February 1984 in History

Events in History

  • Feb 1 China & Netherlands regain diplomatic relations
  • Feb 1 Indian diplomat Ravindra Mhatre kidnapped and murdered by Kashmiri terrorists in Birmingham, England
  • Feb 2 Lebanese army fights in Beirut
  • Feb 3 10th NASA Space Shuttle Mission (41B): Challenger 4 launches
  • Feb 4 Frank Aquilera sets world frisbee distance record (168m) Las Vegas
  • Feb 5 NZ beat England (82 & 93) by an innings in 3 days
  • Feb 6 Muslim militiamen take over West Beirut from Lebanese army
  • Feb 7 American astronaut Bruce McCandless makes 1st untethered space walk
  • Feb 7 David (born without immunity system) touches his mother for 1st time at age 12
  • Feb 8 1st time 8 people in space
  • Feb 8 Soyuz T-10 launches with crew of 3 to Salyut 7
  • Feb 11 10th NASA Space Shuttle Mission (41B): Challenger 4 returns to Earth
  • Feb 13 6 year old Texan Stormie Jones gets 1st heart & liver transplant
  • Feb 15 500,000 Iranian soldiers move into Iraq
  • Feb 18 Revised concordat between Italy & Vatican signed
  • Feb 19 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • Feb 24 Iraq resumes air attack on Iran
  • Feb 25 Oil fire in Cubatao Brazil kills 500
  • Feb 26 Last US marines in multinational peacekeeping force in Lebanon left Beirut
  • Feb 26 Pulitzer Prize winner Robert Penn Warren is named the 1st US poet laureate
  • Feb 26 Reverend Jesse Jackson acknowledges that he called NYC "Hymietown"
  • Feb 27 Worker's union leader Billy Nair freed in South Africa
  • Feb 27 WRC-AM in Washington, D.C. changes call letters to WWRC

Event of Interest

Feb 29 Pierre Trudeau announces he is stepping down after 15 years as Canadian Prime Minister

Birthdays in History

Elizabeth HolmesElizabeth Holmes (39 years old)

Feb 3 American entrepreneur and convicted fraudster (former CEO of Theranos and once the youngest self-made female billionaire - Forbes 2014), born in Washington, D.C.

Deaths in History

  • Feb 3 Ravindra Mhatre, Indian diplomat, murdered at 48 by Kashmiri terrorists in Birmingham, England
  • Feb 5 Manès Sperber, Austrian-French writer (Like a Tear in the Ocean: A Trilogy), dies at 78

Yuri AndropovYuri Andropov (1914-1984)

Feb 9 General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1982-84) and KGB Chief (1967-82), dies of total renal failure at 69

  • Feb 12 Anna Anderson [possibly born Franziska Schanzkowska], best-known of several imposters claiming to be Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov, dies still maintaining her fraudulent claim at 87
  • Feb 12 Julio Cortázar, Argentine writer (Blow-Up, Underground Game), dies at 69
  • Feb 13 Andre Stander, South African police captain and bank robber (b. 1946)
  • Feb 14 Elmer Keith, American firearms enthusiast and author (Guns & Ammo), dies at 84
  • Feb 15 Leamon Hunt, American Director General of Multinational Force and Observers (international peacekeepers) in Sinai, assassinated Red Brigade communists in Rome, at 56
  • Feb 21 Mikhail Sholokhov, Soviet writer (And Quiet Flows the Don, Nobel 1965), dies at 78
  • Feb 22 David, spent most of his life in a plastic bubble, dies at 12
  • Feb 22 Jessamyn West, American writer (b. 1902)

Max NewmanMax Newman (1897-1984)

Feb 22 British mathematician and codebreaker (Colossus), dies at 87

  • Feb 24 Helmut Schelsky, German sociologist (Sociology of Sex), dies at 71
  • Feb 24 Uwe Johnson, writer, dies at 59