Year 640 AD in History

Events in History

  • May 28 Severinus begins his reign as Catholic Pope (elected in 638)
  • Jun 6 Arab Muslim army sent by Caliph Omar begins siege of Heliopolis, city succumbs mid to late July, paving way for Muslim conquest of Byzantine Egypt
  • Dec 24 John IV begins his reign as Catholic Pope

Historical Figures Who Died in 640 AD

  • Mar 2 Bilal ibn Rabah, Arabic companion of prophet Muhammad, first mu'azzin in history, (b. 580)
  • Jul 18 Arnulf, bishop of Metz (614-640)/politician, dies at about 58
  • Aug 2 Severinus, Italian Pope (640), dies
  • Nov 27 Saint Acharius of Noyon, French bishop of Noyon–Tournai, dies of natural causes