December 1996 in History

Events in History

  • Dec 4 NASA's 1st Mars rover launched from Cape Canaveral
  • Dec 5 Players union approves new collective bargaining agreement
  • Dec 6 Mashonaland defeat England in first-class tour match
  • Dec 7 Space Shuttle STS 80 (Columbia 21), lands
  • Dec 10 Rwandan Genocide: Maurice Baril military advisor to the UN Secretary-General and head of the UN Military Division of the Department of Peacekeeping Operations recommends the UN multi-national forces in Zaire stand down
  • Dec 12 Assassination attempt on Uday (Iraqi's heir to Sadam Hussain)

Election of Interest

Dec 13 Kofi Annan is elected Secretary-General of the United Nations

  • Dec 18 During a press conference, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Maleki states that Iran supports the free flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz, but reserves the option of closing off the shipping route if it is threatened
  • Dec 18 The Oakland, California school board passes a resolution officially declaring "Ebonics" a language or dialect.
  • Dec 18 US TV industry execs agree to adopt a ratings system
  • Dec 20 First part of the new building for the National Library of France inaugurated in Paris, designed by Dominique Perrault [1]
  • Dec 21 Pakistan all out 67 to lose to Tasmania by an inning

Event of Interest

Dec 21 Taiwanese-American AIDS researcher David Ho is named Time Magazine's Man of the Year

  • Dec 23 Four women ordained priests in Jamaica, 1st in 330-year Anglican history
  • Dec 25 1,500 year anniversary of Catholicism in France commemorating the baptism of Clovis I in Rheims
  • Dec 26 Start of the largest strike in South Korean history.
  • Dec 26 The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification goes into force
  • Dec 27 Carquest Bowl 7: Miami beats Virginia, 31-21
  • Dec 27 Taliban forces retake the strategic Bagram air base which solidifies their buffer zone around Kabul.

Event of Interest

Dec 30 Proposed budget cuts by Benjamin Netanyahu spark protests from 250,000 workers who shut down services across Israel.

  • Dec 30 United Nations announces that a total of 21 contracts have been approved for the limited Iraqi oil sales under Resolution 986

Birthdays in History

  • Dec 19 Paige Speakman, British preemie baby, born 19 days before her twin sister in Swindon, Wiltshire, England

Weddings in History

  • Dec 7 Former Tennessee Republican Senator Howard Baker (71) weds retired Kansas GOP Senator Nancy Kassebaum (64) in Washington, D.C.

Deaths in History

  • Dec 1 Babrak Karmal, Afghan politician (General Secretary 1979-86), dies at 67
  • Dec 3 Babrak Karmal, Prime Minister of Afghanistan (1980-81), dies
  • Dec 3 Det Glynn, teacher/anti-apartheid activist, dies at 84
  • Dec 3 George Duby, French medieval historian (The Three Orders: Feudal Society Imagined), dies at 77
  • Dec 4 Basil Nield, British judge and politician (Conservative Party), dies at 83
  • Dec 6 Bryan Clieve Roberts, English lawyer and colonial administrator (instrumental in Malawi transition to independence), dies at 83
  • Dec 7 Eugene Izzi, mystery writer, hangs himself at 43
  • Dec 7 Jose Donoso, Chilean writer (The Place Without Limits), dies at 72
  • Dec 8 Marin Sorescu, Romanian poet, playwright and artist (Iona, House under surveillance), dies of a heart attack at 60
  • Dec 9 Alain Poher, French politician and President of the European Parliament (1966-69), dies at 87
  • Dec 9 Anne Bolt, photo-journalist and trade unionist, dies at 84
  • Dec 9 Heinrich Schmidt-Barrien, German author (Moorkeerl), dies at 94
  • Dec 9 Ivor Roberts-Jones, British sculptor (known for sculpted heads of Yehudi Menuhin and George Thomas), dies at 83
  • Dec 9 Mary Leakey, British archaeologist and anthropologist, discovered earliest human footprints (3.6 million years old), dies at 83
  • Dec 9 Raphael Samuel, British Marxist historian, dies at 61
  • Dec 11 Herbert Sally Frankel, South African born economist, dies at 93
  • Dec 11 Robert Bromston Thesiger Daniell, English soldier, dies at 95
  • Dec 11 W. G. G. Duncan-Smith, British WWII fighter pilot, dies at 82
  • Dec 12 Gerald Ian Lacey, architect/town planner, dies at 70
  • Dec 12 Jack Perry, English businessman and the 1st Western business person to visit Communist China, dies at 81
  • Dec 12 Jean-Pierre Guerlain, French cosmetics pioneer, dies at 91
  • Dec 12 Vance Packard, American journalist and writer (The Hidden Persuaders), dies at 82
  • Dec 13 Cao Yu, Chinese dramatist (Peking Man), dies at 86
  • Dec 13 Charles Edwin Molnar, computer pioneer, dies at 61
  • Dec 15 Gerald Moverley, first Bishop of the Diocese of Hallam in Yorkshire, dies at 74
  • Dec 15 Guiseppe Dossetti, Italian politician (drafted Italian constitution) and priest, dies at 83
  • Dec 15 Harry Kemelman, American detective author (rabbi-omnibus), dies at 88
  • Dec 16 Jean-Pierre Levy, French resistance leader during WWII, dies at 85
  • Dec 16 Joe Coral [Joseph Kagarlitski], British bookmaker (Gala Coral Group), dies at 92
  • Dec 16 Laurens Jan van der Post, South African writer, explorer and conservationist, dies at 90
  • Dec 16 Quentin Bell, artist author/teacher, dies at 86
  • Dec 17 Elizabeth Hill, Russian-English teacher of Salvonic languages, dies at 96
  • Dec 17 Stanko Todorov, Bulgarian communist politician, Prime Minister of Bulgaria (1971-81), dies at 76
  • Dec 19 Yuli Borisovich Khariton, Russian physicist and "chief nuclear weapon designer" for the Soviet Union, dies at 92
  • Dec 20 Amata Kabua, President of Marshall Islands (1979-96), dies

Carl SaganCarl Sagan (1934-1996)

Dec 20 American scientist, astronomer and author (Broca's Brain, Cosmos, Contact) known for his research on extraterrestrial life, dies of pneumonia after suffering from myelodysplasia at 62

  • Dec 20 Roger Peacock, English writer (Thursday is missing, dies at 76
  • Dec 21 Barry Gray [Bernard Yaroslaw], American radio personality and interviewer (started call-in radio), dies at 80
  • Dec 21 Margaret E Rey, author of children's books, dies at 90
  • Dec 21 Olga Maria Nicolis di Robilant, Portuguese patron of the arts, dies at 96
  • Dec 22 Hetta Empson, South African-British artist, dies at 81
  • Dec 24 Edward Leadbitter, politician, dies at 77
  • Dec 24 Nguyen Huu Tho, President of Vietnam (1980-81), dies
  • Dec 24 Peter Dormer, arts writer, dies at 47
  • Dec 25 Rupert John, gov-gen of Grenadines (1970-76), dies
  • Dec 29 Alma Birk, journalist/politician, dies at 77
  • Dec 29 Daniel Mayer, French journalist and resistance fighter, dies at 87
  • Dec 29 Oswald SzemerĂ©nyi, Hungarian linguist, dies at 83
  • Dec 29 Peggy (Margaret McCrorie) Herbison, politician, dies at 89
  • Dec 29 Pennar Davies, Welsh poet, author and theologian, dies at 85
  • Dec 29 Robert Morris, American lawyer, dies at 81
  • Dec 30 Robert Grant Ferris, British politician, dies at 89
  • Dec 31 61 law enforcement officers, killed by felons in US this year
  • Dec 31 Ann Susan Hills, freelance journalist, dies at 55
  • Dec 31 Michael Roberts, English historian ("The Military Revolution: 1560-1660"), dies at 88
  • Dec 31 Philip Manson-Bahr, English zoologist and specialist in tropical medicine, dies at 85