On This Day in History for August 4

Events in History

  • 1181 Supernova SN 1181 in the constellation Cassiopeia observed by Chinese and Japanese astronomers, lasting until August 6
  • 1265 Battle of Evesham: English prince Edward beats Simon de Montfort the younger
  • 1347 English troops conquer Fort Calais
  • 1351 Sea battle at Zwartewaal: Willem V beats Hoeksen and English
  • 1558 1st printing of Zohar (Jewish Kabbalah)
  • 1578 Battle of The Three Kings [Battle of Alcazar quivir): Moroccans defeat a Moroccan-Portuguese alliance in northern Morocco with 10,000 killed
  • 1598 London's head office of Hanze closed
  • 1636 Johan Mauritius appointed governor of Dutch Brazil
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Weddings in History

  • 1757 American revolution patriot Paul Revere (22) weds Sarah Orne in Bridgewater, Massachusetts
  • 1847 Author of Moby-Dick, American novelist Herman Melville (28) marries Elizabeth Shaw, daughter of Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
  • 1853 Confederate general Thomas Jackson (29) weds Elinor Junkin in Lexington

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