On This Day

March 2005 in History

Events in History

  • Mar 3 Mayerthorpe Incident: James Roszko murders four Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables during a drug bust in Rochfort Bridge, Alberta, then commits suicide. Deadliest peace-time incident for the RCMP since 1885 North-West Rebellion.
  • Mar 3 Steve Fossett becomes the first person to fly an airplane around the world solo without any stops without refueling - a journey of 40,234 km/25,000 mi completed in 67 hours and 2 minutes.
  • Mar 4 The car of released Italian hostage Giuliana Sgrena is fired on by US soldiers in Iraq, causing the death of an Italian Secret Service Agent and injuring two passengers.
  • Mar 4 United Nations warns that about 90 million Africans could be infected by HIV in the future without further action against the spread of the disease.
  • Mar 5 The Burkinabé Party for Democracy and Socialism holds its first National Convention.
  • Mar 7 Mass protest outside the National Assembly of Kuwait building for women's voting rights in Kuwait.
  • Mar 12 Tung Chee Hwa, the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong, steps down from his post after his resignation is approved by the Chinese central government.
  • Mar 13 Terry Ratzmann shoots and kills six members of the Living Church of God and the minister at Sheraton Inn in Brookfield, Wisconsin before killing himself.
  • Mar 14 Cedar Revolution, where over a million Lebanese march in the streets of Beirut to demonstrate against the Syrian military presence in Lebanon, and against the government, following the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.
  • Mar 16 Israel officially hands over Jericho to Palestinian control.
  • Mar 18 Terri Schiavo's feeding tube is removed at the request of her husband
  • Mar 20 A magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits Fukuoka, Japan, its first major quake in over 100 years. One person is killed, hundreds are injured and evacuated.
  • Mar 23 The United States 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, in a 2-1 decision, refuses to order the reinsertion of Terri Schiavo's feeding tube
  • Mar 23 A major explosion at the Texas City Refinery kills 15 workers
  • Mar 26 The Taiwanese government calls on 1 million Taiwanese to demonstrate in Taipei, in opposition to the Anti-Secession Law of the People's Republic of China. Around 200,000 to 300,000 attend the walk.
  • Mar 28 The 2005 Sumatran earthquake rocks Indonesia, and at magnitude 8.7 is the second strongest earthquake since 1960.

Deaths in History

  • Mar 1 Peter Malkin Israeli secret agent, dies at 77
  • Mar 2 Hermann Dörnemann, German supercentarian, dies at 111
  • Mar 3 Max M. Fisher, American philanthropist (b. 1928)
  • Mar 4 Nicola Calipari, Italian secret service agent (b. 1953)
  • Mar 4 Yuriy Kravchenko, Ukrainian statesman (b. 1951)
  • Mar 4 Carlos Sherman, Uruguayan-born writer (b. 1934)
  • Mar 6 Tommy Vance, British radio disc jockey (b. 1943)
  • Mar 6 Hans Bethe, German-American quantum physicist (Nobel 1967), dies at 98
  • Mar 8 Aslan Maskhadov, Chechen leader (b. 1951)
  • Mar 8 César Lattes, Brazilian physicist (b. 1924)
  • Mar 9 Kurt Lotz, German business executive and second postwar CEO of Volkswagen, dies at 92
  • Mar 9 Jeanette Schmid, Austrian transsexual professional whistler, dies at 80
  • Mar 12 Bill Cameron, Canadian journalist (b. 1943)
  • Mar 15 Bob Bellear, Australian judge (b. 1944)
  • Mar 15 Shoji Nishio, Japanese martial artist (b. 1927)
  • Mar 16 Ralph Erskine, British architect (Byker Wall) (b. 1914)
  • Mar 16 Allan Hendrickse, South African politician (b. 1927)
  • Mar 16 William Lehman, American politician, dies at 91
  • Mar 17 George F. Kennan, American Cold War strategist and historian (b. 1904)
  • Mar 17 Andre Norton, American writer (b. 1912)
  • Mar 19 John De Lorean, American automobile engineer (b. 1925)
  • Mar 22 Kenzo Tange, Japanese architect (b. 1913)
British Prime Minister James Callaghan
British Prime Minister
James Callaghan
  • Mar 26 Gérard Filion, Quebec businessman and journalist (b. 1909)
  • Mar 27 Wilfred Bigelow, Canadian heart surgeon (b. 1913)
  • Mar 29 Johnnie Cochran, American attorney (O.J. Simpson defense attorney), dies at 67
  • Mar 29 Miltos Sahtouris, Greek poet (b. 1919)
  • Mar 29 Howell Heflin, American politician (Sen-D-Alabama, 1979-97), dies at 83
  • Mar 30 Robert Creeley, American poet (b. 1926)
  • Mar 30 Fred Korematsu, American civil rights activist (b. 1919)
  • Mar 30 O. V. Vijayan, Indian author and cartoonist (b. 1930)
  • Mar 31 Stanley J. Korsmeyer, American oncologist (b. 1951)
  • Mar 31 Frank Perdue, American poultry farmer (b. 1920)
  • Mar 31 Terri Schiavo, American figure in right to die case (b. 1963)
  • Mar 31 Justiniano Montano, Filipino politician, dies at 99