March 1988 in History

Events in History

  • Mar 1 Iraq says it launched 16 missiles into Tehran
  • Mar 1 Pontiac announces the end of the Fiero automobile
  • Mar 5 Constitution of Turks and Caicos Islands is restored and revised.
  • Mar 6 18th Easter Seal Telethon raises $35,200,000
  • Mar 6 3 IRA suspects shot dead in Gibraltar by SAS officers
  • Mar 7 Colombia becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty

Event of Interest

Mar 9 US President Ronald Reagan presides at unveiling of Knute Rockne stamp

Event of Interest

Mar 10 Avalanche at Swiss Ski resort Klosters nearly kills Prince Charles

  • Mar 11 British pound note ceases to be legal tender, replaced by one pound coin
  • Mar 11 Utrecht conservatory destroyed by fire
  • Mar 15 Eugene Marino of Atlanta appointed 1st African American archbishop
  • Mar 15 NASA reports accelerated breakdown of ozone layer by CFK
  • Mar 16 Chemical attack on Kurdish town of Halabja by Iraqi forces kills 5000 civilians - largest ever chemical weapons attack
  • Mar 16 Federal grand jury indicts North & Poindexter in Iran-Contra affair
  • Mar 16 North Ireland Protestant fires on Catholic funeral, 3 killed
  • Mar 16 US sends 3,000 soldiers to Nicaragua's neighbor Honduras
  • Mar 17 Iran says Iraq uses poison gas
  • Mar 19 Two British Army corporals are attacked during a funeral procession, beaten and shot dead by the Provisional IRA in Belfast, North Ireland
  • Mar 20 David Henry Hwang's "M. Butterfly," premieres in NYC
  • Mar 20 Eritrean War of Independence: Having defeated the Nadew Command, the Eritrean People's Liberation Front enters the town of Afabet, victoriously concluding the Battle of Afabet.
  • Mar 22 US Congress overrides President Reagan's veto of sweeping civil rights bill
  • Mar 25 NASA launches space vehicle S-206
  • Mar 26 American Janet Evans swims 1,500m freestyle female world record 15:52.10 in the USA Spring Nationals in Orlando, Florida
  • Mar 27 Ice Pairs Championship at Budapest won by E Valova & O Vasiliev (URS)
  • Mar 29 US Congress discontinues aid to Nicaraguan contras
  • Mar 30 Tamil Nadu beat Railways by inns & 144 to win Ranji Trophy
  • Mar 31 Last East Limburg coal mine closes in Gent Belgium

Event of Interest

Mar 31 Pulitzer prize awarded to Toni Morrison for her novel "Beloved"

Deaths in History

  • Mar 8 Werner Hartmann, German physicist (b. 1912)
  • Mar 9 Kurt Georg Kiesinger, German politician and author (Chancellor of West Germany 1966-69), dies at 83
  • Mar 11 Pham Hung, premier of Vietnam, dies at about 74

Dmitri PolyakovDmitri Polyakov (1921-1988)

Mar 15 Soviet Major General and spy for the CIA, executed at 66

  • Mar 15 Wilson Ferreira Aldunate, Uruguayan politician ad human rights activist, dies of cancer at 69
  • Mar 25 James J. Howard, American educator and Democratic Party politician (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New Jersey), dies at 60
  • Mar 25 Robert Joffrey [Abdullah Jaffa Anver Bey Khan], American dancer, teacher, and choreographer (co-founder of Joffrey Ballet), dies of AIDS at 59
  • Mar 27 Jan van den Weghe, Flemish writer, dies at about 67
  • Mar 29 Dulcie September, South African teacher and anti-apartheid political activist, assassinated in Paris, France at 62
  • Mar 30 Edgar Faure, Prime Minister of France (1952, 52-56) and writer, dies at 79
  • Mar 31 William McMahon, 20th Prime Minister of Australia (Liberal: 1971-72), dies in his sleep at 80