On This Day in History for August 21 (Part 2)

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  • 1986 Volcanic eruption in Cameroon releases poison gas, killing 2,000
  • 1987 "Mack Lobell" set harness racing's trotting mil (1:52)
  • 1987 Clayton Lonetree, 1st US marine court-martialed for spying, convicted
  • 1987 Silke Horneer swims female world record 100m breaststroke (1:07.91)
  • 1989 Voyager 2 begins a flyby of planet Neptune

BattleCoup d'├ętat

1991 Conservative coup in the Soviet Union is crushed by popular resistance led by Boris Yeltsin in three days

Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Russian President
Boris Yeltsin
  • 1991 Latvia declares its independence from USSR
  • 1993 NASA loses contact with Mars Observer
  • 1994 -23] Typhoon Fred ravages Chinese county Zhejiang, 700+ killed
  • 1994 Ernesto Zedillo wins Mexican presidential election
  • 1994 Royal Air Maroc ATR-42 crash down at Agadir, 44 killed
  • 1994 The last French troops pull out of Rwanda, ending their highly controversial mission there
  • 1995 US marshals move in on Randy Weaver's cabin in Idaho
  • 1995 Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 529 crashes near Carrollton, Georgia, killing 9 crew and passengers
  • 1996 Netscape Browser 3.0 is released
  • 1996 In Venezuela, a subsidiary of state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela (PdVSA), Corpoven, signs a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with U.S.-based ARCO
  • 1997 Typhoon Winnie kills 140, injures 3,000 in East China
  • 1997 US government forces closure of Hudson Foods due to E Coli break out
  • 1998 P.W. Botha found guilty of contempt for repeatedly ignoring subpoenas to testify before South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  • 2001 NATO decides to send a peace-keeping force to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
  • 2001 The Red Cross announces that a famine is striking Tajikistan, and calls for international financial aid for Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
  • 2001 "How You Remind Me" single released by Nickelback (Billboard Song of the Year 2002)
  • 2007 Hurricane Dean makes its first landfall in Costa Maya, Mexico with winds at 165 mph. Dean is the first storm since Hurricane Andrew to make landfall as a Category 5.


2012 Kateri Tekakwitha canonized as the 1st Native American saint by Pope Benedict XVI

265th Pope  Benedict XVI
265th Pope
Benedict XVI
  • 2012 20 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo die from the Ebola virus
  • 2013 37 people are killed and 16 are injured in a bus crash near Chin Swee Temple, Malaysia
  • 2013 21 people are killed in flash floods in Qinghai province, China
  • 2014 Israeli airstrike in Rafah kills Mohammed Abu Shammala, Raed al Atar and Mohammed Barhoum - 3 of Hamas's top commanders
  • 2015 Terrorist attack on train between Amsterdam and Paris thwarted by 4 passengers overpowering gunman
  • 2015 Oldest "message in a bottle" - more than 108 years after put in sea by UK Marine Biological Association announced found on beach in Amrum, Germany
  • 2015 1st British unmanned drone hit on UK citizen outside a conflict - ISIS fighter Reyaad Khan in Raqqa, Syria
  • 2015 European Refugee Crisis: Germany makes it easier for Syrian refugees to claim asylum by suspending their Dublin Regulations
  • 2017 Total solar eclipse visible from North America
  • 2017 London's parliament clock Big Ben chimes for the last time before a four-year restoration process for its tower starts
  • 2017 Destroyer USS John S McCain collides with an oil tanker near Singapore leaving 10 missing and 5 injured
  • 2017 Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $417m to woman who developed ovarian cancer after using their talc-based products
  • 2017 Chile's constitutional court approves bill to ease country's total abortion ban

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