On This Day in History for April 2

Events in History

  • 999 Gerbert of Aurillac elected as 1st French Pope
  • 1416 Alfonso V succeeds his father as King of Aragon
  • 1453 Turkish forces under Sultan Mehmed II begin the siege of Constantinople (İstanbul), which falls May 29
  • 1513 Explorer Juan Ponce de León claims Florida for Spain as the first known European to reach Florida
  • 1550 Jewish physician Joseph Hacohen expelled from city of Genoa, all Jews soon after
  • 1559 England & France sign 1st Treaty of Le Cateau-Cambrésis
  • 1590 States-General appoints earl Mauritius, viceroy of Utrecht
  • 1595 Cornelis de Houtman's ships depart Holland for Asia via the Cape of Good Hope on the 1st Dutch Expedition to the East Indies (Indonesia)
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Weddings in History

  • 1836 English novelist and social critic Charles Dickens (24) marries Catherine Thomson Hogarth (20)
  • 1925 Lawyer Hans Frank (24) weds secretary Brigitte Herbst (29) in Munich, Germany
  • 1939 Author Jacqueline Susann (20) weds Irving Mansfield at Har Zion Temple in Philadelphia

Divorces in History

  • 1984 Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (64) divorces Margaret Sinclair (35) due to irreconcilable differences, after 13 years of marriage

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