June 2011 in History

Events in History

  • Jun 13 Christchurch, New Zealand is hit by another strong earthquake measuring magnitude 6.3
  • Jun 20 Betty Dukes v. Walmart class action lawsuit on alleged employee gender discrimination in pay and promotion policies is decided in a 5-4 decision, ruling that the class should not be certified in its current form

Event of Interest

Jun 22 After hiding for 16 years, Boston gangster Whitey Bulger is arrested outside an apartment in Santa Monica, California

Appointment of Interest

Jun 24 Italian economist Mario Draghi is confirmed as new President of the European Central Bank

Election of Interest

Jun 28 Christine Lagarde becomes the 1st women to be elected head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Weddings in History

Lily Allen

Jun 11 Recording artist Lily Allen (26) weds Sam Cooper (32) at St. James The Great church in Gloucestershire, England

Deaths in History

Jack KevorkianJack Kevorkian (1928-2011)

Jun 3 American pathologist and right-to-die activist, dies of a thrombosis at 83

  • Jun 4 Claudio Bravo Camus, Chilean born painter, dies at 74
  • Jun 4 Juan Francisco Luis, U.S. Virgin Islander governor (b. 1940)
  • Jun 6 Shrek the sheep, New Zealand sheep that held world record for biggest shorn fleece, dies at 16
  • Jun 7 Jorge Semprún, Spanish-French writer (2nd mort de R Mercader, Z), dies at 87
  • Jun 9 M. F. Husain, Indian artist and painter, dies at 95
  • Jun 10 Brian Lenihan, Jnr, Irish politician and minister dies of cancer at 52
  • Jun 10 Jeanne Bice, American entrepreneur (Quacker Factory clothes), dies of cancer at 71
  • Jun 10 Patrick Leigh Fermor, English soldier and travel writer (A Time of Gifts), dies at 96
  • Jun 12 Kati-Claudia Fofonoff, Skolt Sámi poet and writer, dies at 63
  • Jun 15 Bill Haast, American Herpetologist (b. 1910)
  • Jun 18 Frederick Chiluba, 2nd President of Zambia (1991-2001), dies at 68

Yelena BonnerYelena Bonner (1923-2011)

Jun 18 Soviet dissident and wife of Andre Sakharov, dies of heart failure at 88 [1]

  • Jun 21 Robert Kroetsch, Canadian author (b. 1927)
  • Jun 22 Harley Hotchkiss, Canadian businessman (b. 1927)
  • Jun 27 Gisèle Rabesahala, Malagasy politician (1st female minister) and human righter activist, dies at 82
  • Jun 29 R. C. Alston, British bibliographer, dies at 78
  • Jun 30 David Loram, British vice-admiral (Supreme Allied Commander), dies at 86