Aug 20 Mark Vinchesi of Amherst Mass keeps a frisbee aloft 15.2 seconds
  • Aug 20 Tatyana Providokhina runs female world record 1k (2:30.6)
  • Aug 21 1st gay theme telefilm - Matlovich vs US Air Force
  • Aug 22 Sandinistas occupy National Palace in Managua, Nicaragua
  • Aug 23 Iranian students occupies Iranian embassy at Wassenaar
  • Aug 24 USSR performs underground nuclear test
  • Aug 26 Cardinal Albino Luciani of Venice becomes Pope John Paul I
  • Aug 26 Soyuz 31 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 East German) to Salyut 6
  • Aug 28 Donald Vesco rode 21'-long Kawasaki motorcycle at 318.598 mph
  • Aug 28 Ja'afar Sharif-Emami appointed premier of Iran
  • Aug 29 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Aug 31 Constitution adopted by Sri Lanka
  • Aug 31 Emily & William Harris plead guilty to 1974 kidnapping of Patty Hearst
  • Aug 31 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

Birthdays in History

  • Aug 7 Alexandre Aja, French director, born in Paris, France
  • Aug 28 Shaniqua [Linda Miles], American wrestling valet, born in Cincinnati, Ohio

Deaths in History

  • Aug 2 Satomi Myodo, Zen nun/attendant of Hakuun Yasutani Roshi, dies at 82
  • Aug 2 Totie Fields [Sophie Feldman], American comedienne, dies at 48
  • Aug 3 Ezzedin Kalak, Palestinian PLO representative in Paris, murdered
  • Aug 6 Edward Durrell Stone, US architect, dies at 76

Person of interestPaul VI

Aug 6 Pope Paul VI [Giovanni Montini], 262nd Roman Catholic pope (1963-78), dies of a heart attack at 80

Pope Paul VI
Paul VI
  • Aug 9 James Gould Cozzens, American novelist (1949 Pulitzer-Guard of Honor), dies at 74
  • Aug 9 Johan Daisne [Thiery], Belgian writer (Lago Maggiore), dies at 66
  • Aug 14 Nicolas Bentley, British writer and illustrator, dies at 71
  • Aug 16 Alidius WL Tjarda van Stachouwer, gov-gen of Neth Indies, dies at 90
  • Aug 21 Charles Eames, American designer and architect, dies at 71
  • Aug 22 Ignazio Silone, Italian novelist (Fontamara, Pane e vino), dies at 78

Person of interestJomo Kenyatta

Aug 22 Jomo Kenyatta, 1st Prime Minister of Kenya (1963-78), dies at 83

Founding Father of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta
Founding Father of Kenya
Jomo Kenyatta
  • Aug 28 Bruce Catton, American historian and writer (Civil War), dies at 78
  • Aug 28 F. Van Wyck Mason, American historian and author (Three Harbours), dies at 76
  • Aug 31 John Wrathall, President of Rhodesia (b. 1913)