On This Day in History for December 19 (Part 2)

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  • 1986 OPEC reaches an accord that would cut production by 7 percent for the first six months of 1987 and would raise prices immediately toward a target world oil price of $18 per barrel
  • 1987 Gari Kasparov becomes world chess champ
  • 1988 NASA unveils plans for lunar colony & manned missions to Mars
  • 1988 Unexploded WW II bomb found in Frankfurt, Germany-5,000 evacuated
  • 1989 American Airlines purchases Eastern Airline's Latin American route
  • 1991 6,000th episode of One Life To Live

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1991 Boris Yeltsin takes control of the Kremlin

Russian President Boris Yeltsin
Russian President
Boris Yeltsin
  • 1994 Rolls-Royce announces its future cars will feature V12 engine which will be produced by BMW

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1998 Lewinsky scandal: The United States House of Representatives forwards articles I and III of impeachment against President Bill Clinton to the Senate.

42nd US President Bill Clinton
42nd US President
Bill Clinton
  • 2000 The Leninist Guerrilla Units wing of the Communist Labour Party of Turkey/Leninist attack a Nationalist Movement Party office in Istanbul, killing one person and injuring three.
  • 2001 A record high barometric pressure of 1085.6 hPa (32.06 inHg) is recorded at Tosontsengel, Khövsgöl Province, Mongolia.
  • 2001 Argentine economic crisis: December 2001 riots - Riots erupt in Buenos Aires after Domingo Cavallo's corralito measures restrict the withdrawal of cash from bank deposits.
  • 2007 The Lakotah people, a Native American tribe, proclaim independence and withdraw all their treaties with the United States. Establish the Republic of Lakotah, as a separate country.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2008 Chanda Kochhar is named as the successor of K. V. Kamath to the post of CEO and Managing Director of ICICI Bank

Businesswoman and CEO of ICICI Bank Chanda Kochhar
Businesswoman and CEO of ICICI Bank
Chanda Kochhar
  • 2012 UBS bank is fined $1.5 billion for its role in manipulating the Libor rate
  • 2012 Park Geun-hye wins the South Korean presidential election to become the nation’s first female president
  • 2013 81 people are injured after part of the ceiling caved in at London's Apollo Theatre
  • 2014 The Guardian newspaper calls 2014 'The year the people stood up'
  • 2016 At least 48 people die after drinking bath lotion in Irkutsk, Siberia, thinking it contained alcohol
  • 2016 Russian ambassador to Turkey shot dead at an art gallery in Ankara by Turkish gunman
  • 2016 Truck driven into a Christmas market in Berlin kills 12, injures 48

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

2016 US electoral collage votes 304 to 227 to nominate Donald Trump for President over the objections of seven faithless electors

45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality Donald Trump
45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality
Donald Trump

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