October 1991 in History

Events in History

  • Oct 1 Howard Stern adds Baltimore to his radio network (WJFK-AM)
  • Oct 1 New Zealand's Resource Management Act 1991 commences.
  • Oct 1 Soviet Union suspends petroleum product exports as its fuel shortages grow
  • Oct 4 Delta Center in Salt Lake City Utah
  • Oct 4 The Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty is opened for signature.
  • Oct 4 Whiteland Janice, driven by Mike Lachance, wins Kentucky Futurity
  • Oct 5 Military transport plane crashes at Jakarta, 133 dies
  • Oct 5 The first official version of the Linux kernel, version 0.02, is released.
  • Oct 5 USSR reduces nuclear weapons arsenal
  • Oct 7 Child star Adam Rich (Eight Is Enough) arrested for stealing hypodermics

Event of Interest

Oct 7 Law Professor Anita Hill accuses Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of making sexually inappropriate comments to her

Event of Interest

Oct 8 The Croatian Parliament cuts all remaining ties with Yugoslavia

  • Oct 9 Bush declares "total confidence" in nominee Clarence Thomas
  • Oct 9 Ecuador becomes a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty
  • Oct 10 Ex-postal worker Joseph Harris kills 4 postal workers
  • Oct 10 Greyhound Bus ends bankruptcy
  • Oct 10 US cuts all foreign aid to Haiti
  • Oct 11 Law Professor Anita Hill testifies Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her
  • Oct 11 Televangelist Jimmy Swaggart seen soliciting a prostitute
  • Oct 12 Professional wrestler Rip is Oliver forced to retire after being injured by Crush
  • Oct 12 Statler Brothers Show premieres on TNN

Nobel Prize

Oct 14 Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi wins Nobel Peace Prize

  • Oct 15 Clarence Thomas is confirmed as a US Supreme Court Justice (52-48)
  • Oct 16 George Jo Hennard, 35, kills 23 & himself & wounds 20 in Texas
  • Oct 16 Jharkhand Chhatra Yuva Morcha is founded at a conference in Ranchi, India.
  • Oct 16 US Supreme Court begins to hear Joseph Doherty case
  • Oct 17 News anchor Bree Walker Lampley files an FCC complaint that LA radio KFI-AM personally attacked her by discussing her having a disformed baby
  • Oct 18 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • Oct 20 6.1-7.1 earthquake in Uttar Kashi, India, about 670 die
  • Oct 20 Formal opening ceremony of Intl One Mind Zen center in Crestone, Colo
  • Oct 21 24 die in a fire in Oakland Calif

Event of Interest

Oct 21 Former California Governor Jerry Brown announces his run for the US Presidency

  • Oct 21 US hostage Jesse Turner released from 5 years in captivity in Beirut
  • Oct 22 General Motors announces 9 month loss of $US2.2 billion
  • Oct 23 Clarence Thomas sworn in as US Supreme Court Justice

Event of Interest

Oct 23 Dr Jack Kevorkian's suicide machine assists 2 women to commit suicide

  • Oct 30 Colombian government negotiate with M-19-guerrilla
  • Oct 30 Mid East peace conference begins in Madrid Spain
  • Oct 31 Palestinians attend US mideast peace talks in Madrid

Birthdays in History

  • Oct 23 Princess Mako of Akishino of Japan
  • Oct 26 Evan Gershkovich, American journalist (1st American journalist arrested for spying in Russia since the Cold War), born in New York City
  • Oct 29 Parris Goebel, New Zealand dancer and choreographer (Savage x Fenty shows), born in Auckland, New Zealand

Deaths in History

  • Oct 2 Dimitrios I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (1973-91), dies at 77
  • Oct 2 Jan H Christianse, political chairman (CDA), dies
  • Oct 3 Max Cantor, journalist, dies
  • Oct 4 Leonard C. Odell, wrote 7,000 Burma Shave poems, dies at 83
  • Oct 6 Lincoln Demyan, dies at 66
  • Oct 6 Wendell Phillips, dies at 83 [or 10/13]
  • Oct 8 Natalia Ginzburg, Italian writer (Sounds of the Night), dies at 75
  • Oct 10 Stephen J Falat, dies after long illness at 34
  • Oct 11 Steven Jesse Bernstein, American underground poet (suicide) (b. 1950)
  • Oct 12 Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky, Soviet-Russian sci-fi author (Tale of the Troika), dies at 66
  • Oct 13 Daniel Oduber Quiros, president of Costa Rica (1974-1978), dies at 70
  • Oct 15 Hotze de Roos, Dutch carpenter and writer (Chameleon series), dies at 81
  • Oct 23 Lance Baker, dies at 31
  • Oct 24 Leon Clements, journalist (Interlijnen), dies at 43
  • Oct 26 Lori Rae Matthews, crushed to death by an artist's 485 lb umbrella
  • Oct 27 George Barker, English poet, dies at 78
  • Oct 27 Pyke Koch, Dutch magic realism painter (Dolores' Breakfast), dies at 90
  • Oct 28 Dudley McConnell, American space scientist, headed NASA's Earth Science Division, dies at 55
  • Oct 28 Lydia Hodson Copeland, America's Jr Miss (1972), dies at 37
  • Oct 29 Donald Churchill, playwright, dies of a heart attack at 60
  • Oct 29 Harry Thomas, founder (Flower Festival, Dutch Homofielen Party), dies
  • Oct 29 Mario Scelba, Prime Minister of Italia (1954-55), dies
  • Oct 30 Johan Mekkink, painter, dies
  • Oct 30 Ken Hardin, producer, dies at 62
  • Oct 31 Joseph Papp, Broadway producer (A Chorus Line), dies of cancer at 70