May 1991 in History

Events in History

  • May 1 Angolan civil war ends
  • May 1 Skin-Spit-Skin featuring lesbian, homosexual & hetrosexual nude couples caressing, is seen by 5,000 in NYC

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 2 Pope John Paul II's encyclical on Centesimus annus

264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
  • May 3 The Declaration of Windhoek (on press freedom) signed by African journalists
  • May 4 Indians' Chris James sets club record for most RBIs in a game (9)
  • May 4 Morris K Udall, (Rep-D-Ariz), resigns due to Parkinson disease

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 4 US President George H. W. Bush is hospitalized for erratic heartbeat

41st US President George H. W. Bush
41st US President
George H. W. Bush
  • May 5 A riot breaks out in the Mt. Pleasant section of Washington, D.C. after Salvadoran man is shot by police
  • May 6 Space Shuttle STS 39 (Discovery 12) lands
  • May 7 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • May 8 CIA director William H. Webster resigns
  • May 9 Michael Landon appears on Tonight Show to talk about his cancer
  • May 10 Oakland A's Jose Canseco is seen leaving Madonna's apt
  • May 12 A new cancer drug is announced which can only be found in bark of a rare tree in the Pacific Northwest
  • May 13 Apple releases Macintosh System 7.0
  • May 13 Yankee Stadium fans sing "Like a Virgin" to Jose Canseco
  • May 14 42 die in a train collision in Japan
  • May 14 Robert M Gates becomes head of CIA
  • May 14 World's Largest Burrito created at 1,126 lbs
  • May 14 Winnie Mandela sentenced to 6 years for complicity in kidnapping & beating of four youths, one of whom died, She is freed pending appeal

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 15 Defense releases docs claiming Noriega is "CIA's man in Panama"

Panamanian General and Dictator Manuel Noriega
Panamanian General and Dictator
Manuel Noriega
  • May 15 Edith Cresson becomes France's 1st female premier
  • May 15 Nepal premier Bhattarai resigns
  • May 15 US President George H. W. Bush takes Queen Elizabeth to Oakland A's-Baltimore Oriole game
  • May 16 Daily Planet fires cub reporter Jimmy Olson (fictional Superman character)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 16 Queen Elizabeth II becomes 1st British monarch to address US congress

Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II
Queen of the United Kingdom
Elizabeth II
  • May 18 France performs nuclear test at Mururoa atoll
  • May 18 USSR launches 2 cosmonauts to MIR space station
  • May 20 Jeff Reardon gains his 300th career save
  • May 20 Soviet parliament approves law allowing citizens to travel abroad
  • May 21 Ethiopia's Marxist president (Mengistu Haile Mariam) resigns
  • May 22 Roh Jai Bong resigns as premier of South Korea
  • May 23 Last Cubans troops leave Angola
  • May 23 US Supreme Court bars subsidized clinics from discussing abortion
  • May 25 Israel evacuates 14,000 Ethiopian Jews
  • May 27 Austrian Boeing 767-300 explodes at Bangkok, 223 die
  • May 28 Ethiopian rebels seize Addis Ababa
  • May 28 "Forever My Lady" debut studio album by Jodeci is released (Billboard Album of the Year 1992)
  • May 30 64th National Spelling Bee: Joanne Lagatta wins spelling antipyretic
  • May 30 Arturo Barrios runs world record one-hour distance (21,096 km)
  • May 30 Supreme Court rules prosecutors can be sued for legal advice they give police & can be held accountable
  • May 31 Sides in Angola sign a treaty ending 16 year civil war

Birthdays in History

  • May 10 Emily McEnroe, daughter of Tatum O'Neal & John McEnroe

Weddings in History

  • May 31 Oldest bride - Minnie Munro, 102, weds Dudley Reid, 83, in Australia

Deaths in History

  • May 1 Richard Thorpe, American director (Jailhouse Rock, Night Must Fall), dies at 95
  • May 2 Hal Bell, dies at 65
  • May 2 Leib Lensky, dies at 82
  • May 2 Ronald McKie, Australian author (The Mango Tree), dies at 81
  • May 3 Gerrit Mik, Dutch psychiatrist and politician (D66), dies
  • May 3 Jersy Kosinski, Polish-American author (Being There), dies at 57
  • May 4 Dennis Crosby, son of Bing, commits suicide at 54
  • May 5 William De Acutis, dies at 33
  • May 6 Anthony van Kampen, writer (Ketelbinkie, Geschonden Eldorado), dies
  • May 6 Thomas A Carlin, dies at 62
  • May 8 Lloyd Ford, stuntman, dies at 79
  • May 9 James L Reinsch, media-advisor (Roosevelt/Churchill/Kennedy), dies
  • May 10 Armand HF Boni, [Armand the Good], Flemish poet/writer, dies
  • May 11 Filip J Field, dies at 67
  • May 11 Ho Dam, foreign minister North-Korea (1970-83), dies
  • May 14 Ast Fonteyne, Flemish lecture artist, dies
  • May 14 Herman Niels, Flemish radio director, dies

Person of interestPerson of Interest

May 14 Jiang Qing, widow of Chinese leader Mao Zedong, commits suicide

Chinese Communist & Wife of Mao Zedong Jiang Qing
Chinese Communist & Wife of Mao Zedong
Jiang Qing
  • May 14 John Edward Craven, dies
  • May 14 Shintaro Abe, minister of Exterior of Japan (1982-86), dies
  • May 15 Andreas Floer, German mathematician (b. 1956)
  • May 19 Douglas L Mays, cartoonist (Punch), dies
  • May 21 Bobby Dale, dies at 92
  • May 21 Jean Van Joutte, PM of Belgium (1952-54), dies
  • May 21 Rajiv Gandhi, Indian Prime Minster (1984-89), assassinated at 46
  • May 23 Jean van Houte, Belgian premier, dies
  • May 23 Peter T Thwaites, British Brigadier General and playwright (Love or money), dies at 74
  • May 25 Dorothy Davis Bostwick, entertainer, dies
  • May 26 Tom Eyen, playwright (Dreamgirls), dies of cardiac arrest at 50
  • May 27 Ed Dodd, cartoonist (Mark Trail), dies at 88
  • May 28 Brigitte B Fischer, writer, dies
  • May 28 Ethel Lois Payne, American journalist (Chic Defender), dies at 79
  • May 31 Angus Wilson, [Johnstone-W], British writer (Wrong Set), dies
  • May 31 H N "Swanie" Swanson, literary agent, dies at 91 of a stroke