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1993 in History (Part 3)

Events in History

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  • Jun 21 STS-57 (Endeavour) launches into orbit
  • Jun 23 Lorena Gallo Bobbitt amputates husband's John Wayne Bobbitt's penis
  • Jun 23 United Nations authorizes worldwide oil embargo against Haiti

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

Jun 23 Nigeria's military dictator, General Ibrahim Babangida, annuls results of presidential elections and halts a return to democracy

General and President of Nigeria Ibrahim Babangida
General and President of Nigeria
Ibrahim Babangida
  • Jun 24 Arab terrorist group planning bombing of Holland and Lincoln Tunnels caught
  • Jun 24 Yale computer science professor Dr. David Gelernter loses the sight in one eye, the hearing in one ear, and part of his right hand after receiving a mailbomb from the Unabomber
  • Jun 25 Parliamentary election in Morocco

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 25 Kim Campbell becomes the 19th Prime Minister of Canada (although she would remain in office for less than five months)

19th Prime Minister of Canada Kim Campbell
19th Prime Minister of Canada
Kim Campbell
  • Jun 26 Rebecca Jones, 18, of Georgia, crowned America's Junior Miss

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 26 The U.S. launches a cruise missile attack targeting Baghdad intelligence headquarters in retaliation for a thwarted assassination attempt against former President George H. W. Bush in April in Kuwait.

41st US President George H. W. Bush
41st US President
George H. W. Bush

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 27 Don Henley booed in Milwaukee when he dedicates the song "It's Not Easy Being Green" to President Clinton

42nd US President Bill Clinton
42nd US President
Bill Clinton
  • Jun 30 Richard Jacobs announces Chief Wahoo will go to Jacobs Field
  • Jul 1 1 second is added to the clock
  • Jul 1 Russian manned space craft TM-17, launches into orbit
  • Jul 1 STS-57 (Endeavour) lands
  • Jul 1 Richard Riordan elected as Los Angeles first Republican mayor in 36 years

  • Jul 2 Boat sinks at Bocaue Philippines, 325 die
  • Jul 2 F-28 crashes at Sorong Irian Barat, 41 die
  • Jul 2 Muslim fundamentalists in Sivas, Turkey, set hotel on fire, kill 36

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 2 Pope John Paul II hospitalized for Cat Scan test

264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
  • Jul 4 Pilar Fort crowned 25th Miss Black America
  • Jul 4 Pizza Hut blimp deflates and lands safely on W 56th street in NYC
  • Jul 5 Kurd guerrillas murder 32 villager in East Turkey
  • Jul 5 Richard Chelimo run world record 10 km (27:07.91)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 6 John F. Kennedy Jr, gives notice of quitting as ADA in Manhattan

Publisher and Lawyer John F. Kennedy Jr.
Publisher and Lawyer
John F. Kennedy Jr.
  • Jul 7 Guntis Ulmanis elected president of Latvia
  • Jul 7 Prodigy announces it will offer Cox newspapers
  • Jul 10 Melchior Ndadaye becomes 1st Hutu Burundi President, Sylvie Kinigi Prime Minister
  • Jul 10 Yobes Ondieki runs world record 10km (26:58.38)
  • Jul 12 7.8 earthquake hits Hokkaido Japan, 160 killed
  • Jul 12 Don Imus begins broadcasting to Boston on WEEI (590 AM)
  • Jul 14 Aeroflot starts non-stop flights between Moscow and NY
  • Jul 16 President Lissouba calls emergency rule in Congo-Brazzaville
  • Jul 16 S van Ruysdael's "Winter Landscape" sold for £705,500 in London

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 18 Afghan President Ishaq Khan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif resign

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister of Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif
  • Jul 18 Liberal-Democratic Party loses Japan's parliamentary election

  • Jul 19 Glen Chapple (Lancs) scores fastest F-C century, 21 minutes
  • Jul 19 President Clinton fires FBI director William s. Sessions
  • Jul 20 Fire in the press box at Atlanta Fulton County Stadium
  • Jul 22 Soyuz TM-17 lands
  • Jul 23 China Northwest Airlines BAe146-300 crashes at Yinchuan, 55 killed
  • Jul 25 Israeli offensive against terrorist bases in South Lebanon
  • Jul 25 The St James' Church massacre in Kenilworth, Cape Town by Azanian Peoples' Liberation Army
  • Jul 26 Boeing 737-500 crashes in South Korea, 66 killed
  • Jul 26 The first of four photos of Mars is taken by the Mars Observer, just under a month before the spacecraft failed in flight
  • Jul 27 Javier Sotomayor jumps world record 2.45 m high
  • Jul 27 Mafia bombs historical buildings in Rome, Milan and Vatican City, 5 killed
  • Jul 29 Israeli Court of Appeal overturns (5-0) conviction of John Demjaujuk, saying not enough evidence he is Concentration Camp Ivan the Terrible
  • Jul 31 Inkatha-arm forces killed 49 ANC-followers in Johannesburg
  • Jul 31 Prince Ronald "Ronnie" Mutebi crowned king of Uganda
  • Aug 2 NYC radio (WFAN) personality Don Imus' lung collapses
  • Aug 2 Train crash in tunnel at Vega de Anzo Spain, 12 killed
  • Aug 4 Angolan air force bombs Huambo
  • Aug 4 Rwandian Hutus and Tutsis sign peace treaty in Arusha, Tanzania
  • Aug 5 Republican Guard kills 64 civilians at Gninguilimin marketplace, in Chad
  • Aug 6 Japan Hosokawa government begins
  • Aug 6 Pope John Paul II publishes encyclical Veritatis splendor
  • Aug 7 Tropical storm Brett ravages Venezuela, 118 killed
  • Aug 8 Tropical storm Bret ravages Venezuela, about 100 killed
  • Aug 9 King Albert II of Belgium, crowned

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 10 Ruth Bader Ginsburg sworn in as a US Supreme Court Justice

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Aug 10 Earthquake measuring 7.0 on the Richter Scale hits the South Island of New Zealand
  • Aug 11 Pope John Paul II visits Mexico
  • Aug 12 Pope John Paul II begins visit of US
  • Aug 13 Hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand, collapses, 114 killed
  • Aug 13 US Court of Appeals rules congress must save all E-Mail
  • Aug 14 Nigerian presidential election
  • Aug 14 St Louis reliever Lee Smith is fastest to get 40 saves
  • Aug 15 NYC radio (WFAN) personality Don Imus' lung collapses for 2nd time
  • Aug 15 Televangelist Robert Tilton announces he is divorcing Marte
  • Aug 16 The Debian distribution first announced by Ian Murdock, a student at Purdue University (Murdock initially called his system the "Debian Linux Release")
  • Aug 16 South Africa relinquishes sovereignty over Walvis Bay
  • Aug 18 Historical Kapelbrug in Luzern Switzerland, destroyed by fire
  • Aug 19 Dow Jones hits record high of 3612.13
  • Aug 19 George Tiller, abortion doctor, shot in his arms by Rachelle Shannon
  • Aug 19 Mattel & Fisher Price toy companies merge
  • Aug 20 Howard Stern is fired from WLUP-AM, Chicago

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 20 Mother Teresa hospitalized with malaria

Catholic Missionary Mother Teresa
Catholic Missionary
Mother Teresa
  • Aug 20 Oslo Peace Accords signed, after secret negotiations in Norway, followed by a public ceremony in Washington, D.C. the following month
  • Aug 21 NASA loses contact with Mars Observer
  • Aug 23 NY Dow Jones index reaches record high of 3,638.96 points
  • Aug 24 Mars Observer comes closest to Mars
  • Aug 26 Ernest Shonekan is appointed interim president of Nigeria by General Ibrahim Babangida
  • Aug 27 Yak-40 crashes in Tadzjikistan, 79 killed/1 lives
  • Aug 27 The Rainbow Bridge connecting Tokyo's Shibaura and the island of Odaiba is completed.
  • Aug 28 Dam breaks in Qinghai West China, 223 killed
  • Aug 28 Jakovlev-42 crashes in Tadzjikistan, 76 killed
  • Aug 28 Long Beach California beats Panama for little league world championship
  • Aug 28 Singapore vice-premier Teng Cheong elected president

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Aug 30 150,000,000th visitor to Eiffel Tower

Engineer and Architect Gustave Eiffel
Engineer and Architect
Gustave Eiffel
  • Aug 30 Hassan II mosque opens in Casablanca, second largest mosque in the world
  • Aug 31 Venezuela president Carlos Perez flees
  • Aug 31 HMS Mercury, the Royal Navy's communications training establishment, closes after 52 years in commission.

KnighthoodDictator Bokassa I

Sep 2 Central African Republic ex-emperor Jean-Bédel Bokassa freed

Learn More
Jean-Bédel Bokassa is crowned as 'Emperor of Central Africa' atop a golden throne in 1976
Jean-Bédel Bokassa is crowned as 'Emperor of Central Africa' atop a golden throne in 1976
Learn More
  • Sep 2 Day of Peace in South Africa
  • Sep 5 Noureddine Morceli runs world record mile (3:44,39)
  • Sep 7 Brazil votes over importing monarchy
  • Sep 8 Wang Junxia creates a women's world record 10,000m (29:31.78) at the Chinese National Games
  • Sep 9 Croupier of casino in Bristol, England, shoots a 4 a record eight times
  • Sep 9 Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization exchange letters of mutual recognition

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Deaths in History

Deaths 201 - 300 of 406

  • Jul 5 Harrison E Salisbury, American journalist (NY Times), dies at 84
  • Jul 6 Ruth Lady Fermoy, maternal grandmother of Princess Diana, dies at 84
  • Jul 9 Jaap Meijer, Dutch historian and rabbi in Paramaribo, dies at 80
  • Jul 10 Masugi Ibuse, Japanese author (Kuroi ame (Black rain)), dies at 95
  • Jul 10 Ruth Krauss, author (Carrot Seed), dies at 91
  • Jul 11 Deng Yingchao, high ranking communist China official, dies at 88
  • Jul 11 Henri van Soede, sub commandant (WWII), dies at about 83
  • Jul 11 Kelly Ahrendt, 1st death by rabies in NY since 1954, dies
  • Jul 11 Sergey Vozovikov, cosmonaut, dies during underwater test at 34
  • Jul 12 Dan Eldon, British-Kenyan photojournalist, killed in Somalia while working for Reuters at 22
  • Jul 13 Edwin "Rick" Bakker, author (Rick's Report/AIDS Diary), dies at 31
  • Jul 15 Bobby Kent, alleged Florida bully murdered by his friends (b. 1973)
  • Jul 17 Ineke Shutter, choreography (Black Girl Goes to School), dies at 61
  • Jul 17 Scott Salmon, US choreographer (La Cage aux Folles), dies at 51
  • Jul 17 Vladimir Barmyn, Russian inventor (Stalinorgel), dies at 84
  • Jul 18 John Beck, US producer (Harvey, Singing Nun), dies at 83
  • Jul 18 Robert Davis, dies of emphysema at 76
  • Jul 18 Sergei Y Vozovikov, Russian major/cosmonaut, dies in accident at 35
  • Jul 18 Vladimir Pavlovich Barmin, Chief designer of Soviet launch pads, dies
  • Jul 19 Elmar Klos, Czech director (Shop on Main Street), dies at 83
  • Jul 20 Vince Foster, American lawyer and Deputy White House Counsel commits suicide aged 48
  • Jul 21 Henk Kersting, bureau chef (Associated Press-WW II), dies at 88
  • Jul 24 Ben Polak, Dutch physician, communist and resistance fighter, dies at 79
  • Jul 24 Francis Bouygues, French entrepreneur/billionaire, dies at 70
  • Jul 24 Lonnie D'Orsa, film and TV director, dies at 96
  • Jul 25 Vincent Joseph Schaefer, American chemist and meteorologist (cloud seeding), dies at 87
  • Jul 26 Matthew B Ridgway, US Army Chief of Staff (1953-55), dies at 98
  • Jul 29 AJA Quintus Bosz, Indonesian/Suriname lawyer, dies at 78
  • Jul 30 Edward B A M Raczynski, Polish pres-in-exile (1979-86), dies at 97
  • Jul 30 John Castrios, 1st murder in Washington NH in 200 years, killed at 45
  • Jul 31 Baudouin, king of Belgium (1951-93), dies at 62 from heart problems
  • Jul 31 Elmar Klos, director (Obzalovany, Obchod na Korze), dies at 83
  • Jul 31 Paul Henry, US Republicans Congressional leader, dies at 51
  • Jul 31 George Keyt, Sri Lankan painter, dies at 92
  • Jul 31 Baudouin I, King of Belgium (1951-93), dies at 62
  • Aug 1 Alfred Manessier, French painter (glass-in-lead), dies in car crash at 81
  • Aug 1 Anatoli Koretski, Russian major general, murdered
  • Aug 1 Lea Verschuuren-Smulders, Dut author (Kleutertje Luister), dies at 72
  • Aug 1 Viktor Polyanitshko, governor of Kaukasus, murdered
  • Aug 6 Milt Thompson, American astronaut (Dynasoar, X-15), NASA test pilot and chief-engineer, dies at 67
  • Aug 7 Kelly Ahrendt, 1st NYer to die of rabies in 40 years, dies at 14
  • Aug 8 Lou van Raised, impresario, dies at 77
  • Aug 8 Lou van Rees, Dutch impresario, dies at 77
  • Aug 9 Mohamed M Tabet, commissar of Casablanca, raped 518, executed at 54
  • Aug 15 Robert W Kempner, German officer of justice in Prussia, dies at 93
  • Aug 16 Irene Sharaff, US costume designer (Cleopatra, Can-can), dies at 83
  • Aug 16 Joseph Towers, US pilot, dies
  • Aug 17 Max de Metz, Dutch publisher and translator, dies at 72
  • Aug 17 Robert C Maynard, American journalist (Oakland Tribune), dies at 56
  • Aug 17 Feng Kang, Chinese mathematician (b. 1920)
  • Aug 18 Alf Bold, German festival programmer, dies of AIDS at 47
  • Aug 19 Lucinda Ballard, US costume designer/wife of Howard Dietz, dies at 90
  • Aug 20 Bernard Delfgaauw, philosopher (Johnson murderer!), dies at 80
  • Aug 22 Kasdi Merbah, Prime Minister of Algeria (1988-89), assassinated
  • Aug 23 Victorine Hefting, historian/wife of Bert Baker, dies at 88
  • Aug 25 Amy Biehl, US activist in South-Africa, murdered at 26
  • Aug 28 William Stafford, American poet (b. 1914)
  • Aug 29 Henry J "Harry" Smeets, dealer of Volkskrant, dies at 56
  • Sep 1 Gerben Wagenaar, Dutch resistance fighter and communist, dies at 80
  • Sep 1 Hew Lorimer, British sculptor, dies at 86
  • Sep 1 Jacqueline Wijchers, film publicist (Havenloods, Sextant), dies at 89
  • Sep 2 John [Eoin] Higgins, Northern Ireland supreme court justice (1984-93), dies at 66
  • Sep 4 Mehmet Sincar, Turkish/Kurd MP, murdered
  • Sep 5 John Truscott, Australian set designer (Camelot), dies at 57
  • Sep 6 Josephine Rich Corday, vaudevillian, dies of kidney failure at 79
  • Sep 8 Hall Bartlett, American director (Jonathan Livingston Seagull), dies at 70
  • Sep 8 Zaki Naguib Mahmoud, Egyptian philosopher/author/diplomat, dies at 88
  • Sep 10 Stuart Rose, British designer (British Post Office), dies at 81
  • Sep 11 Antoine Izmery, Haitian businessman/advisor to pres Aristide, murdered
  • Sep 15 Herman Meyer, Germanist (Deutsche Dichtung), dies at 82
  • Sep 16 Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Australian Aboriginal political activist and writer (We Are Going), dies at 72
  • Sep 16 Johanna Zandstra-Giezen, Dutch supercentenarian (oldest person in Netherland), dies at 111 years and 9 days
  • Sep 17 Christian Nyby, American director (Big Sleep, Thing), dies at 80
  • Sep 20 Erich Hartmann, German WW II pilot (downed 352 Russian aircraft), dies at 71
  • Sep 22 Margaret MacDonald, maid to Queen Elizabeth, dies at 89
  • Sep 24 Bruno Pontecorvo, Italian nuclear physicist, dies at 80
  • Sep 26 James Boyden, British Labour MP (1959-79), dies at 82
  • Sep 27 Andrei Solovyiov, Russian photographer, dies in battle at 38

Person of interestJimmy Doolittle

Sep 27 James Doolittle, US air force general (Tokyo 1942), dies at 96

Aviation Pioneer Jimmy Doolittle
Aviation Pioneer
Jimmy Doolittle
  • Sep 28 Gustavo Brillembourg, Venez/US advocate, dies in an accident at 35
  • Sep 28 Peter De Vries, cartoonist (New Yorker), dies at 83
  • Sep 28 Alexander A. Drabik, American soldier (b. 1910)
  • Sep 29 Ghuslam Wyne, premier of Lahore Pakistan, murdered at 60
  • Sep 29 Gordon Douglas, director (Call Me Mr Tibbs, Our Gang), dies at 85
  • Sep 30 Alex Lyon, English Labor Lower house leader (1966-83), dies at 61
  • Sep 30 Paul Nowee, Dutch writer of children's and youth books. (Arendsoog.. premiejager), dies at 57
  • Oct 2 Henry Ringling North, circus owner (Ringling Bros Circus), dies at 83
  • Oct 3 Johan Scheps, Dutch politician (Social Democratic), dies at 93
  • Oct 3 Sgt. First Class Randy Shughart, American soldier and Medal of Honor recipient, dies at 35
  • Oct 3 Master Sgt. Gary Gordon, Medal of Honor recipient, dies at 33
  • Oct 4 Fran Carlon, dies of cancer at 80
  • Oct 5 Karl G Henize, astronaut (STS 51-F), dies of heart failure at 66
  • Oct 6 Larry Walters, American "lawn chair" pilot, committed suicide at 44
  • Oct 10 Djillali Belkhenchir, Algerian doctor, murdered at 52
  • Oct 10 Owen Saunders, English mathematician and mechanical engineer, dies at 89
  • Oct 14 Guy Malary, Haitian lawyer/minister of Justice, murdered at 50
  • Oct 14 Mustafa Abada, Algerian TV director, murdered
  • Oct 16 John Bowles, president (Rexall Drugs), dies at 76
  • Oct 17 Frank J Del Giudice, US industrial designer (Boeing 747), dies at 77
  • Oct 17 Helmut Gollwitzer, German theologist/antifascist, dies at 84