April 1990 in History

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Event of interestEvent of Interest

Apr 1 Wrestlemania VI, 67,678 in Toronto, Ultimate Warrior beats Hulk Hogan

WWF Wrestler Hulk Hogan
WWF Wrestler
Hulk Hogan
  • Apr 4 Security law violator Ivan Boesky is released from federal custody
  • Apr 7 BPAA US Open by Ron Palombi Jr
  • Apr 7 Farm Aid IV concert
  • Apr 7 John Poindexter (National Sec Advisor) found guilty on Iran-Contra scandal
  • Apr 7 Michael Milken pleads innocent to security law violations
  • Apr 7 Fire kills 110 on a ferry in Norway, in an unrelated event, 30 die in a ferry flip over in Burma
  • Apr 8 King Birendra of Nepal lifts 30-year ban on political parties
  • Apr 8 Norwegian ferry Scandinavian Star catches fire; 159 people die
  • Apr 8 New Democracy wins the national election in Greece.
  • Apr 9 Don Mattingly signs a $19.7 million 5-year contract with Yankees
  • Apr 10 CUNY/Lehman College, Bronx, opens a branch campus in Hiroshma, Japan
  • Apr 11 Angels Mark Langston & Mike Witt, no-hit Seattle, 1-0
  • Apr 11 NY Lotto pays $35 million to two winner (#s are 6-14-24-32-34-51)
  • Apr 11 Customs officers in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom, say they have seized what they believe to be the barrel of a massive gun on a ship bound for Iraq.
  • Apr 12 H. J. Heinz, Chicken of the Sea and Bumble Bee Seafood say they wouldn't buy tuna caught in nets that trap dolphins
  • Apr 12 Greyhound Bus hires new drivers to replace strikers
  • Apr 12 1st meeting of East German democratically elected parliament, acknowledges responsibility for Nazi holocaust & asks for forgivenesss
  • Apr 15 "In Living Color" premieres on FOX-TV
  • Apr 15 Greenidge & Haynes make 298 opening stand (v Eng), their best
  • Apr 16 Maximum NY State unemployment benefits raised to $260 per week
  • Apr 16 Supreme Court rejects appeal from retarded man, Dalton Prejean, condemned to death for murdering a Louisiana state trooper in 1977
  • Apr 17 Gas explosion on passenger train in Kumrahar India, 80 die
  • Apr 18 Bankruptcy court forces Frank Lorenzo to give up Eastern Airlines
  • Apr 18 Supreme Court rules states could make it a crime to possess or look at child pornography, even in one's home
  • Apr 19 Contra guerrillas, leftist Sandinistas & incoming government agree to truce
  • Apr 19 Marla Maples appears on ABC's Prime-Time
  • Apr 19 Truce in Nicaragua's civil war
  • Apr 20 8 2/3 inning perfect game pitched by Brian Holman of Oakland A's is spoiled by a home run hit by Ken Philips
  • Apr 21 Reds win running their record to 9-0, best start in club history
  • Apr 22 Lebanon release US hostage Robert Polhill after 39 months
  • Apr 24 Brian Friel's "Dancing at Lughnasa" premieres in Dublin
  • Apr 24 Security law violator Michael Milken pleads guilty to 6 felonies
  • Apr 24 US 66th manned space mission STS 31 (Discovery 10) launches into orbit
  • Apr 24 West & East Germany agree to merge currency & economies on July 1st
  • Apr 24 Gruinard Island, Scotland, is officially declared free of the anthrax disease after 48 years of quarantine.
  • Apr 25 Hubble space telescope is placed into orbit by shuttle Discovery
  • Apr 25 Violeta Barrios de Chamorro begins a 6-year term as Nicaragua's president
  • Apr 26 126 die in a (6.9) earthquake in China
  • Apr 26 Danny Wood of New Kids, steps on a stuffed animal & twists his ankle
  • Apr 27 50th annual barbershop quartet singing convention held (Mich)
  • Apr 27 Dodger Orel Hershiser undergoes career-threatening shoulder surgery
  • Apr 27 Villanova's women set a 6,000 m relay world record of 17:18:10
  • Apr 28 Firestone World Bowling Tournament of Champions won by Dave Ferraro
  • Apr 28 Last issue of Dutch communist daily De Waarheid (The Truth)
  • Apr 29 Dan Quisenberry (all-time AL save king, 238) announces his retirement
  • Apr 29 STS-31 (Discovery 10) lands
  • Apr 29 Wrecking cranes began tearing down the Berlin Wall at the Brandenburg Gate
  • Apr 30 Seattle's Brian Holman's perfect game broken up with 2 outs in 9th
  • Apr 30 US 66th manned space mission STS 31 (Discovery 10) returns from space
  • Apr 30 US hostage Frank Reed freed after 4 years in hands of pro-Iranians

Birthdays in History

  • Apr 9 Marston Glenn Hefner, son of Hugh Hefner & Kimberley Conrad
  • Apr 16 Heather Fulton, American marine biologist

Weddings in History

HeartWedding of Interest

Apr 30 Game show host Alex Trebek (49) weds real-estate mogul Jean Currivan (27) at the Regency Club in Los Angeles

Host of Jeopardy! Alex Trebek
Host of Jeopardy!
Alex Trebek

Deaths in History

  • Apr 5 Nico Scheepmaker, Dutch columnist and poet, dies at 59
  • Apr 6 Nancy Hawkes, (1946 best dress woman), dies at 73
  • Apr 6 Ronald E Evans, astronaut (Apollo 17), dies of a heart attack at 57
  • Apr 8 Jose De Vega, dies of AIDS at 56
  • Apr 8 Ryan White, hemophiliac AIDS sufferer, dies at 18
  • Apr 11 Barbara Ann Miller, dies
  • Apr 11 Xenophon Zolotas, Greek economist, Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1904)
  • Apr 14 Martin Kessel, writer, dies on 89th birthday
  • Apr 15 Ulrich Becher, German writer and playwright, dies at 80
  • Apr 17 Ralph David Abernathy, US civil rights leader, dies
  • Apr 19 Vladislav Ivanovich Gulyayev, Russian cosmonaut, dies at 52
  • Apr 20 Horst Sinderman, RDA 1st minister (1973-76), dies
  • Apr 21 Erté, French artist
  • Apr 23 Albert Salmi, (Caddyshack), kills terminally ill wife & self at 62
  • Apr 24 Joseph Leberman, entertainer, dies
  • Apr 26 Carlos Pizarro Leongomez, Colombian presidential candidate, assassinated
  • Apr 28 Jean Blazer Baney, entertainer, dies