On This Day in History for December 23

Events in History

  • 438 The Theodosian Code of Roman laws proclaimed in the Western Empire (first law reforms since 295)
  • 619 Boniface V begins his reign as Catholic Pope
  • 962 Byzantine-Arab Wars: Under future Emperor Nikephoros II Phokas, Byzantine troops storm the city of Aleppo, recovering the tattered tunic of John the Baptist
  • 1482 The Peace of Atrecht (now Arras) concluded between Louis XI of France and Maximilian of Austria, ending the War of the Burgundian Succession
  • 1493 Georg Alt's German translation of Hartmann Schedel's Nuremberg Chronicle is published.
  • 1588 "The Day of the Dagger" Henry, Duke of Guise, leader of the Catholic League is assassinated by the bodyguards of King Henry III at the Château de Blois
  • 1620 French Huguenots declare war on King Louis XIII
  • 1672 Giovanni Cassini discovers Rhea, a satellite of Saturn
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