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1997 in History (Part 2)

Events in History

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  • Apr 15 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Charlotte NC on WXRC 95.7 FM
  • Apr 15 Fire sweeps through a campsite of Muslims making the Hajj pilgrimage; the official death toll is 343.
  • Apr 16 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Minneapolis/St Paul on WRQC 100.3 FM
  • Apr 17 John Bell aged 115 receives a new pacemaker
  • Apr 19 Renee Slaughter crowned 14th Miss Hawaiian Tropic Intl
  • Apr 20 27th Easter Seal Telethon raises $47,392,682
  • Apr 21 Ashes of Timothy Leary & Gene Roddenberry launched into orbit
  • Apr 21 I. K. Gujral sworn in as Prime Minister of India
  • Apr 22 Haouch Khemisti massacre in Algeria - 93 villagers killed.
  • Apr 22 The Japanese embassy hostage crisis ends in Lima, Peru.
  • Apr 23 Omaria massacre in Algeria: 42 villagers are killed.
  • Apr 27 Frank Nobilo wins Greater Greensboro Chrysler Classic at Forest Oaks
  • Apr 29 Chemical Weapons Convention of 1993 comes into force, outlaws production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons among its signatories
  • Apr 30 Big Ben stops at 12:11 PM for 54 minutes
  • Apr 30 President Clinton's daughter Chelsea chooses to attend Stanford College
  • Apr 30 Tajik Prest Imomali Rakhmonov wounded in assassination attempt

  • Apr 30 Tino Martinez hits record 34 RBIs in April
  • May 1 Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in San Diego CA on KIOZ 105.3 FM

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

May 1 Tony Blair elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Tony Blair
British Prime Minister
Tony Blair
  • May 1 Tasmania becomes the last state in Australia to decriminalize homosexuality
  • May 2 Mercury Mail announces its 1 millionth internet subscriber
  • May 2 Republic of Texas security chief Robert Scheidt surrenders
  • May 5 Iridium-1 Delta 2 Launch, Successful
  • May 6 Army Staff Sgt Delmar Simpson gets 25-year sentence for rape
  • May 6 The Bank of England is given independence from political control, the most significant change in the bank's 300-year history
  • May 7 Expos scores 13 in 6th at Giants
  • May 7 Galileo, 4th Ganymede Flyby (Orbit 8)
  • May 9 1st US ambassador since Saigon fell arrives in Vietnam
  • May 12 14 North Koreans defect to South Korea
  • May 12 Russia & Chechnya sign peace deal after 400 years of conflict
  • May 12 Australian Susie Maroney becomes first to swim from Cuba to Florida
  • May 12 Tornado narrowly misses downtown Miami
  • May 15 STS 84 (Atlantis 19), launches, 6th Shuttle-Mir Mission
  • May 16 St Louis Cards Gary Gaetti records his 2,000th hits
  • May 16 A final agreement creating the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) is signed by project participants, inc. Russia, Kazakhstan, Chevron Corp and others
  • May 17 WIBC Bowling Queens won by Sandra Jo Shiery-Odom

  • May 17 Troops loyal to Laurent Kabila march into Kinshasa.
  • May 20 Cosmos Zenit-2 Launch (Russia), Failed
  • May 20 Thor-2A Delta 2 Launch (Norway/USA), Successful

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 20 US President Clinton signs an executive order barring new US investment in Burma (also known as Myanmar), effective May 21 and renewable annually

42nd US President Bill Clinton
42nd US President
Bill Clinton
  • May 22 Kelly Flinn, US Air Force's first female bomber pilot certified for combat, accepts a general discharge in order to avoid a court martial
  • May 22 "Closer" play by Patrick Marber starring Clive Owen, opens at the Royal National Theatre in London
  • May 24 STS 84 (Atlantis 19), lands
  • May 24 Telstar-5 Proton Launch, Successful
  • May 25 A military coup in Sierra Leone replaces President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah with Major Johnny Paul Koromah.
  • May 27 1st all female (20 British women) team reach the North Pole
  • May 27 Judge finds Pamela Lee not guilty of breaking a contract
  • May 27 Marv Albert pleads innocent to charges of sexual assault

AgreementTreaty of Interest

May 27 Russian President Boris Yeltsin signs a historic treaty with NATO

Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Russian President
Boris Yeltsin
  • May 28 Linda Finch completes Amelia Earhart attempted around-the-world flight
  • May 28 Tornado in Jarrell, Texas kills at least 28
  • May 28 Wallace Berg, 42, is 4th American to scale Mt Everest for 3rd time
  • May 29 70th National Spelling Bee: Rebecca Sealfon wins spelling euonym
  • May 29 Jesse Timmedequas found guilty of rape and murder of Megan Kanka, 7
  • May 29 Span scientists announce new human species in 780,000 year old fossil

Event of interestEvent of Interest

May 30 Betty Shabazz, widow of Malcolm X, set on fire by 12-year old grandson

Civil Rights Activist Betty Shabazz
Civil Rights Activist
Betty Shabazz
  • May 31 The Confederation Bridge opens, linking Prince Edward Island with mainland New Brunswick
  • Jun 1 10th Children's Miracle Network Telethon raises $5,400,186
  • Jun 1 51st Tony Awards: Titanic & Last Night of Ballyhoo win
  • Jun 1 After a huge 7-month buildup, Donovan Bailey of Canada beats American superstar Michael Johnson in 150m race in Toronto; disappointingly, Johnson pulls up at 110m mark with quadriceps injury
  • Jun 1 Hugo Banzer wins the Presidential elections in Bolivia.
  • Jun 2 Liberals beat Conservatives in France

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 2 Timothy McVeigh found guilty of 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168

Oklahoma City Bomber and Terrorist Timothy McVeigh
Oklahoma City Bomber and Terrorist
Timothy McVeigh
  • Jun 4 UN Security renews its "oilforfood" initiative whereby Iraq may sell $2 billion worth of oil to buy food, medicine and other necessities to alleviate civilian suffering under the sanctions imposed when it invaded Kuwait in 1990
  • Jun 7 Cosmos 2344 Proton-K Launch (Russia), Failed
  • Jun 9 British lease on the New Territories in Hong Kong expires
  • Jun 10 Feng Yun-2B Long March 3 Launch (China), Successful

Event of interestEvent of Interest

Jun 10 Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot orders the killing of his defense chief Son Sen and 11 of Sen's family members before Pol Pot flees his northern stronghold

Dictator and Revolutionary Pol Pot
Dictator and Revolutionary
Pol Pot

Notable FireworksGlobe Theatre Fire

Jun 12 Shakespeare's Globe theatre opens in London, England, replica of original Globe theatre (1599-1642) with performance of Henry V, after campaign by Sam Wanamaker

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Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on fire
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on fire
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  • Jun 13 Jurors in Oklahoma City bombing trial sentence Timothy McVeigh to death
  • Jun 13 American fugitive Ira Einhorn is arrested in France for the murder of Holly Maddux after 16 years on the run, though he would not return for another four years
  • Jun 16 The Dairat Labguer massacre in Algeria; 50 people are killed
  • Jun 20 Negotiators announce agreement in principle with tobacco industry
  • Jun 23 Dow Jones drops 192.25 pts
  • Jun 23 In the Central African Republic, soldiers fire on foreign peacekeepers in the third major rebellion since May
  • Jun 24 Melissa Drexler, 18, charged with killing her baby during her prom
  • Jun 24 USAF reports Roswell 'space aliens' were dummies
  • Jun 25 Christies auctions off Princess Di's clothing for $5.5 million
  • Jun 25 Galileo, 2nd Callisto Flyby (Orbit 9)
  • Jun 25 Intelsat 802 Ariane 4 Launch, Successful
  • Jun 25 Progress M-34 Collides with and damages Mir Space Station

Book releaseHistoric Publication

Jun 25 Danielle Steel’s romantic novel “Special Delivery” is published

Novelist Danielle Steel
Danielle Steel
  • Jun 26 Galileo, Ganymede Observations (Orbit 9)
  • Jun 26 The U.S. Supreme Court upholds doctor-assisted suicide ban
  • Jun 26 U.S. Supreme Court strikes down the Communications Decency Act, inconsistent with the 1st Amendment

Book releaseHistoric Publication

Jun 26 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, 1st book in J. K. Rowling's best-selling series, is published

Novelist J. K. Rowling
J. K. Rowling
  • Jun 28 TV evangelist Robert Schuller attacks a flight attendant
  • Jun 29 Progress M-35 Soyuz Launch (Russia)
  • Jun 29 Tyrenda Williams, 18, of Alabama, crowned 40th America's Junior Miss
  • Jun 30 Leap Second to synchronize atomic clocks
  • Jul 1 STS 94 (Columbia 23) launches into orbit
  • Jul 1 United Kingdom returns Hong Kong and the New Territories to the People's Republic of China
  • Jul 3 Mississippi becomes 1st state to settle tobacco suit
  • Jul 4 US space probe Pathfinder lands on Ares Vallis Mars
  • Jul 7 Tower, Minnesota temperature dips to 24°F
  • Jul 8 NATO invites Poland, Hungary & Czech Republic to join
  • Jul 10 Louise Woodward's trial begins in Massachusetts Nanny murder trial
  • Jul 10 RJR Nabisco announces it will replace Joe Camel in new ads
  • Jul 10 Spain, Partido Popular member Miguel Ángel Blanco is kidnapped in the Basque city of Ermua by ETA members, sparking widespread protests
  • Jul 13 Indonesian ferry sinks, killing at least 77

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Deaths in History

Deaths 101 - 200 of 330

  • Mar 14 Jurek Becker, Polish-born German writer (Jacob the Liar), dies at 59
  • Mar 14 Lucy Kroll, American talent agent, dies at 87
  • Mar 15 Victor Vasarely, Hungarian-French painter and author (Op Art), dies at 90
  • Mar 19 Willem De Kooning, Dutch artist (Abstract), dies of Alzheimer at 92
  • Mar 20 Carlo Fassi, figure skating coach (Fleming, Hamill), dies at 67
  • Mar 20 Grace Hefner, mother of Hugh Hefner (Playboy), dies at 101
  • Mar 21 Wilbert Awdry, English Anglican cleric and children's writer, creator of Thomas the Tank Engine, dies at 85
  • Mar 24 Martin Caidin, American aviation writer, dies at 69
  • Mar 25 Roberto Sanchez Vilella, governor of Puerto Rico in (1965-69), dies
  • Mar 26 Marshall Applewhite, American cult leader (Heaven's Gate), dies leading a mass suicide at 65
  • Mar 31 Edwin Alberian, TV celebrity (Clarabell), dies at 76
  • Mar 31 Laxmishankar Pathak, food retailer, dies at 62
  • Apr 1 Jolie Gabor, mother of Zsa Zsa & Eva, dies at 97
  • Apr 1 Nancy Woodhull, news editor (USA Today), dies of cancer at 52
  • Apr 1 Norman Carr, British conservationist working in Central and Southern Africa, dies at 84
  • Apr 4 Vladimir Solouchin, Russian writer, dies at 72

Person of interestAllen Ginsberg

Apr 5 Allen Ginsberg, American beat poet (Howl, The Fall of America) and 1960s counterculture icon, dies of liver cancer via complications of hepatitis at 70

Beat Poet Allen Ginsberg
Beat Poet
Allen Ginsberg
  • Apr 5 Alparslan Turkes, Turkish politician (MHP), dies
  • Apr 6 Stephan Hermlin, German writer, dies at 81
  • Apr 7 Georgy Shonin, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 6), dies of a heart attack at 61
  • Apr 8 Charles Hayes, American politician (Rep-D-IL, 1983-93), dies at 79
  • Apr 9 Helene Hanff, author (84 Charing Cross Road), dies at 80
  • Apr 11 Michael Dorris, writer, commits suicide at 52

Person of interestGeorge Wald

Apr 12 George Wald, American physiologist and biologist (Nobel Prize 1967, vitamin A in retina), dies at 90

Scientist George Wald
George Wald
  • Apr 13 Dorothy Frooks, American author & military figure, dies at 101
  • Apr 15 Sam Moskowitz, American writer & historian of science fiction, dies at 76
  • Apr 15 Zdenek Mlynar, Czech politician (secretary of the Czechoslovak communist party, 1968–70), dies at 66
  • Apr 16 Emilio Azcarraga Milmo, American Mexican media tycoon (Televisa), dies at 66
  • Apr 16 Roland Topor, French illustrator (b. 1938)
  • Apr 16 Doris Angleton, American socialite, murdered at 46
  • Apr 17 Chaim Herzog, 6th President of Israel (1983-93), dies at 78
  • Apr 17 Allan Francovich, American documentarian
  • Apr 18 Edward Barker, English cartoonist, dies at 46
  • Apr 21 Andres Rodriguez, Paraguayan president (1989-93), dies
  • Apr 21 Diosdado Macapagal, President of the Philippines (1961-65), dies at 86

Person of interestEugene Stoner

Apr 24 Eugene Stoner, American firearms designer and inventor of the M16, dies of cancer at 74

Inventor Eugene Stoner
Eugene Stoner
  • Apr 26 Peng Zhen, mayor of Beijing China (1951-66), dies at 94
  • Apr 28 Susan Seddon Boulet, American artist, dies of cancer at 45
  • Apr 28 Ann Lane Petry, American journalist & author (Street), dies at 88
  • Apr 29 Mike Royko, American journalist (Chicago Daily News) and author (Boss), dies of stroke at 64
  • Apr 29 Peter Tali Coleman, Governor of American Samoa (1956-61, 78-85, 89-93), dies at 77
  • May 1 Bebe, AKA Flipper, dolphin, dies at 40
  • May 2 Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator and philosopher, dies at 75
  • May 2 Queen Mother Moore, African-American civil rights activist and humanitarian, dies at 98
  • May 4 Vijayananda Dahanayake, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (1959-60), dies
  • May 8 Kai-Uwe Von Hassel, German President of Bundestag (CDU 1969-72), dies
  • May 10 Joan [Joanie] Weston, American roller derby queen (Bay Bombers), dies at 61
  • May 13 Laurie Lee, English poet and author (I Can't Stay Long), dies at 82
  • May 14 Harry Blackstone, Jr., American stage magician (Blackstone Book of Magic & Illusion), dies of cancer at 62
  • May 14 Princess Caradja-Kretzulesco, descendant of Dracula, dies at 76
  • May 16 Elbridge Durbrow, American diplomat (b. 1903)
  • May 19 Millie, dog of US President George H. W. Bush (Millie's Book), dies at 12
  • May 20 Virgilio Boat, president of Colombia (1986-90), dies
  • May 22 A. D. Hershey, American biologist, worked with bacteriophages (Nobel 1969), dies at 88
  • May 25 Muhammad Fadhel, Prime Minister of Iraq (1953-54), dies
  • May 26 Manfred Von Ardenne, German scientific pioneer, dies at 90
  • May 29 John Sengstacke, publisher (Defender), dies at 84
  • May 31 Rosie Will Monroe, WW II icon (Rosie the riveter), dies at 76
  • May 31 James Bennett Griffin, American archaeologist, dies at 92
  • May 31 Anton Zischka, Austrian writer (Lebendiges Europa), dies at 92
  • Jun 1 Nikolai Tikhonov, Soviet politician (Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union 1980-85), dies at 92
  • Jun 4 Kurt Alfred Adler, therapist/writer, dies at 92
  • Jun 5 J Anthony Lukas, writer (Pulitizer, Common Ground), suicide at 64
  • Jun 8 George Turner, Australian author (b. 1916)
  • Jun 9 Stanley Knowles, Canadian politician (b. 1908)
  • Jun 11 Thalassa Cruso, English-American gardening expert (The Mike Douglas Show, The Tonight Show), dies of Alzheimer's at 88
  • Jun 14 Henry C Gordon, USAF/astronaut (Dynasoar), dies at 71
  • Jun 14 Tesslynn O'Cull, American child abuse victim (b. 1995)
  • Jun 16 Dal Stivens, Australian author (b. 1911)
  • Jun 18 Lev Kopelev, Russian writer and dissident (b. 1912)
  • Jun 21 Fidel Velázquez Sánchez, Mexican labour leader (b. 1900)
  • Jun 23 "Wino" Willie Forkner, American biker (Wild One), dies of heart attack at 77

Person of interestBetty Shabazz

Jun 23 Betty Shabazz, American educator and civil rights activist who was the widow of Malcolm X, dies from burns suffered in a fire started by her young grandson at 63

Civil Rights Activist Betty Shabazz
Civil Rights Activist
Betty Shabazz
  • Jun 24 Jacques Van der Schueren, Belgian minister of Economic Affairs, dies at 75

Person of interestJacques Cousteau

Jun 25 Jacques Cousteau, French oceanographer, dies of heart attack at 87

Oceanographer, Explorer and Scientist Jacques Cousteau
Oceanographer, Explorer and Scientist
Jacques Cousteau
  • Jun 25 William Lyle Woratzeck, convicted killer, executed in Ariz at 51
  • Jun 30 Albus Dumbledore [Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore], fictional character, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, dies at 115
  • Jul 1 Joshua Hassan, first Chief Minister of Gibraltar (1964-69, 72-87), dies at 81
  • Jul 4 Amado Carrillo Fuentes, Mexican drug lord (Juárez Cartel), dies at 40
  • Jul 13 Miguel Ángel Blanco, Spanish politician (b. 1968)

MurderGianni Versace

Jul 15 Gianni Versace, Italian fashion designer (Versace), shot and murdered by Andrew Cunanan at 50

Fashion Designer Gianni Versace
Fashion Designer
Gianni Versace
  • Jul 16 Dora Maar, French photographer, painter and poet, lover of Picasso, dies at 89
  • Jul 18 Eugene M. Shoemaker, American planetary scientist and geologist (Shoemaker-Levy comet), dies at 69
  • Jul 24 Andrew Cunanan, serial killer (Gianni Versage), commits suicide
  • Jul 24 Saw Maung, general/president of Myanmar (Burma) (1988-92), dies
  • Jul 24 William J. Brennan, Jr. American Supreme Court judge (1956-90), dies at 91
  • Jul 25 Margaret Farrer, midwife, dies at 83
  • Jul 28 Seni Pramoj, Prime Minister of Thailand (1945-46, 75, 76), dies

Person of interestBảo Đại

Jul 30 Bảo Đại, last Emperor of Vietnam (1926-45) and Chief of State of South Vietnam (1949-55), dies at 85

Emperor of Vietnam Bảo Đại
Emperor of Vietnam
Bảo Đại
  • Jul 31 Edith Fore, pitchwoman (I've fallen and I can't get up!), dies at 81
  • Jul 31 Ulrich Ernst Simon, German-Jewish Anglican theologian, dies at 63
  • Aug 1 Ngiratkel Etpison, president of Palau (1989-92), dies

Person of interestWilliam S. Burroughs

Aug 2 William S. Burroughs, American writer (Naked Lunch, The Nova Trilogy) and visual artist, dies of a heart attack at 83

Writer and Artist William S. Burroughs
Writer and Artist
William S. Burroughs
  • Aug 3 Pietro Rizzuto, Canadian politician (b. 1934)
  • Aug 4 Jeanne Calment, world's oldest person (born Feb 21, 1875), dies at 122 years, 164 days
  • Aug 5 Don Steele, LA radio personality (KRTH), dies of cancer at 61
  • Aug 5 Clarence M. Kelley, American 2nd Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1973-77), dies at 85
  • Aug 7 Douglas Gray, Scottish record and film producer, dies at 74
  • Aug 7 Vincent Gulliver, Britain's oldest man, dies at 109
  • Aug 20 Norris Bradbury, American physicist (b. 1909)