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On This Day in History for December 11

Events in History

  • 359 Honoratus, first known Prefect of the City of Constantinople, takes office.
  • 384 St Damasus I dies and ends his reign as Catholic Pope. Began reign 366
  • 1282 Llywelyn ab Gruffydd/Llywelyn the Last, last native Prince of Wales is killed at Cilmeri, near Builth Wells, south Wales. Reigned from 1259.
  • 1395 John "Eleanor" Rykener, a male cross-dressing prostitute, is brought to court in London for "committing that detestable unmentionable and ignominious vice" in late medieval England's only recorded case on same-sex intercourse (verdict unknown)
  • 1419 Heretic Nicolaas Serrurier exiled from Florence
  • 1477 Duchess Maria of Burgundy ends the 'Great Privilege' in states of The Netherlands
  • 1572 Spanish troops begin siege of Haarlem
  • 1602 Surprise attack by forces of the Duke of Savoy and his brother-in-law, Philip III of Spain repelled by citizens of Geneva. Commemorated since as Fête de l'Escalade.
  • 1618 The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Tsardom of Russia agree to the Truce of Deulino ending the Polish–Muscovite War (1605–1618)
  • 1620 Mayflower Pilgrims come ashore at in Plymouth Bay, traditionally thought to be at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts [NS, Dec 21]

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1620 Myles Standish and a group of 18 settlers are attacked by 30 Native Americans, which became known as the "First Encounter"

Military Leader of Plymouth Colony Myles Standish
Military Leader of Plymouth Colony
Myles Standish
  • 1665 "Messiah" Sjabtai Tswi festival in Smyrna
  • 1688 King James II captured in Kent.
  • 1710 Battle of Villa Viciosa (France beat Habsburgers)
  • 1719 1st recorded display of Aurora Borealis in north American colonies (New England)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1730 Voltaire's "Brutus" premieres in Paris

Enlightenment Philosopher Voltaire
Enlightenment Philosopher

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1792 France's King Louis XVI goes on trial, accused of high treason and crimes against the state

King of France Louis XVI
King of France
Louis XVI
  • 1812 1st newspaper on Curacao (Curacao Gazette & Commercial Advertiser)
  • 1816 Citizens of Geneva thwarted Savoyard invaders
  • 1816 Indiana becomes 19th state of the Union
  • 1844 1st dental use of nitrous oxide, Hartford, Connecticut

BattleBattle of Interest

1862 Battle of Fredricksburg in Virginia begins between Robert E. Lee's Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and the Union Army of the Potomac, commanded by Major General Ambrose Burnside

Confederate General Robert E. Lee
Confederate General
Robert E. Lee
Union General, Politician and Industrialist Ambrose Burnside
Union General, Politician and Industrialist
Ambrose Burnside
  • 1872 Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback takes office as the first African American US Govenor in Louisiana

Declaration of WarAnglo-Zulu War

1878 Anglo-Zulu War: British high commissioner Henry Bartle Frere presents an ultimatum to the Zulu Kingdom to submit to British rule or face war

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Napoleon, Prince Imperial, head of the House of Bonaparte, is killed during the Anglo-Zulu War
Napoleon, Prince Imperial, head of the House of Bonaparte, is killed during the Anglo-Zulu War
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  • 1888 French Panama Canal Company fails
  • 1893 11 fishing ships wash up at Wadden Sea, 22 killed

Marconi's Dream: Telegraphy Without WiresMarconi's Dream: Telegraphy Without Wires

1896 Chief Electrical Engineer of the British Post Office, William Preece, gives a public lecture in London called "Telegraphy without Wires", praising the work of 22 year old Guglielmo Marconi

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Marconi with his telegraphic box of tricks
Marconi with his telegraphic box of tricks
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  • 1902 The US signs a treaty with Cuba allowing for a 20 percent reduction of tariff rates on imported Cuban products
  • 1903 British forces under MacDonald & Younghusband march into Tibet
  • 1905 120°F (49°C), Rivadavia, Argentina (South American record)
  • 1905 British government of Campbell-Bannerman forms
  • 1905 A workers uprising occurs, establishing the Shuliavka Republic in Kiev.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1906 US President Theodore Roosevelt attacks abuses in the Congo

26th US President Theodore Roosevelt
26th US President
Theodore Roosevelt
  • 1907 New Zealand Parliament Buildings almost completely destroyed by fire
  • 1908 Frederick Delius' "In a Summer Garden" premieres in London
  • 1909 Canadian Football exhibition game played in Van Cortlandt Park in Bronx, Hamilton Tigers beat Ottawa Rough Riders, 11-6 before 15,000
  • 1913 "Mona Lisa" recovered 2 years after it was stolen from the Louvre Museum
  • 1914 Stockton Street Tunnel (San Francisco) completed

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1916 David Lloyd George forms British war government

British Prime Minister David Lloyd George
British Prime Minister
David Lloyd George
  • 1917 13 black soldiers hanged for participation in Houston riot
  • 1917 German-occupied Lithuania proclaims independence from Russia
  • 1919 Boll weevil monument dedicated in Enterprise, Alabama

BeatificationCatholic Encyclical

1925 Pope Pius XI publishes encyclical Quas Primas

259th Pope Pius XI
259th Pope
Pius XI

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1928 Buenos Aires police thwart an attempt on President-elect Herbert Hoover

31st US President Herbert Hoover
31st US President
Herbert Hoover
  • 1930 Bank of the United States closes in New York City
  • 1931 Japan leaves the Gold Standard
  • 1931 Statute of Westminster gives complete legislative independence to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland (Free State), and Newfoundland (not then part of Canada)
  • 1932 San Francisco's coldest day (27°F) - it snows
  • 1934 1935 All-Star Game is assigned to Cleveland

King Abdicates for Love of Wallis SimpsonKing Abdicates for Love of Wallis Simpson

1936 Edward VIII announces in a radio broadcast that he is abdicating the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson

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Caught off-guard: the Windsors hear a sad dog tale. Photographer: Richard Avedon. National Portrait Gallery, London
Caught off-guard: the Windsors hear a sad dog tale. Photographer: Richard Avedon. National Portrait Gallery, London
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  • 1937 Italy withdraws from League of Nations

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1940 Russian general Georgy Zhukov warns of German assault

Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov
Marshal of the Soviet Union
Georgy Zhukov
  • 1941 Dutch government in London declares war on Italy
  • 1941 Germany & Italy declare war on USA
  • 1941 Japanese attack Wake Island (only failed WW II-landing)
  • 1941 Japanese occupy Guam
  • 1942 Australian Dutch guerrilla troops evacuated to Timor near Australia
  • 1944 Surprise attack on House of Keeping Axe, 29 prisoners freed
  • 1945 Het Parool publishes 1st Captain Rob-strip
  • 1946 Spain suspended from UN
  • 1946 UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) established (Nobel 1965)
  • 1950 Baseball owners vote 9-7 not to renew Commissioner Chandler's contract

Nobel prizeNobel Prize

1950 British Physicist Cecil Frank Powell awarded Nobel Prize in Physics for his study of nuclear processes and the discovery of the pion

Physicist and Nobel Laureate Cecil Frank Powell
Physicist and Nobel Laureate
Cecil Frank Powell
  • 1954 USS Forrestal christened in Newport News, Va
  • 1956 Anti-Russian demonstrations in Stettin & Wroclaw, Poland
  • 1958 4th (last) Dutch government of Drees falls
  • 1958 Archibald MacLeish's "JB" premieres in NYC
  • 1958 Upper Volta (now Bourkina Faso) gains autonomy from France

Book releaseHistoric Publication

1959 Emilio G. Segrè publishes his discovery of the antiproton, a sub-atomic antiparticle for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1959

Physicist and Nobel Laureate Emilio G. Segrè
Physicist and Nobel Laureate
Emilio G. Segrè
  • 1960 Black Sunday - Riot in Algiers, 114 die
  • 1960 Cleveland's Bernie Parrish sets club record for longest interception return with a 92 yard run
  • 1961 "Please, Mr. Postman" by Marvelettes released

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1961 JFK provides US military helicopters & crews to South Vietnam

35th US President John F. Kennedy
35th US President
John F. Kennedy

United Nations <b>Speech</b>United Nations Speech

1964 Che Guevara speaks at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City. An unknown terrorist fires a mortar shell at the building during the speech.

Argentine Revolutionary Che Guevara
Argentine Revolutionary
Che Guevara

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1964 "Time" magazine calls Susan Sontag "one of Manhattan's brightest intellectuals" in a review of her groundbreaking essay "Notes on Camp"

Author Susan Sontag
Susan Sontag
  • 1967 6.5 earthquake in West India, 170 killed
  • 1967 People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) established
  • 1967 Supersonic airliner prototype "Concorde" 1st shown (France)
  • 1968 US Soccer Football Association refuses to let NASL disband

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1968 Northern Ireland Prime Minister Terence O'Neill sacks Home Affairs Minister, William Craig

Northern Ireland Prime Minister Terence O'Neill
Northern Ireland Prime Minister
Terence O'Neill
  • 1969 Libya adopts constitution
  • 1970 Start of the 1st Test match at the WACA, v England
  • 1971 The Libertarian Party of the United States is formed
  • 1971 A bomb explodes outside a furniture showroom on the mainly-Protestant and loyalist Shankill Road, Belfast; four civilians (including two babies) were killed and nineteen wounded
  • 1972 American Astronauts Eugene Cernan & Harrison 'Jack" Schmitt, a become 11th & 12th people on the Moon
  • 1973 Houston Astro Caesar Cedino jailed in death of 19 year old woman

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1973 West German chancellor Willy Brandt normalizes trade with Czechoslovakia

Chancellor of West Germany Willy Brandt
Chancellor of West Germany
Willy Brandt
  • 1975 US 1st class postage rises from 10 cents to 13 cents
  • 1977 Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams, leaders of the group 'Peace People' (an organisation dedicated to encouraging a peaceful resolution of 'the Troubles' in Northern Ireland) receive the Nobel Peace Prize
  • 1978 6 masked men bound 10 employees at Lufthansa cargo area at NYC Kennedy Airport & made off with $5.8m in cash & jewelry
  • 1980 Dirk Wellham scores 100 on 1st-class debut, NSW v Victoria
  • 1980 The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (known as either CERCLA or Superfund) is enacted by the U.S. Congress.
  • 1981 Argentine President General Roberto Viola flees
  • 1981 Spacelab I arrives at Kennedy Space Center
  • 1981 UN Security Council chooses Javier Pérez de Cuélla of Peru as the 5th Secretary-General of the United Nations
  • 1981 El Mozote massacre: Salvadoran armed forces kill an estimated 900 civilians in an anti-guerrilla campaign during the country's civil war.

BeatificationPapal Visit

1983 1st visit to Lutheran church by a pope (John Paul II in Rome)

264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
  • 1984 Mauretania military coup under Col Maawiya Ould Sid'ahmed Taya
  • 1985 Computer store owner in Sacramento California killed by package bomb
  • 1985 Dow Jones closes above 1,500 for 1st time (1,511.70)

Birthdays in History

  • 1465 Ashikaga Yoshihisa, Japanese 9th shōgun of the Ashikaga shogunate, born in Kyoto, Japan (d. 1489)

Person of interestLeo X

1475 Leo X [Giovanni de' Medici], Italian Pope (1513-21), born in Florence, Italy (d. 1521)

Pope Leo X
Leo X
  • 1709 Louise Élisabeth d'Orléans, Queen consort of Spain, born in Palace of Versailles, France (d. 1742)
  • 1712 Francesco Algarotti, Italian art collector and encyclopedist (Viaggio in Russia), born in Venice (d. 1764)

Person of interestGeorge Mason

1725 George Mason, American statesman (Bill of Rights), born in Fairfax County, Colony of Virginia (d. 1792)

American Statesman George Mason
American Statesman
George Mason
  • 1761 Gian Domenico Romagnosi, Italian philosopher and physicist, born in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy (d. 1835)
  • 1781 David Brewster, Scottish physicist and inventor (kaleidoscope), born in Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland (d. 1868)
  • 1783 Max von Schenkendorf, German poet, born in Tilsit, East Prussia (d. 1817)
  • 1797 Hiram Paulding, American Rear Admiral (Union Navy), born in Cortlandt, New York (d. 1878)
  • 1801 Christian Dietrich Grabbe, German dramatist, born in Detmold, Lippe (d. 1836)
  • 1810 Alfred de Musset, French writer (Un Caprice, Bettine), born in Paris, France (d. 1857)
  • 1835 Adolf Stoecker, German conservative politician, and reformer who founded the German Christian Social Party, born in Halberstadt, Germany (d. 1909)
  • 1838 Emil Rathenau, German industrialist (AEG), born in Berlin (d. 1915)
  • 1838 John Labatt, Canadian brewer and businessman (Labatt Brewing Company), born in Westminster Township (d. 1915)
  • 1840 Namık Kemal, Turkish poet and author (Fatherland-1872), born in Tekirdağ, Ottoman Empire (d. 1888)

Person of interestRobert Koch

1843 Robert Koch, German pioneering bacteriologist (TB, cholera, Nobel Prize 1905), born in Clausthal, Hanover (d. 1910)

Microbiologist Robert Koch
Robert Koch
  • 1849 Ellen Key, Swedish author and feminist (Courageous Woman), born in Gladhammar Parish, Västervik Municipality, Sweden (d. 1926)
  • 1856 Georgy Valentinovich Plekhanov, Russian revolutionary theorist, born in Gudalovka, Russia (d. 1918)
  • 1858 Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko, Russian theatre director, born in Ozurgeti, Georgia (d. 1943)

Person of interestAnnie Jump Cannon

1863 Annie Jump Cannon, American stellar spectroscopist (Harvard-classification), born in Dover, Delaware (d. 1941)

Astronomer Annie Jump Cannon
Annie Jump Cannon
  • 1873 Josip Plemelj, Slovenian mathematician, born in Bled, Austria-Hungary (d. 1967)
  • 1882 Fiorello La Guardia, American politician (Mayor-R- 1933-45), born in NYC, New York (d. 1947)
  • 1882 Max Born, German physicist (quantum mechanics, Nobel 1954), born in Breslau, Germany (d. 1970)
  • 1882 Subramania Bharati, Indian poet and independence activist, born in Ettayapuram, Tirunelveli district, British India (d. 1921)
  • 1889 Paul Kornfeld, Czech playwright, born in Prague (d. 1942)

Person of interestWalter Knott

1889 Walter Knott, American farmer who created the Knott's Berry Farm amusement park in California and introduced the boysenberry to America, born in San Bernardino, California (d. 1981)

Farmer and Creator of Knott's Berry Farm Walter Knott
Farmer and Creator of Knott's Berry Farm
Walter Knott
  • 1898 Nils Johan Einar Ferlin, Swedish poet (Barfotabarn), born in Karlstad, Sweden (d. 1961)
  • 1899 Vera von der Heydt, German psychoanalyst, born in Berlin (d. 1996)
  • 1904 Joe Coral [Joseph Kagarlitski], British bookmaker (Gala Coral Group), born in Warsaw, Poland (d. 1996)
  • 1904 Marge, American cartoonist (created Little Lulu), born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (d. 1993)
  • 1905 Eugen Fink, German philosopher, born in Konstanz, German Empire (d. 1975)
  • 1905 Robert Henriques, English writer (100 Hours to Suez) (d. 1967)
  • 1906 Birago Diop, Senegalese writer and ambassador (Leurres et Lueurs), born in Dakar, French West Africa (d. 1989)
  • 1909 Ronald McKie, Australian author (The Mango Tree), born in Toowoomba, Queensland (d. 1991)
  • 1910 Robert Grieve, Scottish civil servant and planner, born in Glasgow (d. 1995)
  • 1911 Naguib Mahfouz, Egyptian novelist (Palace Walk, Sugar Street) and first Arabic writer to win a Nobel Prize (1988), born in Cairo, Egypt (d. 2006)

Person of interestAleksandr Solzhenitsyn

1918 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian writer (Cancer Ward, Nobel 1970), born in Kislovodsk, Russia (d. 2008)

Writer and Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Writer and Nobel Laureate
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  • 1922 Grace Paley, American poet, political activist and teacher (1970 Arts & Letters Award), born in NYC, New York (d. 2007)
  • 1922 Peter Birch, American choreographer (Jane Froman's USA Canteen), born in The Bronx, New York
  • 1925 Paul Greengard, American neuroscientist (Nobel 2000), born in NYC, New York
  • 1927 John Buscema, American comics artist (Conan the Barbarian), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 2002)
  • 1931 Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Indian leader of the Rajneesh movement, born in Kuchwada Village, Raisen district, Bhopal State, British India (d. 1990)
  • 1933 Ernst van Altena, Dutch author and interpreter (Chansons van Earnest), born in Amsterdam (d. 1999)
  • 1933 Aquilino Pimentel, Jr., Filipino politician (23rd President of the Senate of the Philippines), born in Claveria, Misamis Oriental, Philippine Islands
  • 1935 Pranab Mukherjee, Indian politician, 13th President of India (2012-17), born in Mirati, British India (d. 2020)
  • 1935 Ferdinand A. Porsche, German car designer (Porsche 911), born in Stuttgart, Germany (d. 2012)
  • 1936 Hans van den Broek, Dutch politician (Minister of Foreign Affairs), born in Paris
  • 1936 Taku Yamasaki, Japanese politician (Minister of Construction), born in Dalian, Kwantung Leased Territory, China
  • 1937 Adriaan Vlok, South African politician (Minister of Law & Order (1986-91), born in Sutherland, South Africa
  • 1937 Jim Harrison, American poet and novelist (Legends of the Fall), born in Grayling, Michigan (d. 2016)
  • 1939 Thomas McGuane, American writer (Colf Feet, Tom Horn, Missouri Breaks), born in Wyandotte, Michigan
  • 1939 Tom Hayden, American civil rights and antiwar activist and politician (Rep-D-Ca), born in Royal Oak, Michigan (d. 2016)
  • 1941 Max Baucus, American politician (11th United States Ambassador to China), born in Helena, Montana
  • 1942 Derek Parfit, British philosopher who specialized in problems of personal identity, rationality and ethics, born in Chengdu, China (d. 2017)

Person of interestJohn Kerry

1943 John Kerry, US Secretary of State (2013-17) and 2004 presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, born in Aurora, Colorado

US Secretary of State John Kerry
US Secretary of State
John Kerry
  • 1950 Christine Onassis [Andreadis], American-born Greek heiress (Aristotle's daughter), born in NYC, New York
  • 1954 Santiago Creel, Mexican politician (Secretary of the Interior), born in Mexico City
  • 1959 Lisa Gastineau, American reality show star, born in Rockland County, New York
  • 1961 Marco Pierre White, English chef and restaurateur (youngest chef ever to have been awarded three Michelin stars), born in Leeds, England
  • 1964 John Mark Karr, American who claimed involvement in JonBenét Ramsey case
  • 1968 Emmanuelle Charpentier, French scientist, Director of Max Planck Institute (2020 Nobel Prize for Chemistry), born in Juvisy-sur-Orge, France
  • 1972 Dana Macsim, Romanian television news reporter, born in Piatra Neamt, Romania
  • 1981 Paul Medhurst, Australian rules footballer, born in Western Australia, Australia

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

1924 Photographer Alfred Stieglitz (60) marries artist Georgia O'Keeffe (37) in Cliffside Park, New Jersey

Painter and Sculptor Georgia O’Keeffe
Painter and Sculptor
Georgia O’Keeffe
Photographer Alfred Stieglitz
Alfred Stieglitz

LoveWedding of Interest

1993 Canada's PM Stephen Harper (34) weds Laureen Teskey (30)

22nd Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper
22nd Prime Minister of Canada
Stephen Harper

Deaths in History

  • 384 Pope Saint Damasus I, Pope of the Catholic Church, dies
  • 711 Justitianus II, emperor of Byzantium, dies at about 42
  • 1121 Al-Afdal Shahanshah, Caliph of Egypt (b. 1066)
  • 1226 Robert de Ros, English politician (b. 1177)
  • 1282 Michael VIII, Paleologus, Byzantine emperor (1259-82), dies
  • 1524 Henry Van Zutphen, Dutch protestant martyr, burned at stake
  • 1532 Pietro Accolti, Italian Catholic cardinal (b. 1455)
  • 1573 Alardus/Eilard de Waterlant, duke of Alva, hanged
  • 1582 Fernando Alvarez de Toledo, Spanish noble and diplomat (governor of the Netherlands (1567–1573)), dies at about 75
  • 1610 Adam Elsheimer, German painter/cartoonist/etcher, buried at 32
  • 1610 False Dmitry 2, Tsar of Russia, murdered
  • 1686 Louis II Condé, Duke of Bourbon (Rocroy), dies at 65
  • 1694 Ranuccio II Farnese, Duke of Parma, dies at 64

Person of interestCharles XII

1718 Charles XII, King of Sweden (1697-1718), shot in battle invading Norway at Fortress of Fredriksten at 36

King of Sweden Charles XII
King of Sweden
Charles XII
  • 1737 John Strype, English historian and biographer, dies at 94
  • 1747 Edmund Curll, English bookseller (b. ca. 1675)
  • 1748 Ewald G. von Kleist, German lawyer/inventor of condensator, dies at 55
  • 1756 Theodor A. Freiherr von Neuhoff, German adventurer and King of Corsica, dies at 62
  • 1756 Maria Amalia of Austria, Holy Roman Empire Empress as the spouse of Emperor Charles VII, dies at 55
  • 1797 Richard Brocklesby, English physician (b. 1722)
  • 1817 Max von Schenkendorf, German poet, dies at 34
  • 1840 Emperor Kokaku of Japan (b. 1771)
  • 1847 Moritz von Strachwitz, German poet, dies at 25
  • 1872 Kamehameha V, Hawaiian king (b. 1830)
  • 1880 Oliver Winchester, American politician and rifle maker (Winchester Repeating Arms Company), dies at 70
  • 1891 Johan C J van Schagen, Dutch poet/writer (Narrenwijsheid), dies
  • 1892 William Milligan, Scottish theologian (b. 1821)
  • 1899 Andrew Wauchope, British Major-General, dies in Battle of Magersfontein in the Boer war, South Africa. Another British Major, The Marquess of Winchester also killed.
  • 1902 Matthias Hohner, German manufacturer (harmonica), dies at 68
  • 1909 Innokenty Annensky, Russian poet (b. 1855)
  • 1918 Ivan Cankar, Slavic author (Hlapec Jernej), dies at 42
  • 1928 Lewis Howard Latimer, American inventor (carbon filament lightbulb), dies at 80
  • 1930 Friedrich von Bernhardi, German general and military historian (Germany & the Next War), dies at 80
  • 1933 Emile Wauters, Belgian painter (Van der Goes Klooster), dies at 87
  • 1938 Christian Lous Lange, Norwegian pacifist and internationalist (Nobel Peace Prize 1921), dies at 69
  • 1941 John Gillespie Magee, Jr., American poet and aviator (b. 1922)
  • 1941 Charles Émile Picard, French mathematician, died at 85
  • 1942 Franz C. Schmelkes, Czech-born Chemist who discovered azochloramid (chlorazodin), a disinfectant, dies of a heart attack at 43
  • 1942 Jochen Klepper, German writer, commits suicide at 39
  • 1945 Charles Fabry, French physicist, discoverer of ozone layer in upper atmosphere, dies at 78
  • 1950 Leslie Comrie, New Zealand astronomer and computing pioneer, dies at 57
  • 1955 Johan C. Altorf, sculptor (October 3 Monument), dies at 79
  • 1968 Nadine Riga, dies of cerebral hemorrhage at 59
  • 1971 Maurice "Mac" McDonald, American fast-food pioneer (b. 1902)
  • 1972 Semjon I. Kirsanov, Ukrainian poet (Zolushka), dies at 66
  • 1978 Vincent du Vigneaud, American chemist and Nobel laureate (b. 1901)
  • 1979 James J. Gibson, American perceptual psychologist (b. 1904)
  • 1983 Sir Neil Ritchie, British General (b. 1897)
  • 1984 Oskar Seidlin, German-born American scholar (b. 1911)
  • 1987 G. A. Kulkarni, Indian (Marathi) writer (RamalKhuna), dies at 1987
  • 1989 Louise Dahl-Wolfe, American fashion photographer, dies at 94
  • 1990 Fernand J Collin, Belgian economist/banker, dies at 92
  • 1991 Artur Lundkvist, Swedish writer/Prof (Swedish Academy), dies
  • 1991 Daniel Simon Scott, dies of Alzheimer's disease at 71
  • 1993 Ales Gartner, Slavic ski trainer of Norway, dies at 45
  • 1994 Stanislaw Maczek, Polish/British general-major (WWII), dies at 102
  • 1994 Yao Yilin, Vice Prime Minister of China (1979), dies
  • 1994 Philip Phillips, American archaeologist (b. 1900)
  • 1994 Carl Marzani, Italian-born American leftwing political activist, publisher and documentarian, dies at 81
  • 1996 Herbert Sally Frankel, South African born economist, dies at 93
  • 1996 Robert Bromston Thesiger Daniell, English soldier, dies at 95
  • 1996 W. G. G. Duncan-Smith, British WWII fighter pilot, dies at 82
  • 1997 Kenneth WIlliam Gatland, aerospace scientist, dies at 73
  • 1998 André Lichnerowicz, Polish-French physicist (b. 1915)
  • 2000 Shaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah, Pakistani politician, diplomat and author (b. 1915)
  • 2003 Ahmadou Kourouma, Ivorian writer (b. 1927)
  • 2004 Margaret Fay Shaw, American photographer and folklorist known for her work in the Scottish Hebrides, dies at 101
  • 2006 Elizabeth Bolden, American Supercentenarian (oldest verified person in the world at the time of her death), dies at 116
  • 2007 Grace Paley, American poet, political activist and teacher (1970 Arts & Letters Award), dies of breast cancer at 84
  • 2008 Ron Carey, American labor leader (International Brotherhood of Teamsters), dies of lung cancer at 72
  • 2013 Nadir Afonso, Portuguese geometric abstractionist painter, dies at 93
  • 2013 Barbara Branden, Canadian writer, dies from a lung infection at 84
  • 2017 Aline Griffith, American-born Spanish aristocrat, Countess of Romanones, spy and author, dies at 94