March 1985 in History

Events in History

  • Mar 1 Pentagon accepts theory that atomic war would cause a nuclear winter
  • Mar 2 FDA in the US approves an ELISA screening test for AIDS antibody for all blood banks
  • Mar 3 National Union of Mine Workers in Britain ends a 51 week strike
  • Mar 4 STS 51-E vehicle rolls back to Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center (Florida); mission cancelled
  • Mar 4 Virtual ban on leaded gas ordered by US Environment Protection Agency
  • Mar 4 WWII veterans return to the "Bridge over the River Kwai"
  • Mar 5 Mexican authorities find the body of US drug agent Enrique "Kike" Camarena Salaazar
  • Mar 6 Atlantis (OV-104) rollout at Palmdale
  • Mar 7 IBM-PC DOS Version 3.1 (update) released
  • Mar 10 French socialists lose election (National Front 9%)
  • Mar 10 Ice Pairs Championship at Tokyo won by Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev (Soviet Union)
  • Mar 10 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Tokyo won by Alexandr Fadeev (URS)

Event of Interest

Mar 13 Funeral services held for Konstantin Chernenko in Moscow

  • Mar 13 Michael Secrest (US) begins 24-hr ride of 516 miles, 427 yards
  • Mar 14 Michael Secrest (US) completes 24-hr ride of 516 miles, 427 yards
  • Mar 15 The first Internet domain name, is registered
  • Mar 15 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Mar 16 Associated Press correspondent Terry Anderson taken hostage in Beirut
  • Mar 19 "Spin Magazine" begins publishing
  • Mar 19 US Senate votes 55-45 to authorize production of the MX "Peacekeeper" intercontinental ballistic missile
  • Mar 20 Libby Riddles is 1st woman to win Iditarod Trail Dog Sled Race
  • Mar 21 Bloodbath at Langa (Uitenhage) South-Africa, 19 killed
  • Mar 22 NASA launches Intelsat VA F-10
  • Mar 23 Space Shuttle Discovery moves to Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center (Florida) for mating of STS 51-D mission
  • Mar 23 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Mar 24 5th Golden Raspberry (Razzie) Awards: "Bolero" wins

Event of Interest

Mar 25 Edwin Meese III takes office as US Attorney General

Event of Interest

Mar 26 Pope John Paul II proclaims first ever World Youth Day

  • Mar 28 International Cometary Explorer measures solar wind ahead of Halley
  • Mar 28 STS 51-D vehicle moves to launch pad
  • Mar 29 Christos Sartzetakis elected President of Greece
  • Mar 31 15th Easter Seal Telethon raises $27,400,000
  • Mar 31 El Salvador's President José Napoleón Duarte' Christian Democratic Party wins election

Birthdays in History

  • Mar 5 Whitney Port, Cast member of The Hills TV series
  • Mar 6 Alaska Thunderf**k [Justin Andrew Honard], American drag queen and TV performer (RuPaul's Drag Race), born in Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Mar 10 Kim Leclerc, Canadian politician
  • Mar 15 F.V.A. Morriello, Canadian author

Deaths in History

  • Mar 3 Sarah Blanding, 1st US fem college head (Vassar 1946-64), dies at 86
  • Mar 6 Eric Sloane, American artist, dies at 80
  • Mar 7 Robert W. Woodruff, American CEO (Coca-Cola) and philanthropist, dies at 95
  • Mar 7 Victor W. Farris, American inventor (paper milk carton), dies at 75
  • Mar 8 Thomas Creighton, US heart patient (3 implants in 46 hrs), dies at 33

Konstantin Chernenko (1911-1985)

Mar 10 General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1984-85), dies of Emphysema at 73

  • Mar 15 Radha Krishna Choudhary, Indian historian and writer (b. 1921)
  • Mar 16 Jean Purdy, British embryologist and nurse (pioneer in developing IVF), dies from melanoma at 39
  • Mar 23 Anton Constandse, Dutch anarchist and writer, dies at 85
  • Mar 23 Patricia Roberts Harris, (Rep-D), 1st African American woman cabinet member, dies of cancer at 60
  • Mar 23 Peter Charanis, Greek-American scholar and professor (b. 1908)
  • Mar 23 Richard Beeching, English physicist, engineer and chairman of British Railways (1961-64), dies at 71
  • Mar 28 Marc Chagall [Moise Shagal], Jewish Belarusan-French modernist painter and stained glass artist (La Mariée; I and the Village), dies at 97
  • Mar 29 Luther Terry, 9th Surgeon General of the United States, dies at 73