July 31, 1994 in History

Day of the Week: Sunday

Events in History

  • 102.7°F (39.3°C) in Pleschen, East-Germany
  • Arcen Limburg averages 71.6°F (22.0°C) in July: record
  • Netherlands' warmest July since 1783 - average 21.4°C
  • Phil Rizzuto (Yanks) & Steve Carlton (Phils) enter the Hall of Fame
  • Sergei Bubka ploe vaults his 35th world record (6.14 m)
  • Stockholm averages 21.5°C; the warmest July since 1855
  • UN votes 12-0 (2 abstentions) to authorize use of force against Haiti

Deaths in History

  • Caitlin Thomas, dies
  • G de Ru, chairman of Dutch Reformed Synode, dies
  • Pieter C Buitendijk, co-founder (Free Netherlands), dies at 92