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June 1993 in History

Events in History

  • Jun 1 Brooklyn NY begins recycling
  • Jun 1 Guatemala president Jorge Serrano overthrown by army
  • Jun 1 Melchior Ndadaye elected President of Burundi
  • Jun 3 66th National Spelling Bee: Geoff Hooper wins spelling kamikaze
  • Jun 5 Liberian Charles Taylors rebellion kills 550 fugitives
  • Jun 5 Somali warlord Aidids murders 23 Pakistani
  • Jun 6 47th Tony Awards: "Angels in America" and "Kiss of the Spider Woman" win
  • Jun 6 6th Children's Miracle Network Telethon
  • Jun 6 Punsalmaagiyn Otsjirbat recognized as President of Mongolia
  • Jun 6 Ramiro de Leon Carpio elected President of Guatemala
  • Jun 8 Premier Marc Bazin of Haiti resigns
  • Jun 9 "Amantes" (1991) premieres in France
  • Jun 9 "Body Snatchers" (1993) premieres in France
  • Jun 9 "Ce que femme veut" (1993) premieres in France
  • Jun 9 "Passion Fish" (1992) premieres in France
  • Jun 9 "Tout capour ca!" (1993) premieres in France

  • Jun 9 "What's Love Got to Do with It" (1993) premieres
  • Jun 9 Tickets for Indians 1st season in Jacobs Field go on sale
  • Jun 13 Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani re-elected President of Iran
  • Jun 14 Japanese space probe Sakigake passes Earth
  • Jun 14 Tansu Ciller appointed 1st female premier of Turkey

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 14 Ruth Bader Ginsburg is nominated to the United States Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
42nd US President Bill Clinton
42nd US President
Bill Clinton
  • Jun 16 Ken Griffey Jr slugs his 100th career home run in Seattle's
  • Jun 17 Indians' Carlos Baerga hits 3 home runs against Detroit
  • Jun 18 Toru Takemitsu's "Archipelago" premieres in Aldeburgh England
  • Jun 21 English mathematician Andrew Wiles proves last theorem of Fermat
  • Jun 21 STS-57 (Endeavour) launches into orbit
  • Jun 23 Lorena Gallo Bobbitt amputates husband's John Wayne Bobbitt's penis
  • Jun 23 United Nations authorizes worldwide oil embargo against Haiti
  • Jun 23 Nigeria's military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida, annuls results of presidential elections and halts a return to democracy
  • Jun 24 Arab terrorist group planning bombing of Holland and Lincoln Tunnels caught
  • Jun 24 Yale computer science professor Dr. David Gelernter loses the sight in one eye, the hearing in one ear, and part of his right hand after receiving a mailbomb from the Unabomber
  • Jun 25 Parliamentary election in Morocco

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 25 Kim Campbell becomes the 19th Prime Minister of Canada (although she would remain in office for less than five months)

19th Prime Minister of Canada Kim Campbell
19th Prime Minister of Canada
Kim Campbell
  • Jun 26 Rebecca Jones, 18, of Georgia, crowned America's Junior Miss

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 26 The U.S. launches a cruise missile attack targeting Baghdad intelligence headquarters in retaliation for a thwarted assassination attempt against former President George H. W. Bush in April in Kuwait.

41st US President George H. W. Bush
41st US President
George H. W. Bush

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 27 Don Henley booed in Milwaukee when he dedicates the song "It's Not Easy Being Green" to President Clinton

42nd US President Bill Clinton
42nd US President
Bill Clinton
  • Jun 30 Richard Jacobs announces Chief Wahoo will go to Jacobs Field

Birthdays in History

  • Jun 4 Christian Alexander Mowatt, grandson of English princess Alexandra
  • Jun 7 Jordan Fry, American actor (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), born in Spokane, Washington
  • Jun 16 Alice Ann Newman, daughter of Gretchen & Randy
  • Jun 24 Primera, an Andean condor, hatched at Cleve Zoo, 5th born in captivity
  • Jun 29 Angela & Amy Lakeberg, American Siamese twins (separated on Aug 20th), born in Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, Illinois

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

Jun 9 Japanese crown prince Naruhito weds Masaka Owada

Emperor of Japan Naruhito
Emperor of Japan
  • Jun 10 Abdullah II of Jordan (31) weds Rania Al-Yassin (22) in Amman, Jordan
  • Jun 19 Mandy Smith (Bill Wyman's ex-wife) weds Pat van den Hauwe

Divorces in History

  • Jun 23 Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman) files for divorce from Lawrence Mortorff

Deaths in History

  • Jun 2 French JFM of Thiel, Dutch 2nd chamber chairman (1963-72), dies at 86
  • Jun 2 Norton Simon, American industrialist (Hunts Foods, Norton Simon Museum), dies at 86
  • Jun 5 Conway Twitty, country star (Linda on My Mind), dies in surgery at 59
  • Jun 6 James Bridges, writer/director (Paper Chase), dies of cancer at 57
  • Jun 6 Peter Tazelaar, adjutant of Dutch queen Wilhelmina, dies at 73
  • Jun 8 RenĂ© Bousquet, French Vichy-police chief (deported Jews), dies at 84
  • Jun 8 Root Boy Slim [Foster MacKenzie III], American entertainer, dies at 48
  • Jun 9 Ian Mikardo, British politician, dies
  • Jun 10 Alice Reinhart, entertainer, dies at 83
  • Jun 11 Muriel C. Bradbrook, English writer (Rise of Common Player), dies at 84
  • Jun 13 Donald "Deke" K Slayton, US major/astronaut (Apollo 18), dies at 69
  • Jun 14 Vincent T Hamlin, cartoonist (Alley Oop), dies at 93
  • Jun 15 Mahfoud Boucebi, Algerian psychiatrist, murdered
  • Jun 15 Vera, scarf/linen designer, dies of cardiac arrest at 87
  • Jun 15 John Connally Jr, American politician, 39th Governor of Texas, and federal treasurer who was critically wounded during the assassination of Kennedy, dies of pulmonary fibrosis at 76
  • Jun 17 Angus Suttie, English potter and teacher of art ceramics, dies of AIDS at 46
  • Jun 17 French of Nouhuys, civil servant in Indonesia, dies at 88

Person of interestWilliam Golding

Jun 19 William Golding, English author (Lord of the Flies, Nobel Prize for Literature 1983), dies at 81

Nobel Laureate and Novelist William Golding
Nobel Laureate and Novelist
William Golding
  • Jun 19 James Benton Parsons, American judge, 1st African American federal judge, dies at 81
  • Jun 21 Frank Moro, entertainer, dies
  • Jun 22 Hannah Troy, fashion designer (petite), dies of heart attack at 93
  • Jun 22 M'hammed Boukhozba, Algerian sociologist, murdered at 52
  • Jun 22 Pat Nixon, 1st lady (1969-75), dies of lung cancer at 81
  • Jun 26 Catherine Leno, mother of The Tonight Show host Jay, dies of cancer at 82
  • Jun 26 Jack Bittner, entertainer, dies
  • Jun 26 William H. Riker, American political scientist (b. 1920)
  • Jun 27 Wolfgang Grams, German RAF-terrorist, shot to death at 40
  • Jun 28 Boris Christoff, Bulgaria/Italian bass (Don Carlos), dies at 79