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September 1995 in History

Events in History

  • Sep 1 Infinity Radio agrees to voluntarily pay $1.7 million to US Treasury
  • Sep 1 New York reinstates the death penalty
  • Sep 1 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum opens in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Sep 2 Southern California begins using new area code 562
  • Sep 3 Soyuz TM-22, launched into orbit
  • Sep 3 eBay (Electronic Bay) founded by Pierre Omidyar
  • Sep 4 The Fourth World Conference on Women opens in Beijing with over 4,750 delegates from 181 countries in attendance.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 6 Senate Ethics committee votes 6-0 to ask for expulsion of Bob Packwood

US Senator Bob Packwood
US Senator
Bob Packwood
  • Sep 7 STS 69 (Endeavour 9), launches into orbit
  • Sep 7 Sen Bob Packwoord (R-Ore) resigns rather than face expulsion
  • Sep 9 "Broadway Limited" last train ride (began in 1902)
  • Sep 9 Dean St Station in Brooklyn, is 6th MTA station to close since 1904
  • Sep 11 Eastern Tennessee begins using new area code 423
  • Sep 11 Soyuz TM-22, lands
  • Sep 12 Belarus military shoots down a hydrogen balloon, killing its two American pilots.
  • Sep 13 The Kuwaiti Oil Ministry states its intention to seek a 200-million-barrels-per-day increase to its current 2-million-barrels-per-day crude oil production quota at OPEC meeting in Vienna
  • Sep 14 Body Worlds opens in Tokyo, Japan
  • Sep 16 20th Toronto International Film Festival: "Antonia's Line" directed by Marleen Gorris wins the People's Choice Award
  • Sep 18 Art Modell 1st meets (he claims) with Balt to move Browns
  • Sep 18 Space shuttle STS-69 (Endeavour 9), lands
  • Sep 19 Andres Galarraga is 4th to hit 30 HRs for Rockies in 1995
  • Sep 19 The Washington Post and The New York Times publish the Unabomber's manifesto
  • Sep 21 The Hindu milk miracle occurs: statues of the Hindu God Ganesh begin drinking milk when spoonfuls were placed near their mouths
  • Sep 22 E-3B AWACS crash outside of Elmendorf AFB, Alaska after multiple bird strikes to two of the four engines soon after takeoff; all 24 on board killed
  • Sep 24 Volcano Mount Ruapehu (North Island, NZ) erupts

Book releaseHistoric Publication

Sep 26 "George" magazine premieres, published by John F. Kennedy Jr

Publisher and Lawyer John F. Kennedy Jr.
Publisher and Lawyer
John F. Kennedy Jr.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Sep 28 Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat sign accord to transfer West Bank to the PLO

Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat
Palestinian Leader
Yasser Arafat
5th Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin
5th Prime Minister of Israel
Yitzhak Rabin
  • Sep 28 Bob Denard and a group of mercenaries take the islands of Comoros in a coup.
  • Sep 29 Indians break 1902 Pirates record for largest lead over 2nd-place team (KC) (27½ games)
  • Sep 29 Saleem Elahi scores century on ODI debut, Pakistan v Sri Lanka
  • Sep 29 US space probe Ulyssus completes 2nd passage behind Sun
  • Sep 30 Cleveland Indian Albert Belle hits his 50th home run of season

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

Sep 16 Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (53) weds nurse Elaine Mason

Physicist Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking

Deaths in History

  • Sep 1 Elizabeth Brown, minister healer and writer, dies at 32
  • Sep 1 Ernest Marke, Sierra Leonean seaman and club owner, dies at 93
  • Sep 3 Earle Birney, Canadian poet and novelist who twice won the Governor General's Award, dies at 91
  • Sep 3 Donald Cuthbert Coleman, British economic historian, dies at 75
  • Sep 3 Mary Adshead, muralist/painter, dies at 91
  • Sep 3 Roye England, creator and founder President of the Pendon Museum of Miniature Landscape and Transport, dies at 88
  • Sep 4 Edmond Jouhaud, French general, dies at 90
  • Sep 4 William Moses Kunstler, UCLA attorney (Chicago 7), dies at 78
  • Sep 5 Francis Showering, English brewer, dies at 83
  • Sep 5 John Britten, New Zealand motorcycle designer, dies at 45
  • Sep 6 Italo Valenti, Italian sculptor, dies at 83
  • Sep 7 Gordon DeMarco, writer/activist, dies at 51
  • Sep 8 Eileen Zhang Ailing Chang, writer, dies at 73
  • Sep 8 Olga Ivinskaya, mistress of Boris Pasternak, dies of cancer at 83
  • Sep 8 Safa Khulusi, Iraqi writer and historian, dies at 78
  • Sep 8 Halldis Moren Vesaas, Norwegian author and poet (Harp and Dagger), dies at 87
  • Sep 9 Jamie Whitten, American politician (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Mississippi), dies at 85
  • Sep 10 Derek Meddings, special Effects technician, dies at 64
  • Sep 11 Jerome Theisen, American Abbot Primate of the Benedictine order of monks, dies of a heart attack at 64
  • Sep 11 Anita Harding, neurologist (b. 1952)
  • Sep 12 Geoffrey Stokes, rock & roll writer, dies at 55
  • Sep 12 John Stuart-Jervis, balloonist, dies
  • Sep 13 Francesco Messina, Italian sculptor, dies at 94
  • Sep 13 Walter Goetz, illustrator cartoonist/painter, dies at 83
  • Sep 14 Maurice K. Goddard, American state government official (b. 1912)
  • Sep 15 Marguerite Fawdry, museum curator, dies at 83
  • Sep 15 Michio Watanabe, politician, dies at 72
  • Sep 15 Sam McCluskie, trade unionist, dies at 63
  • Sep 16 Michael Balfour, historian, dies at 86
  • Sep 17 Yehuda Meir Getz, rabbi/soldier/religious leader, dies at 71
  • Sep 18 Donald Davie, English poet and critic, dies at 73
  • Sep 18 Doreen Cannon, teacher of acting (London), dies at 64
  • Sep 19 Walter Shlomo Gross, journalist, dies at 83
  • Sep 19 Yevgeni Nikolayevich Khludeyev, Russian cosmonaut, dies at 55

Person of interestOrville Redenbacher

Sep 19 Orville Redenbacher, American popcorn magnate (Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn), drowns in bathtub at 88

Businessman Orville Redenbacher
Orville Redenbacher
  • Sep 19 Rudolf Peierls, German-British physicist (atomic bomb), dies at 88
  • Sep 20 Monica Maurice, industrialist and Managing Director and Chairman of the Wolf Safety Lamp Company, Sheffield, dies at 87
  • Sep 21 John Lapsley, British air marshal, dies at 78
  • Sep 21 William Murray, British teacher and educationalist, dies at 83
  • Sep 21 Rudy Perpich, American politician, 34th & 36th Governor of Minnesota, dies at 67
  • Sep 22 Albert Goodwin, English historian, dies at 89
  • Sep 22 Arthur Benfield, head of Cheshire CID, dies at 82
  • Sep 23 Odut Joseph Olutola Oluola Oguntala, soho club owner, dies at 74
  • Sep 25 Bessie [Annie Elizabeth] Delany, American dentist and civil rights pioneer, dies at 104
  • Sep 27 Alison "Night Bird" Steele, DJ (WNEW-FM, WXRK-FM), dies of cancer
  • Sep 28 Lynette Roberts, British poet, dies at 86
  • Sep 28 Olive Gibbs, peace campaigner, dies at 77
  • Sep 29 Francis Frederick Johnson, architect, dies at 84
  • Sep 29 George Chesterman Phillips, British naval officer, dies at 90
  • Sep 29 Karl Anton Martin Gerhard Gerd Bucerius, publisher, dies at 89
  • Sep 29 Madalyn Murray O'Hair, American atheist who opposed prayer in school, murdered at 76 along with her son Jon by David Waters
  • Sep 30 Frederick Archibald Warner, British diplomat, dies at 77