November 1991 in History

Events in History

  • Nov 1 New Dutch Regulations Traffic rules & Traffic signs enforced
  • Nov 1 Three faculty, and one staff member of the department of physics and astronomy, were killed, along with one administrator, when physics graduate student Gang Lu went on a shooting rampage at the University of Iowa.
  • Nov 1 Last of Kuwait oil well fires extinguished by Canadian well control team "SafetyBOSS"
  • Nov 2 Bartholomew I becomes the Patriarch of Constantinople.
  • Nov 4 Mid East peace conference ends in Madrid Spain

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 4 Imelda Marcos returns from exile to the Philippines and was arrested the next day for tax fraud and corruption. She was then released on $6,400 bail.

First Lady and Politician Imelda Marcos
First Lady and Politician
Imelda Marcos
  • Nov 5 Kiichi Miyazawa elected premier of Japan
  • Nov 5 Richard J Kerr ends term as acting director of CIA
  • Nov 6 Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovitsj returns to St Petersburg
  • Nov 6 Keck II, biggest telescope in use at Mauna Kea Hawaii
  • Nov 6 Maximus 2.0 BBS released
  • Nov 6 Robert M Gates, becomes 15th director of CIA

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 6 Russian President Boris Yeltsin outlaws Communist Party

Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Russian President
Boris Yeltsin
  • Nov 9 Joint European Torus (JET) scientists in Culham England successfully harness nuclear fusion to produce the first large amount of controlled fusion power
  • Nov 10 Browns set club record for largest lead blown (led 23-0), Philadelphia 32-30

  • Nov 10 Marty Glickman broadcasts his 1,000th football game
  • Nov 12 "Full House" 100th episode, the twins are born
  • Nov 12 Atlanta Brave Tom Glavine wins NL Cy Young Award
  • Nov 12 Dili Massacre, Indonesian forces open fire on a crowd of protesters in Dili, East Timor, killing at least 250
  • Nov 13 Bomb attack on Aad Kosto, Dutch social dem party-asst sec of state
  • Nov 14 American and British authorities announce indictments against two Libyan intelligence officials in connection with the downing of the Pan Am Flight 103

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Nov 14 Cambodian Prince Norodom Sihanouk returns to Phnom Penh after thirteen years of exile

King of Cambodia Norodom Sihanouk
King of Cambodia
Norodom Sihanouk
  • Nov 15 Dow Jones avg drops 120.31 points (5th largest dive)
  • Nov 17 1st TV condom ad aired (FOX- TV)
  • Nov 18 France deports Marlon's daughter Cheyenne Brando to Tahiti
  • Nov 18 Muslim Shi'ites release hostages Terry Waite & Thomas Sutherland
  • Nov 18 The Croatian city of Vukovar surrenders to Yugoslav People's Army and allied Serb paramilitary forces after an 87-day siege
  • Nov 21 Poetess Maria Elene Cruz Varela arrested in Cuba
  • Nov 23 Sam's Town Bowling Invitational won by Lorrie Nichols
  • Nov 24 1st international flight from Long Island's MacArthur Airport (to Mexico)
  • Nov 24 Rachmon Nabijev elected president of Tadzjikistan
  • Nov 24 US 75th manned space mission "STS 44" Atlantis 10 launched
  • Nov 26 Condoms are handed out to thousands of NY High School students
  • Nov 27 Poetess Maria Elene Cruz Varela sentenced to 2 years (Cuba)
  • Nov 27 Third Nigerian population census begins
  • Nov 30 93 cars and 11 truck accident near San Francisco during a dust storm, 17 die
  • Nov 30 Rob Pilatus, 27, of Milli-Vanilli attempts suicide
  • Nov 30 San Diego State's Marshall Faulk is 1st freshman to capture national rushing and scoring titles

Birthdays in History

  • Nov 23 Anurag Kashyap, 2005 Scripps National Spelling Bee champion, born in Muzaffarpur, India

Weddings in History

HeartWedding of Interest

Nov 25 Author Douglas Adams (39) weds Jane Belson

Deaths in History

  • Nov 1 Joseph Papp, US theater producer (A Chorus Line, Hair), dies at 70
  • Nov 2 Irwin Allen, American director (Land of the Giants, Poseidon Adventure), dies at 75
  • Nov 5 Robert Maxwell, British billionaire publisher (NY Daily News), dies at 68
  • Nov 7 Tom of Finland [Touko Laaksonen], Finnish fetish artist, dies at 71
  • Nov 8 Christine Felsmann, dies
  • Nov 8 Patrick Hamilton, author (Gaslight, Rope, Angel Street), dies at 45
  • Nov 10 Alessandro Lessona, Minister of Italian Colonies (1931-38), dies
  • Nov 10 Franco Malfatti, president of Commission of Europe (1970-1972), dies
  • Nov 12 Christopher Hayes, dies of heart attack
  • Nov 12 Paul E "Cardinal" Leger, cardinal/archbishop of Montreal, dies at 87
  • Nov 13 Ad Kosto, Dutch state secretary (PvdA), assassinated by bomb
  • Nov 13 Hanson Baldwin, US military historian, dies at 88
  • Nov 14 Tony Richardson, British director (Tom Jones), dies of AIDs at 63
  • Nov 17 John Blatnik, (Rep-Minn, 1947-75), dies at 80
  • Nov 18 Gustav Husak, president of Czechoslovakia (1975-89), dies at 78
  • Nov 21 Daniel Mann, US director (Rose tattoo), dies of heart failure at 79
  • Nov 22 Jac de Jong [Jacobus Hendrik de Jong], Dutch entrepeneur and politician (Nedac-Sorbo), dies
  • Nov 25 Eleanor Audley, voice (Wicked Stepmother-Cinderella), dies at 86
  • Nov 26 Fran├žois Billetdoux, French author (Word Awake), dies at 64
  • Nov 26 Ed Heinemann, American aircraft designer (Douglas Aircraft; b. 1908)
  • Nov 29 Frank Yerby, American novelist (The Foxes of Harrow), dies at 75