On This Day in History for April 7

Events in History

  • 30 Scholars' estimate for Jesus' crucifixion by Roman troops in Jerusalem [or April 3]
  • 451 Attila the Hun plunders Metz in Northeastern France
  • 529 First draft of Corpus Juris Civilis (fundamental work in jurisprudence) issued by Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I
  • 1118 Pope Gelasius II excommunicated by Henry V, Holy Roman Emperor, forcing him to flee Rome and rule in exile
  • 1348 Prague University, first university in central Europe, formed by Charles IV
  • 1456 Louis van Burbon becomes prince-bishop of Luik
  • 1498 Crowd storms Savonarola's convent San Marco Florence, Italy
  • 1509 France declares war on Venice
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Weddings in History

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