December 1980 in History

Events in History

  • Dec 1 US Justice Department sues Yonkers siting racial discrimination
  • Dec 2 4 American Maryknoll nuns killed by death squads in El Salvador
  • Dec 3 NY Federal jury finds Reps Thompson D-NJ & Murphy, D-NY, guilty
  • Dec 5 Bank of Canada's Canadian Currency Museum opens
  • Dec 6 NASA launches Intelsat V satellite, no. 502
  • Dec 9 61°F in Boston at 1 AM
  • Dec 10 Soyuz T-3 returns to Earth
  • Dec 10 USSR performs underground nuclear test
  • Dec 11 Dirk Wellham scores 100 on 1st-class debut, NSW v Victoria
  • Dec 11 The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (known as either CERCLA or Superfund) is enacted by the U.S. Congress.
  • Dec 12 Apple makes its initial public offering on the US stock market - 38 years later it would become the first US company valued at over $1 trillion
  • Dec 12 US's copyright law amended to include computer programs
  • Dec 14 "Onward Victoria" opens and closes at Martin Beck NYC after 1 performance
  • Dec 14 Anders Kailur scores on 6th Islander penalty shot
  • Dec 14 Massacre at Bob's Big Boy restaurant in Los Angeles with 3 people killed and 6 injured
  • Dec 14 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Dec 15 Premier Queddei troops conquers Chad capital N'djamena
  • Dec 15 ZBZ Sangha registered after 5 yrs of administrative hassles in Warsaw

Event of Interest

Dec 16 President-elect Ronald Reagan announces Alexander Haig Jr. as 59th Secretary of State

  • Dec 17 Great Britain performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Dec 17 Mauritania provisional constitution published
  • Dec 18 Dutch 2nd Chamber accepts minister Van Agts abortion laws
  • Dec 18 IRA's Sean McKenna becomes critically ill, ends hunger strike
  • Dec 18 Vietnam adopts constitution
  • Dec 19 Anguilla becomes a British dependency separate from St Kitts
  • Dec 19 Iran requests $24 billion in US guarantees to free hostages
  • Dec 19 Mutual Broadcasting cancels Sears Radio Theater

Event of Interest

Dec 20 Soviet Union formally announces the death of past Premier Alexei Kosygin

  • Dec 22 US President-elect Ronald Reagan appoints Jeanne Kirkpatrick (UN Ambassador) & James Watt (Secretary of the Interior)
  • Dec 24 Americans remembered Iran hostages by shining lights for 417 seconds
  • Dec 26 Aeroflot puts the Ilyushin Il-86 into service.
  • Dec 28 Mexico terminated fishing agreements with US
  • Dec 29 Shuttle STS-1 moves from Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center (Florida) to Launch Complex 39A
  • Dec 31 A Jewish owned hotel in Nairobi Kenya is bombed killing 18
  • Dec 31 After being struck by an orange thrown from the crowd West Indian fast bowler Sylvester Clarke knocks out a spectator with a brick during 4th Test against Pakistan in Multan
  • Dec 31 Senegal president Leopold Senghor resigns

Birthdays in History

  • Dec 15 Annalena Baerbock, Germany politician (Leader of the Greens Party), born in Hanover, West Germany
  • Dec 17 Eli Pariser, American political activist (

Deaths in History

  • Dec 2 Romain Gary, Lithuanian-born French writer (b. 1914)
  • Dec 3 Oswald Mosley, British politician and founder of British Union of Fascists, dies at 84
  • Dec 4 Francisco Sá Carneiro, 109th Prime Minister of Portugal, dies at 46
  • Dec 12 Jean Lesage, Canadian politician (19th Premier of Quebec), dies at 68
  • Dec 14 Richard Gurley Drew, American inventor (created masking tape and cellophane at 3M), dies at 81
  • Dec 15 Rudolph Cleveringa, Dutch anti-nazi lawyer and professor of Law at Leiden University, dies at 86

Colonel SandersColonel Sanders (1890-1980)

Dec 16 American founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, dies at 90

  • Dec 16 Hellmuth Walter, German engineer and inventor (b. 1900)

Alexei KosyginAlexei Kosygin (1904-1980)

Dec 18 Soviet statesman and Premier of the Soviet Union (1964-80), dies of a heart attack at 76

Marc ConnellyMarc Connelly (1890-1980)

Dec 21 American playwright (One Minute Please), dies at 90

Karl DönitzKarl Dönitz (1891-1980)

Dec 24 German naval admiral and last leader of Nazi Germany, dies of a heart attack at 89

  • Dec 26 Tony Smith, American sculptor (b. 1912)
  • Dec 28 Jersey calf, lived 222 days with an artificial heart
  • Dec 29 Nadezhda Mandelstam, Russian writer (b. 1899)

Marshall McLuhanMarshall McLuhan (1911-1980)

Dec 31 Canadian writer and 'prophet of the digital age' (the medium is the message), dies at 69

  • Dec 31 Raoul Walsh, American director (High Sierra), dies at about 88