On This Day

July 1991 in History

Events in History

  • Jul 5 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll

Election of Interest

Jul 10 Boris Yeltsin sworn in as 1st elected President of the Russian Federation

  • Jul 10 L'Express Airlines Beechcraft C-99 crashes in Alabama, killing 13
  • Jul 10 Foreign Minister R.F. Botha of South Africa signs accession to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty on behalf of South Africa
  • Jul 11 Total solar eclipse is seen in Hawaii
  • Jul 11 Nigeria Airways DC-8 crashes at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing all 261 passengers and crew on board
  • Jul 14 Failed military coup in Mali
  • Jul 15 France performs nuclear Test at Mururoa atoll
  • Jul 15 US troops leave northern Iraq
  • Jul 21 Sharmell Sullivan (Gary Indiana), 20, crowned 23rd Miss Black America

Historic Event

Jul 22 Jeffrey Dahmer confesses to killing 17 men in 1978

  • Jul 23 James Farentino of "Dynasty" arrested in Canada for cocaine possession
  • Jul 24 Ottawa Rough Riders Board of Directors resign
  • Jul 24 Universityof Manchester scientist announce finding a planet outside of solar system
  • Jul 25 Howard Stern adds a 4th radio market (KLSX FM-97.1 Los Angeles)
  • Jul 27 TV Guide publishes its 2000th edition
  • Jul 31 Russia and US sign long range nuclear weapons reduction pact
  • Jul 31 Senate votes to allow women to fly combat aircraft
  • Jul 31 The Medininkai Massacre in Lithuania. Soviet OMON attacks Lithuanian customs post in Medininkai, killing 7 officers and severely wounding one other

Birthdays in History

  • Jul 20 Scout Larue Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis & Demi Moore

Weddings in History

  • Jul 20 Kirk Cameron marries Growing Pains co-star Chelsea Noble in upstate NY

Deaths in History

  • Jul 1 Joost Baljeu, painter/founder-editor Structure, dies
  • Jul 4 Victor Chang, Australian physician (b. 1936)
  • Jul 5 Howard Nemerow, American poet laureate (Pulitzer), dies
  • Jul 5 Mildred Dunnock, dies at 87
  • Jul 6 Nicholas P. Dallis, American psychiatrist and comic strip writer (Rex Morgan, M.D.), dies at 79
  • Jul 11 Hitoshi Igarashi, Japanese interpreter (Satanic Verses), murdered
  • Jul 13 Cor Ria Leeman, Flemish (youth)writer, dies
  • Jul 16 Cornelis Z Forster [Da Kuneisi], Suriname granman/gaanman, dies
  • Jul 16 Frank Rizzo, American politician (Mayor-D-Philadelphia, 1972-80), dies of a heart attack at 70
  • Jul 16 Robert Motherwell, American painter (Elegies to Spanish Rep), dies at 76
  • Jul 18 AndrĂ© Cools, Belgian Minister of Budget, murdered at 63
  • Jul 21 Theodore Wilson, dies at 47
  • Jul 24 Isaac Bashevis Singer, Polish-American yiddish writer (Yentl, Nobel Prize for Literature 1978), dies at 87
  • Jul 24 Karl Ellis, dies at 41
  • Jul 25 Lazar Kaganovich, Soviet politician and one of the main associates of Joseph Stalin, dies at 97
  • Jul 30 Leonardus S van Egerat, travel expert, dies at 68