July 1982 in History

Events in History

  • Jul 1 2,100 Unification church couples wed in NYC
  • Jul 1 Challenger moves overland to Dryden
  • Jul 1 General Reynaldo Bignone sworn in as President of Argentina
  • Jul 1 Kosmos 1383, 1st search & rescue satellite, launched
  • Jul 2 In South Africa, the Internal Security Act is passed, giving massive powers to the authorities to investigate any organization or publication
  • Jul 2 Larry Walters using lawn chair & 42 helium balloons, rose to 16,000'
  • Jul 2 Soyuz T-6 returns to Earth
  • Jul 4 4th NASA Space Shuttle Mission: Columbia 4 (STS-4) lands at Edwards AFB
  • Jul 4 Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado elected president of Mexico
  • Jul 4 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Jul 5 Challenger flies to Kennedy Space Center via Ellington AFB, Texas
  • Jul 8 Porn star John Homes convicted of receiving stolen property
  • Jul 8 Senegalese Trotskyist political party LCT is legally recognized
  • Jul 9 Botham scores 208 in 225 balls, England v India at The Oval
  • Jul 9 Michael Fagan breaks into Buckingham Palace and enters the Queen's bedroom in Buckingham Palace, London
  • Jul 9 Pan Am Boeing 727 crashes in Kenner La, killing 153
  • Jul 10 Miguel Vasquez makes 1st public quadruple somersault on trapeze
  • Jul 10 Rangers Larry Parrish hits his 3rd grand slam of the week

Event of Interest

Jul 10 Samuel Morse's "Gallery of the Louvre" sells for $3,250,000

  • Jul 10 Zimbabwe beats Bermuda by 5 wickets to win ICC Trophy
  • Jul 12 Britain announces it is returning 593 Argentine POWs
  • Jul 12 FEMA promises survivors of a nuclear war will get their mail
  • Jul 13 Iran launches first attack into Iraq
  • Jul 13 Train crash at Aalter Belgium, 5 killed
  • Jul 15 Body of Wendy Caulfield, 1st Green River victim, found near Seattle
  • Jul 15 Columbia flies to Kennedy Space Center via Dyess AFB, Texas

Event of Interest

Jul 15 Senate confirms George P. Shultz as US 60th Secretary of State by vote of 97-0

  • Jul 16 CDC report on AIDS symptoms in three hemophiliacs
  • Jul 16 George P. Shultz is sworn in as the 60th US Secretary of State
  • Jul 16 NASA launches Landsat 4 to thematic map the Earth
  • Jul 16 Sun Myung Moon sentenced to 18 months for tax fraud
  • Jul 19 Bolivian government resigns
  • Jul 19 David S Dodge becomes 1st American hostage in Lebanon
  • Jul 20 Hyde Park and Regent's Park bombings: 11 British soldiers and 7 military horses killed in Provisional Irish Republican Army bomb attacks during military ceremonies in London
  • Jul 21 France performs nuclear Test at Mururoa atoll
  • Jul 22 Academic Text Processing Service forms in Seattle
  • Jul 23 FCC approves AM stereo radio, KTSA San Antonio goes stereo
  • Jul 23 International Whaling Commission votes for total ban on commercial whaling (starting 1985)
  • Jul 24 Heavy rain causes a mudslide that destroys a bridge at Nagasaki, Japan, killing 299
  • Jul 24 KHJ (LA) & KFRC (San Francisco) become 2nd & 3rd stereo AM stations
  • Jul 24 Single "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor from "Rocky III" soundtrack starts 6-week run at #1 on US charts (Grammy for Best Rock Performance)
  • Jul 25 France performs nuclear Test
  • Jul 25 Zail Singh is sworn in as the seventh President of India
  • Jul 26 Canada's Anik D1 Comsat launched by US Delta rocket

Event of Interest

Jul 27 Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi's first visit to the US in almost 11 years

  • Jul 30 USSR performs underground nuclear Test
  • Jul 31 46 kids & 7 adults die as 2 buses and several cars collide near Beaune, France
  • Jul 31 Finland, Italy, Germany, Austria and France form American European Football Federation (AEFF)
  • Jul 31 USSR performs nuclear Test

Birthdays in History

  • Jul 9 Alecko Eskandarian, Armenian-American footballer
  • Jul 9 Ashly DelGrosso, American ballroom dancer
  • Jul 14 Dmitry Chaplin, Russian dancer and choreographer (So You Think You Can Dance finalist), born in Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Weddings in History

  • Jul 1 Over 2000 Unification Church couples marry at NYC Madison Square Garden
  • Jul 22 Biggest mass wedding, Rev Sun Myung Moon weds 2,200 couples in NYC

Sally Ride

Jul 24 Physicist and astronaut Sally Ride (31) weds astronaut Steven Hawley (30) in Salina, Kansas

Deaths in History

  • Jul 4 Antonio Guzman Fernandez, Dominican politician (President of the Dominican Republic 1978-82), found shot to death (presumed suicide) at 71
  • Jul 4 Terry Higgins, early British AIDS death (b. 1945)
  • Jul 8 Virginia Hall [Goillot], American spy with British Special Operations during WWII (1940-1966), dies at 76
  • Jul 10 Gustav MR von Koenigswald, German/Dutch paleontologist, dies at 79
  • Jul 13 Michael Blankfort, American writer, producer and director, dies at 74
  • Jul 15 Wendy Caulfield, 1st Green River victim, found near Seattle
  • Jul 16 C. R. Swart, South African politician (1st State President of South Africa 1961-67), dies at 88
  • Jul 16 Giuseppe Prezzolini, Italian-American writer (La Voce, La Cultura Italiano), dies at 100
  • Jul 16 Leendert Braat, Dutch sculptor and writer (White World), dies
  • Jul 18 Roman Jakobson, Russian-American linguist and Slavic scholar (Fundamentals of Language), dies at 85
  • Jul 20 Okot p'Bitek, Ugandan poet (b. 1931)
  • Jul 21 Jean J A Girault, French director (Gendarme Saint-Tropez), dies at 58
  • Jul 23 Betty Parsons, American artist and art dealer, dies at 82
  • Jul 25 Beene Dubbelboer, Dutch writer (Turfgasgenerator), dies at 76
  • Jul 25 Hal Foster, Canadian-American cartoonist (Prince Valiant) (b. 1892)
  • Jul 29 Cor[nelis R J] Kieboom, resistor/President Feyenoord, dies at 81
  • Jul 29 Richard Gale, English general and airborne commander (Normandy), dies at 86

Vladimir ZworykinVladimir Zworykin (1888-1982)

Jul 29 Russian-American inventor (development of television, cathode ray tube), dies at 94