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February 1993 in History

Events in History

  • Feb 1 NY Judge Sol Wachtler indicted for harassing Joy Silverman
  • Feb 1 Soyuz TM-16 lands
  • Feb 2 Frito Lay pays court ordered $2,500,000 to Tom Wait for using his song
  • Feb 2 Irina Privalova runs world record 50m indoor (6.05 sec)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Feb 2 Václav Havel becomes the first president of an independent Czech Republic, after the split with Slovakia

Politician and Author Václav Havel
Politician and Author
Václav Havel
  • Feb 3 General Hospital's Tristan Rogers convicted of drunk driving

USARodney King Riots

Feb 3 Federal trial of 4 police officers charged with civil rights violations in videotaped beating of Rodney King begins in Los Angeles, California

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Damage in Los Angeles after the 1992 riots, which killed 63 people and caused over $1 billion in damages
Damage in Los Angeles after the 1992 riots, which killed 63 people and caused over $1 billion in damages
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  • Feb 4 Admiral William Studeman ends term as acting director of CIA
  • Feb 4 Russian space agency tests a 82-foot wide space mirror
  • Feb 5 Grenade explodes in Sarajevo, killing 63 and injuring 160
  • Feb 5 R James Woolsey, becomes 16th director of CIA
  • Feb 8 Suchoi-24 crashes into Tupolev passenger flight, 134 die
  • Feb 9 Army of opium king Khun Sa kills 60 in NE Burma
  • Feb 10 US officially backs peace plan in Bosnia
  • Feb 11 Irina Privalova runs world record 60m indoor (6.92 secs)

AppointmentAppointment of Interest

Feb 11 President Clinton selects Janet Reno to be first female US Attorney General

42nd US President Bill Clinton
42nd US President
Bill Clinton
  • Feb 13 Ljubow Kremljowa runs world record 1000m indoor (2:34:84)
  • Feb 13 Merlene Ottey runs world record 200m indoor (21.87 sec)
  • Feb 14 Fire in Linxi department store in Tangshan China, kills 79
  • Feb 15 Bombings by mafia drug lords kill 14 in Bogota, Colombia
  • Feb 15 Howard Stern Radio Show begins transmitting to Rochester, New York on WRQI 95.1 FM
  • Feb 16 Western Australia's and Australia's first woman Premier, Carmen Lawrence, is voted out of office.
  • Feb 17 Haitian ferry boat capsize in storm, 800-2,000 die
  • Feb 19 "Happy Nation" debut studio album by Ace of Base is released
  • Feb 22 Vinod Kambli scores 224 v England at Bombay, 411 balls, 23 fours
  • Feb 23 Gary Coleman wins $1,280,000 lawsuit against parents for high fees
  • Feb 23 India complete a 3-0 series drubbing of England
  • Feb 25 Pakistan all out 43 v West Indies, world one-day int record low
  • Feb 26 "World Trade Center bombing of 1993": truck bomb explodes in parking garage of NYC World Trade Center at 12:18pm, killing 6 and injuring over 1,000 in what was the deadliest act of terrorism perpetrated on US soil at the time
  • Feb 27 PBA National Championship Won by Ron Palombi Jr
  • Feb 28 Gun battle erupts near Waco, Texas at Branch Davidian compound after FBI attempts a raid

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

Feb 6 US Senator Mitch McConnell (51) weds economist Elaine Chao

US Senator Mitch McConnell
US Senator
Mitch McConnell

Deaths in History

  • Feb 5 Joseph L Mankiewicz, American writer/director (All about Eve), dies at 83
  • Feb 5 Tip Tipping [Tim], stuntman, dies in sky-diving accident at 34
  • Feb 5 Marcel Léger, Canadian politician, dies at 62
  • Feb 7 W Sybout A Colenbrander, Dutch historian/journalist, dies at 82
  • Feb 8 Casper van den Berg, Dutch poet (Fashionable inconvenience), dies
  • Feb 8 Eliot Janeway, financial columnist (Eliot Doomsday), dies at 80
  • Feb 8 Franz Schnyder, Swiss director (10th of May), dies at 82
  • Feb 8 Paul Brickhill, Dutch/US WW II pilot/physician, dies
  • Feb 8 N. Shanmugathasan, Sri Lankan communist leader
  • Feb 9 Nasrullah Mansoor, Afghan guerilla leader/governor of Paktia, dies
  • Feb 10 John Grossman, Czech director (Process, Revisor), dies
  • Feb 10 Maurice Bourges-Maunoury, Prime Minister of France (1957), dies
  • Feb 10 Fred Hollows, New Zealand ophthalmologist (b. 1929)
  • Feb 11 George A Stephen, inventor (Weber Kettle Grill), dies at 71
  • Feb 12 James Bulger, English child abducted, tortured and beaten to death at 2, by 10 year old boys
  • Feb 13 Agatha Hagtingius-Seger, Dutch author (Sparkles Chain), dies at 91
  • Feb 17 Alfredo de Leon, leader (Philippines Red Scorpio Gang), killed
  • Feb 18 Edward S "Ted" Haworth, US set designer (Sayonara, Marty), dies at 76
  • Feb 18 Jacqueline Hill, dies of cancer at 63
  • Feb 19 Gerhard Gesell, judge (Pentagon Papers), dies of liver cancer at 82
  • Feb 20 Ferruccio Lamborghini, Italian auto-designer (Lamborghini), dies at 76
  • Feb 21 Inge Lehmann, Danish geophysicist and seismologist, dies at 104
  • Feb 22 Jean Lecanuet, French UDF-presidential candidate, dies at 72
  • Feb 22 Pieter A H Bos, Dutch lawyer/procureur-general (Aruba), dies at 63
  • Feb 25 Jean G H "Sjeng" Tans, Dutch PM (social dem, 1965-69), dies
  • Feb 26 Fletcher Knebel, American author (Seven Days in May), commits suicide following long bout with cancer at 81
  • Feb 26 Mark Kolthoff, Dutch painter and photographer, dies at 92
  • Feb 28 Fer A Olthoff, Dutch WW II resistance fighter (Het Parool), dies
  • Feb 28 Franco Brusati, Italian dir/writer (Bread & Chocolate), dies at 70