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July 1995 in History

Events in History

  • Jul 1 Kiersten Rickenbach, of NJ, crowned America's Junior Miss
  • Jul 2 Thailand: Banharn Silpa-Archa's party wins election
  • Jul 6 Venezuelan Congress approves the country's first investment law allowing for foreign participation in oil exploration and production
  • Jul 7 Memphis Mad Dogs 1st CFL home game (vs BC Lions)
  • Jul 7 Space shuttle STS-71 (Atlantis 14), lands
  • Jul 8 1st CFL game between 2 US teams, Las Vegas Posse vs Sacramento Gold
  • Jul 9 US international postage rates rise to 60 cents per ounce

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 9 Former South African President F. W. de Klerk is implicated of knowing and condoning a 'dirty tricks' campaign that was waged against the ANC between 1990 and the 1994 election in a bid to destabilise the organisation

South African President F. W. de Klerk
South African President
F. W. de Klerk
  • Jul 11 7,000 Bosnian Muslim men are massacred when Bosnian Serbs overrun the UN 'safe haven' of Srebrenica

Music releaseAlbum Release

Jul 12 Enrique Iglesias releases his first album, "Enrique Iglesias"

King of Latin Pop Enrique Iglesias
King of Latin Pop
Enrique Iglesias
  • Jul 13 Space shuttle STS-70 (Discovery 20), launches
  • Jul 15 Northern Virginia begins using new area code 540

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jul 17 Forbes Magazine announces Bill Gates is the richest man in world with a net worth of $12.9 billion dollars

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates
Microsoft Founder
Bill Gates
  • Jul 18 DC3 crashes at Antananarivo, Madagascar, 34 die

Book releaseHistoric Publication

Jul 18 "Dreams from My Father", a memoir by Barack Obama is published by Times Books

44th US President Barack Obama
44th US President
Barack Obama
  • Jul 20 The Regents of the University of California vote to end all affirmative action in the UC system by 1997.
  • Jul 22 Space shuttle STS-70 (Discovery 20), lands
  • Jul 22 Susan Smith found guilty of drowning her two children in South Carolina
  • Jul 23 Comet Hale-Bopp is discovered and becomes visible to the naked eye nearly a year later
  • Jul 25 A gas bottle explodes in Saint Michel station of line B of the RER (Paris regional train network). Eight are killed and 80 wounded.
  • Jul 27 Korean War Veterans Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C.
  • Jul 28 Art Modell's rep begins secrets talks to move team to Baltimore
  • Jul 28 Norwegian Finance Minister Sigbjorn Johnsen says that Norway should not lower its crude oil production in an attempt to boost world oil prices

Weddings in History

  • Jul 1 Crown Prince of Greece and the oldest son of the deposed King Constantine of Greece, Pavlos (28) weds Robert W. Miller's daughter Marie-Chantal Miller (26) at London's Cathedral of Saint Sophia
  • Jul 1 Princess Stephanie of Monaco (30) weds her bodyguard Daniel Ducruet (31) in a civil ceremony in Monaco

Deaths in History

  • Jul 1 Ronald Farrow, radio producer and priest, dies at 49
  • Jul 1 Wolfman Jack [Robert Weston Smith], American disk jockey (Midnight Special), dies from a heart attack at 57
  • Jul 2 George Seldes, American investigative journalist, dies at 104
  • Jul 2 Gervase Jackson-Stops, British architectural adviser to the National Trust, dies at 48
  • Jul 3 Bert Hardy, English photographer (Picture Post), dies at 82
  • Jul 3 Gil Wolman, French artist, dies at 65
  • Jul 4 Jacques Berque, French Islamic scholar, dies at 85
  • Jul 5 Adrienne Keith Cohen, travel editor, dies at 69
  • Jul 6 Aziz Nesin, Turkish writer, dies at 79
  • Jul 6 Helene Johnson, American Harlem Renaissance poet, dies at 87
  • Jul 7 Gabor Ormai, viola Player, dies at 40
  • Jul 7 Geoffrey Freeman Allen, railway writer, dies at 73
  • Jul 8 Elizabeth Adams, madam, dies at 65
  • Jul 9 Jacques Molicard, translator and navigator, dies at 62
  • Jul 9 James Cameron Tudor, politician, dies at 66
  • Jul 9 John Eric Tieman, production Manager (The Guardian), dies at 67
  • Jul 9 Fenton Morley, British parish priest who chaired the Church of England Morley Commission, dies at 83
  • Jul 10 Hugh Dundas, fighter pilot/businessman, dies at 74
  • Jul 11 John Cruickshank, French scholar, dies at 70
  • Jul 13 Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, Danish toy manufacturer (Lego Group)
  • Jul 14 Michael Naylor, English insurance broker (Endsleigh Insurance), dies at 59
  • Jul 16 Eleanore "May" Sarton, Belgian-American writer (Land of Silence), dies at 83
  • Jul 16 Mordechai Gur, Israeli general, commits suicide at 65
  • Jul 16 Peter Francis de Sautoy, publisher, dies at 83
  • Jul 16 Stephen Spender, English poet and critic (Vienna, Edge of Darkness), dies at 86
  • Jul 17 Joe Hutton, Northumbrian piper and shepherd, dies at 71
  • Jul 19 Michael Andrews, painter, dies at 66
  • Jul 20 Helmut Gernsheim, German photographer, collector and historian, dies at 82
  • Jul 20 Ernest Mandel, Belgian philosopher and economist (Marxist), dies at 72
  • Jul 21 Elleston Trevor, author, dies
  • Jul 23 Bob Rundick, poet/DJ, dies at 52
  • Jul 24 Don Richard Carpenter, novelist, dies at 64
  • Jul 25 Janice Elliott, English novelist, dies at 63
  • Jul 26 George Romney, politician, dead Heart attack, dies at 88
  • Jul 26 Raymond Mailloux, Quebec politician (b. 1918)
  • Jul 27 Charles Hugh Shirley, publisher, dies at 56
  • Jul 30 Charles James Dunn, japanese scholar, dies at 80
  • Jul 30 Harry Shorto, British philologist and linguist (A Dictionary of the Mon Inscriptions), dies at 75