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June 1988 in History

Events in History

  • Jun 1 "Morton Downey Jr Show" debuts in TV syndication
  • Jun 1 Train crash kills two in Zeeland, Netherlands
  • Jun 2 61st National Spell Bee: Rageshree Ramachandran wins spelling elegiacal
  • Jun 2 Consumer Reports calls for a ban on the Suzuki Samurai automobile
  • Jun 4 Longest game in Baltimore Memorial Stadium (5:46) 14 inn (beat NY 7-6)
  • Jun 5 1st Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $590,000
  • Jun 5 Kay Cottee sails into Sydney as 1st woman to circle globe alone
  • Jun 5 Longest champagne cork flight is 177'9 in NY
  • Jun 5 Russian Orthodox Church celebrates its 1,000th anniversary
  • Jun 6 3 giant turtles found in Bronx sewage plant
  • Jun 6 George H. W. Bush makes campaign promise to support reparations for WW II to Japanese-American internees (promise broken, May 1989)
  • Jun 7 Aluminum contaminates Cornwall's water supply
  • Jun 8 Nippon Airways announces that painting eyeballs on Jets cut bird collisions by 20%
  • Jun 9 US Attorney General Edwin Meese orders Joseph Doherty deported to UK
  • Jun 12 Andy Hampton is 1st American to win Round of Italy
  • Jun 12 The Republic of Ireland beats England 1-0 at Euro88 thanks to a headed goal by Ray Houghton. This is Ireland's first competitive match at a major football tournament.

A Beautiful Day in MoscowA Beautiful Day in Moscow

Jun 12 Soviet Union holds its 1st beauty content in Moscow, 16 year old Maria Kalinina crowned the winner

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Maria Kalinina becomes Miss Moscow. © Jacques Langevin/Sygma/Corbis
Maria Kalinina becomes Miss Moscow. © Jacques Langevin/Sygma/Corbis
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  • Jun 13 Fed jury finds Liggett liable in death of NJ woman of lung cancer
  • Jun 13 US Supreme Court refuses to hear Yonkers argument they aren't racist
  • Jun 15 NASA launches space vehicle S-213
  • Jun 15 Turkish premier Özal meets Greek premier Papandreou in Athens
  • Jun 17 Microsoft releases MS DOS 4.0
  • Jun 17 Soyuz TM-5 launches
  • Jun 17 Women sentenced to 90 years in 1st product tampering murder case
  • Jun 19 Namphy takes control of Haitian government
  • Jun 19 World's then largest sausage completed at 13 1/8 miles long
  • Jun 20 Coup in Haiti: Henri Namphy overthrows Leslie Manigat, general assembly dissolved
  • Jun 20 Supreme Court upholds a law that made it illegal for private clubs to discriminate against women and minorities
  • Jun 21 Many killed at demonstration against General Ne Win in Rangoon
  • Jun 25 104°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland in June
  • Jun 25 Iceland's President Vigdis Finnbogadóttir elected (90+%)
  • Jun 25 Kristen Logan, 17, of Mississippi, crowned America's Junior Miss
  • Jun 30 Brooklyn dedicates a bus depot honoring Jackie Gleason and his role as bus driver Ralph Kramden in "The Honeymooners"
  • Jun 30 French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre is excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church

Birthdays in History

  • Jun 15 Miku Ishida, Japanese teen idol
  • Jun 26 King Bach Andrew B. Bachelor, Canadian American internet personality (most watched in Vine), born in Toronto, Ontario

Deaths in History

  • Jun 2 Horace Hildreth, American politician (Gov-Maine, 1945-49) and U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan (1953-57), dies at 85
  • Jun 5 Clarence M. Pendleton Jr., African-American chairman of the United States Commission on Civil Rights (1981-88), dies at 57
  • Jun 8 Virgil Oliver Jr, entertainer, dies
  • Jun 10 Louis L'Amour, American western writer (Bowdrie), dies of cancer at 80
  • Jun 11 Giuseppe Saragat, 5th President of Italy (1964-71), dies at 89
  • Jun 17 Elizabeth Lane, 1st female British supreme court justice, dies at 82
  • Jun 19 Fernand Seguin, Canadian biologist (b. 1922)
  • Jun 19 Gladys Spellman, American. Congresswoman (b. 1918)
  • Jun 21 Bobby Dodd, US football coach (Georgia Tech), dies at 79
  • Jun 23 Evert Werkman, Dutch journalist (Het Parool), dies at 73
  • Jun 23 M Gregor-Dellin, writer, dies
  • Jun 25 Axis Sally [Mildred E Gillars], US nazi propagandist (WWII), dies
  • Jun 27 Léonie Adams, American poetess (High Falcon), dies at 88