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On This Day in History for December 8

Events in History

  • 1326 Daitokuji temple, Rinzai line, established in Kyoto by Daito Kokushi
  • 1609 Biblioteca Ambrosiana in Milan opens its reading room, second public library in Europe
  • 1659 Mexican border town Ciudad Juárez is founded by Fray García de San Francisco.
  • 1710 Battle of Brihuega in the War of the Spanish Succession: British General James Stanhope captured by French & Spanish forces

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1776 George Washington's retreating army crosses Delaware River from NJ

First US President George Washington
First US President
George Washington

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1777 Captain James Cook leaves Society Islands

Explorer James Cook
James Cook
  • 1792 1st cremation in US: Henry Laurens
  • 1794 1st issue of Herald of Rutland, VT published
  • 1852 Gustav Freytag's "Die Journalisten" premieres in Breslau
  • 1854 Pope Pius IX proclaims Immaculate Conception, makes Mary, free of Original Sin
  • 1863 2,500 reported killed as result of fire at Jesuit Church of La Compana, Santiago, Chile

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1863 Abraham Lincoln issues his Amnesty Proclamation and plan for Reconstruction of the South

16th US President Abraham Lincoln
16th US President
Abraham Lincoln
  • 1864 Pope Pius IX publishes encyclical Quanta cura ("Syllabus errorum")

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1864 The Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is finally opened in Bristol, England, 5 years after his death

Book releaseHistoric Publication

1864 James Clerk Maxwell's paper "A Dynamical Theory of the Electromagnetic Field" is 1st read by the Royal Society in London (published by the Royal Society 1865)

  • 1869 20th Roman Catholic ecumenical council, Vatican I, opens in Rome
  • 1869 Timothy Eaton founds T. Eaton Co. Limited in Toronto, Canada.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1874 Jesse James gang takes train at Muncie Kansas

Outlaw Jesse James
Jesse James
  • 1875 Aleksandr Ostrovsky's "Volki i Ovsty" premieres in St Petersburg
  • 1876 Suriname begins compulsory education for 7-12 years
  • 1880 5,000 armed Boers gather in Paardekraal, South Africa
  • 1881 Vienna's Ring Theater destroyed by gaslight fire, killing an estimated 384-1000 people

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1886 American Federation of Labor (AFL) formed by 26 craft unions Samuel Gompers elected AFL president

Founder of the American Federation of Labor Samuel Gompers
Founder of the American Federation of Labor
Samuel Gompers

BattleBattle of Interest

1895 Battle at Amba Alagi: Ethiopian Emperor Menelik II drives Italian General Baratieri out

Emperor of Ethiopia Menelik II
Emperor of Ethiopia
Menelik II

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1902 Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr became Associate Justice on US Supreme Court

  • 1907 King Gustaf V of Sweden accedes to the Swedish throne.
  • 1909 Bird banding society found

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1912 Wilhelm II of Germany calls 'War Council'

German Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II
German Emperor and King of Prussia
Wilhelm II
  • 1913 Construction starts on Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco
  • 1914 Battle of the Falkland Island: British Royal Navy destroys a German battle squadron
  • 1914 Boers rebelling against the British in South Africa suffer several defeats, with one of their leaders, General Beyers, accidentally drowning

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1915 John McCrae's poem "In Flanders Fields" appears anonymously in "Punch" magazine

World War I Soldier & Poet John McCrae
World War I Soldier & Poet
John McCrae

IrelandAnglo-Irish Treaty

1921 Eamon de Valera publicly repudiates Anglo-Irish Treaty

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Signature page of the Anglo-Irish Treaty
Signature page of the Anglo-Irish Treaty
Learn More
  • 1923 German-US friendship treaty signed
  • 1923 Labour/Liberals win British parliament
  • 1923 Salary & price freeze in Germany
  • 1930 Broadway Theater opens at 1681 Broadway NYC
  • 1931 Coaxial cable patented
  • 1933 French nun Bernadette Soubirous, who saw the vision of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes, is canonized by the Catholic Church
  • 1934 Friedrich Wolf's "Professor Mamlock" premieres in Zurich
  • 1935 The Japanese military police launches a violent suppression of the religious sect Oomoto, beginning with a crackdown on the sect's operational bases of Ayabe and Kameoka in Kyoto Prefecture and the arrest of its leader Onisaburo Deguchi.
  • 1936 Anastasio Somoza García elected President of Nicaragua
  • 1936 NAACP files suit to equalize salaries of black & white teachers
  • 1938 Highest temperature for December in US recorded in La Mesa Calif
  • 1941 Chełmno extermination camp opens, 50 kilometres from Łódź, Poland
  • 1941 London: Dutch government-in-exile declares war on Japan
  • 1941 Russian 16th army recaptures Krijukovo
  • 1941 San Francisco 1st blackout, at 6:15 PM
  • 1941 US and Britain declare war on Japan, US enters World War II

'Infamy' as Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor'Infamy' as Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

1941 US President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers "Day of Infamy" speech to US Congress a day after the bombing of Pearl Harbor

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The USS Shaw explodes after taking a direct hit at Pearl Harbor. © Everett Historical/Shutterstock.com
The USS Shaw explodes after taking a direct hit at Pearl Harbor. © Everett Historical/Shutterstock.com
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Event of interestEvent of Interest

1943 John Van Druten's "Voice of the Turtle" premieres in NYC

Playwright John Van Druten
John Van Druten
  • 1946 US Army rocket plane XS-1 makes 1st powered flight
  • 1948 Jordan annexs Arabic Palestine
  • 1949 Chinese Nationalist government moves from Chinese mainland to Formosa
  • 1951 AL alters its restrictions on night games, adopting NL's suspended game rule & lifting its ban on lights for Sunday games
  • 1952 1st TV acknowledgement of pregnancy (I Love Lucy)
  • 1952 French troops shoot on demonstrators at Casablanca, 50 die
  • 1952 Isaak Ben-Zwi elected president of Israel

United Nations <b>Speech</b>United Nations Speech

1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower gives his "Atoms for Peace" speech at the United Nations in New York

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1954 Maxwell Anderson's "Bad Seed" premieres in NYC

Playwright and Dramatist Maxwell Anderson
Playwright and Dramatist
Maxwell Anderson
  • 1955 Turkish government of Menderes forms
  • 1956 1st test firing of Vanguard satellite program, TV-0
  • 1959 Dom Mintoff demands independence for Malta
  • 1961 Antwerp Belgium diocese forms
  • 1961 South Africa v NZ, Durban debuts for Eddie Barlow & Peter Pollock
  • 1962 114-day newspaper strike begins in NYC
  • 1962 Attempted coup in British-controlled Brunei

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1962 Funeral for Queen Wilhelmina of Holland (New Kerk, Delft)

Queen of the Netherlands Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
Queen of the Netherlands
Wilhelmina of the Netherlands
  • 1963 Frank Sinatra, Jr is kidnapped at Harrah's Lake Tahoe (Nevada)
  • 1963 Pan Am Flight 214 crashes outside Elkton, Maryland with 81 killed
  • 1965 Abe Burrows' "Cactus Flower" premieres in NYC
  • 1965 Nikolai Podgorny succeeds Mikojan as president of USSR

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1965 Pope Paul VI signs 2nd Vatican council

Pope Paul VI
Paul VI
  • 1966 US and USSR sign treaty to prohibit nuclear weapons in outer space
  • 1969 Greek DC-6B crashes in storm at Athens, 93 killed
  • 1969 Police surprise attack on Black-Panthers in LA
  • 1970 Head of the Catholic Church in Ireland Cardinal William Conway publishes a pamphlet on the topic of segregation in education in Northern Ireland
  • 1972 United Airlines crashes at Chicago's Midway Airport killing 45
  • 1974 Greek monarchy rejected by referendum
  • 1974 Irish Republican Socialist Party forms
  • 1974 Soyuz 16 returns to Earth

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1976 UN General Assembly re-elects Kurt Waldheim Secretary-General

4th Secretary-General of the United Nations Kurt Waldheim
4th Secretary-General of the United Nations
Kurt Waldheim
  • 1976 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1976 Asylum Records releases The Eagles fifth studio album "Hotel California"; it spawns two #1 singles and sells over 30 million copies
  • 1981 France performs nuclear test
  • 1982 Clark Gilles fails in 7th Islander penalty shot
  • 1982 Suriname army leader Bouterse murders 15 opponents
  • 1982 Norman Mayer holds Washington Monument hostage, demanding an end to nuclear weapons. Is killed by police after 10 hrs (he had no explosives)

Nobel prizeNobel Prize

1982 Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez receives the Nobel Prize for Literature

Colombian Writer Gabriel García Márquez
Colombian Writer
Gabriel García Márquez
  • 1983 9th Space Shuttle Mission, Columbia 6, lands at Edwards AFB
  • 1983 Richard Baker, Zen teacher, steps down from abbotship of San Francisco Zen Center
  • 1984 Europe & 64 developing countries sign Lome III treaty
  • 1985 Ken O'Brien's 96 yard TD pass (NY Jet record) to Wesley Walker
  • 1986 House Dems select majority leader Jim Wright as 48th speaker
  • 1987 Occupied Palestinians start "intefadeh" (uprising) against Israel

AgreementTreaty of Interest

1987 US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev sign a treaty eliminating medium range nuclear missiles

Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev
Soviet General Secretary
Mikhail Gorbachev
US President & Actor Ronald Reagan
US President & Actor
Ronald Reagan
  • 1987 Peruvian Navy Fokker F27-400M chartered by Alianza Lima FC crashes into Pacific Ocean 7 miles from Jorge Chávez International Airport near Callao; 43 killed, only pilot survives
  • 1989 Great Britain performs nuclear test
  • 1990 Spacecraft Galileo flies by Earth at an altitude of 597 miles (960 km) to use the planet's gravity to build speed on its way to Jupiter [1]
  • 1990 Indians agree to a lease new ballpark in Gateway (Jacobs Field)

Birthdays in History

Person of interestHorace

65 BC Horace, Roman Republican poet (Odes), born in Venosa, Italy (d. 8 BC)

Roman Poet Horace
Roman Poet

Person of interestMary, Queen of Scots

1542 Mary, Queen of Scots [Mary Stuart], Queen of Scotland (1560-87), born in Linlithgow Palace, Scotland (d. 1587)

Queen of Scotland Mary, Queen of Scots
Queen of Scotland
Mary, Queen of Scots
  • 1574 Maria Anna of Bavaria, Empress consort of the Holy Roman Empire, born in Munich, Bavaria, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1616)
  • 1626 Christina, Queen of Sweden who abdicated after becoming Catholic (1644-54), born in Tre Kronor Castle, Stockholm (d. 1689)
  • 1678 Horatio Walpole, 1st Baron Walpole of Wolterton, English diplomat, born in Houghton, Cambridge, England (d. 1757)
  • 1699 Maria Josepha of Austria, Queen consort of Poland (1734-57), born in Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria (d. 1757)
  • 1704 Anton de Haen, Austrian medical expert (Ratio Medendi), born in The Hague, Netherlands (d. 1776)
  • 1708 Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor (1745-1765), born in Ducal Palace of Nancy, Lorraine, Holy Roman Empire (d. 1765)
  • 1715 John Althuysen, Frisian vicar and poet (Frisianche rymlery)
  • 1728 Johann Georg von Zimmermann, Swiss philosophical author and physician, born in Brugg, Aargau, Switzerland (d. 1795)
  • 1730 Jan Ingenhousz, Dutch-English physiologist (discovering photosynthesis) and personal physician of Maria Theresa, born in Breda, Staats-Brabant, Dutch Republic (d. 1799)

Person of interestEli Whitney

1765 Eli Whitney, American inventor (Cotton Gin), born in Westborough, Massachusetts (d. 1825)

Inventor of the Cotton Gin Eli Whitney
Inventor of the Cotton Gin
Eli Whitney
  • 1795 Peter Andreas Hansen, Danish-German astronomer (Hansen hypothesis), born in Tønder, Schleswig, Denmark (d. 1874)
  • 1815 Adolph Menzel, German painter and graphic artist, born in Breslau, Prussian Silesia (d. 1905)
  • 1816 August Belmont, Prussian-American financier and diplomat (U.S. Minister to the Netherlands 1853-57), born in Alzey, Hesse, Germany (d. 1890)
  • 1817 Christian Emil Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs, Danish nobleman and politician (Council President of Denmark 1865-70), born in Frijsenborg, Denmark (d. 1896)
  • 1822 Luther Prentice Bradley, American Brigadier General (Union Army), born in New Haven, Connecticut (d. 1910)
  • 1826 Friedrich Siemens, German industrialist, born in Menzendorf, Germany (d. 1904)
  • 1828 Clinton Bowen Fisk, American abolitionist, Brevet Major General (Union Army), helped establish 1st free public schools in the South, born in York, New York (d. 1890)
  • 1828 Robert Bullock, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), born in Greenville, North Carolina (d. 1905)
  • 1832 Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Norwegian author "Pa Guds Veje" and Nobel laureate 1903, born in Kvikne, Norway (d. 1910)
  • 1861 Aristide Maillol, French painter and sculptor (Seated Woman), born in Banyuls-sur-Mer, Roussillon, France (d. 1944)
  • 1861 William C. Durant, American industry pioneer, founded General Motors, Frigidaire, born in Boston, Massachusetts (d. 1947)
  • 1862 Georges Feydeau, French playwright (La Dame de Chez Maxim's), born in Paris (d. 1921)
  • 1865 Jacques Hadamard, French mathematician (proved the prime number theorem), born in Versailles, France (d. 1963)
  • 1874 Ernst Moro, Austrian physician and pediatrician (Moro reflex), born in Laibach, Duchy of Carniola, Austria-Hungary (d. 1951)
  • 1881 Padraic Colum, Irish novelist and poet (Collected Poems), born in Columcille, County Longford, Ireland (d. 1972)

Person of interestDiego Rivera

1886 Diego Rivera, Mexican painter (En el Arsenal) and husband of Frida Kahlo, born in Guanajuato, México (d. 1957)

Painter Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera
  • 1888 Fiske Kimball, American architect and art historian, born in Newton, Massachusetts (d. 1955)
  • 1889 Hervey Allen, American writer and poet (Anthony Adverse), born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (d. 1949)
  • 1892 Herbert "Bert" Hinkler, Australian aviator who made first solo flight from England to Australia (1928), born in Bundaberg, Queensland (d. 1933)
  • 1894 E. C. Segar, American cartoonist (Popeye), born in Chester, Illinois (d. 1938)
  • 1899 Sarah Williamson, US missionary in Liberia
  • 1900 Sun Li-jen, Chinese general (best known for his leadership in the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Chinese Civil War), born in Jinnu, Lujiang, Chaohu, Anhui, Qing dynasty (d. 1990)
  • 1902 Wifredo Lam, Cuban artist (The Jungle), born in Sagua La Grande, Cuba (d. 1982)
  • 1903 Adele Simpson, American fashion designer (Neiman-Marcus Award-1946), born in NYC, New York (d. 1995)
  • 1903 Irene Eisinger, German-British singer, born in Cosel, German Empire (d. 1994)
  • 1903 Kitty Muggeridge, British author and translator, born in Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland (d. 1994)
  • 1905 Julius Silverman, British Labour Party politician, born in Leeds, England (d. 1996)
  • 1906 Richard Llewellyn, Welsh novelist (How Green Was My Valley), born in Hendon, Middlesex, England (d. 1983)
  • 1908 John Volpe, American politician (61st and 63rd Governor of Massachusetts) and U.S. Secretary of Treasury (1969-73), born in Wakefield, Massachusetts (d. 1994)
  • 1912 Jura Soyfer, Austrian political journalist and cabaret writer, born in Kharkov, Russian Empire (d. 1939)
  • 1913 Delmore Schwartz, American poet, short story writer and critic (Shenandoah), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 1966)
  • 1913 Paul Félix, Flemish architect (Sun Song), born in Ostend, Belgium (d. 1981)
  • 1915 George Scheuer, Austrian writer and journalist, born in Vienna, Austria (d. 1996)
  • 1916 Dorothy Mae Ballard, labor union rep
  • 1919 Peter Tali Coleman, Governor of American Samoa (1956-61, 78-85, 89-93), born in Pago Pago, American Samoa (d. 1997)
  • 1920 Ronald Gulliford, English educationalist (Dean of the Faculty of Education, Birmingham University 1979-81), born in Manchester (d. 1997)
  • 1922 John B. McKay, American test pilot (X-15), born in Portsmouth, Virginia (d. 1975)
  • 1922 Lucian Freud, German-British artist (Benefits Supervisor Sleeping, Boy With a Rat), born in Berlin, Germany (d. 2011)
  • 1923 Rudolph Pariser, American chemist, born in Harbin, China
  • 1925 Carmen Martín Gaite, Spanish author, born in Salamanca, Spain (d. 2000)

Person of interestJoachim Fest

1926 Joachim Fest, German historian and journalist (Hitler biography, Speer: The Final Verdict), born in Berlin, Germany (d. 2006)

Historian and Journalist Joachim Fest
Historian and Journalist
Joachim Fest
  • 1927 Vladimir Shatalov, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 4, 8, 10), born in Petropavlovsk, Kazakh SSR
  • 1928 Ulric Neisser, America psychologist (Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns, Bell Curve task force head), born in Kiel, Germany (d. 2012)
  • 1929 Goffredo Parise, Italian writer (Il padrone), born in Vicenza, Italy (d. 1986)
  • 1930 John Morressy, American sci-fi author (Starbrat, Greymantle, Kingsbane), born in Brooklyn, New York
  • 1930 Julian Critchley, British journalist and politician, born in Islington, London (d. 2000)
  • 1936 Brad Jurjens, Estonian director (The Bank Job), born in Viljandi, Estonia
  • 1937 Jan van Houwelingen, Dutch politician (Undersecretary of Defense (CDA), born in Leerdam, Netherlands (d. 2013)
  • 1937 Arne Næss Jr., Norwegian mountain climber and businessman, born in Germany (d. 2004)
  • 1939 Lynn Wilson, contractor and multi-millionaire
  • 1941 Albert J Evenhuis, Dutch undersecretary of Economic (VVD)
  • 1941 Randall "Duke" Cunningham, US Navy fighter pilot and Congressman
  • 1942 Mario Savio, American political activist, born in NYC, New York (d. 1996)
  • 1943 Michael Unger, English editor-in-chief (Evening News, Manchester)
  • 1945 John Banville, Irish novelist and journalist
  • 1946 Graham Knight, Scottish musician (Marmalade)
  • 1947 Geoff Daking, American rocker (Blue Magoos)
  • 1947 Thomas R. Cech, American chemist, Nobel laureate
  • 1947 Kati-Claudia Fofonoff, Skolt Sámi writer

Person of interestJimmy Lai

1948 Jimmy Lai [Lai Chee-Ying], Chinese businessman (founder of Giordano), born in Guangzhou, China

Entrepreneur and Pro-Democracy Activist Jimmy Lai
Entrepreneur and Pro-Democracy Activist
Jimmy Lai
  • 1948 Roscoe Nance, American sportswriter (USA Today; Mississippi’s first African American sportswriter at mainstream newspaper), born in Enterprise, Alabama (d. 2020)
  • 1949 Mary Gordon, American author
  • 1949 Robert Sternberg, Proposed the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence
  • 1950 Rick Baker, American special effects makeup artist (Exorcist), born in Binghamton, New York
  • 1951 Bill Bryson, American British author (Notes From a Small Island), born in Des Moines, Iowa
  • 1952 Khaw Boon Wan, Singapore Health Minister
  • 1953 Norman Finkelstein, American professor, activist
  • 1954 Harold Hongju Koh, Korean-American Dean of Yale Law School
  • 1959 Jim Yong Kim, South Korean-American physician, anthropologist and President of the World Bank, born in Seoul, South Korea
  • 1960 Lim Guan Eng, Secretary-General of the Malaysian Democratic Action Party (DAP), born in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • 1961 Ann Coulter, American author, political commentator, and attorney
  • 1972 Frank Shamrock, American mixed martial artist, born in Santa Monica, California
  • 1979 Johan Forssell, Swedish politician, born in Stockholm, Sweden
  • 1982 Noelle Pikus-Pace, American skeleton racer, born in Provo, Utah

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

1872 Religious leader Brigham Young (71) weds his fifty-fifth wife Hannah Tapfield in Salt Lake City, Utah

Founder of Salt Lake City and President of the LDS Church Brigham Young
Founder of Salt Lake City and President of the LDS Church
Brigham Young

LoveWedding of Interest

1953 Prime Minister of Canada John Diefenbaker (58) weds second wife Olive Palmer (51) at Park Road Baptist Church in Toronto, Canada

13th Prime Minister of Canada John Diefenbaker
13th Prime Minister of Canada
John Diefenbaker

Deaths in History

  • 644 Omar I, 2nd Caliph of Islam (634-44), oversaw conquest of Persia and Egypt), murdered at 59 or 60
  • 899 Arnulf of Carinthia, last emperor of Austria-France, dies
  • 1292 John Peckham, English archbishop of Canterbury, dies at 62
  • 1596 Luis de Carabajal, 1st Jewish author in America, executed in Mexico
  • 1625 Christina of Holstein-Gottorp, Queen consort of Sweden as the wife of King Charles IX, dies at 52
  • 1626 John Davies, English poet (b. 1569)
  • 1632 Philippe van Lansberge, Dutch astronomer, dies at 71
  • 1643 John Pym, English statesman (b. 1583)
  • 1649 Noël Chabanel, French Jesuit missionary (b. 1613)
  • 1652 Adriaan W "Joris" van Geel, Flemish missionary, murdered at 35
  • 1680 Henry Pierrepont, 1st Marquess of Dorchester, English politician (b. 1606)
  • 1681 Gerard Terborch, the Younger, Dutch painter/etcher, dies
  • 1691 Richard Baxter, English clergyman (b. 1615)
  • 1695 Barthélemy d'Herbelot de Molainville, French orientalist, dies at 69
  • 1709 Thomas Corneille, French dramatist (Timocrates), dies at 74
  • 1722 Elisabeth Charlotte "Liselotte", German-French duchess of Orleans, dies at 70
  • 1744 Marie-Anne de Mailly-Nesle, duchess de Châteauroux, French mistress of King Louis XV of France, dies at 28
  • 1745 Etienne Fourmont, French orientalist (b. 1683)
  • 1746 Charles Radclyffe, 5th Earl of Derwentwater, British politician, dies at 53
  • 1756 William Stanhope, 1st Earl of Harrington, British statesman and diplomat
  • 1768 Jean Denis Attiret, French Jesuit missionary and painter, dies at 66
  • 1779 Nathan Alcock, English physician (b. 1707)
  • 1830 H Benjamin Constant, French politician/writer, dies at 63
  • 1831 James Hoban, architect who designed White House, dies
  • 1850 Georg Sverdrup, Norwegian statesman, dies at 80
  • 1859 Thomas De Quincey, English writer (Confessions of English Opium Eater), dies at 74
  • 1864 George Boole, English mathematician (Boolean algebra), dies at 49
  • 1870 Thomas Brassey, English civil engineering contractor, dies at 65
  • 1885 William Henry Vanderbilt, American businessman, member of the Vanderbilt family, dies at 64
  • 1894 Willem JF Nuyens, Dutch physician/RC historian, dies at 71
  • 1894 Pafnuty Chebyshev, Russian mathematician (b. 1821)
  • 1896 Ernst Engel, German statistician and economist (Law of Engel), dies at 75

Person of interestHerbert Spencer

1903 Herbert Spencer, British philosopher (Social Statics), dies at 83

Philosopher and Intellectual Herbert Spencer
Philosopher and Intellectual
Herbert Spencer
  • 1907 Oscar II Frederick, King of Sweden (-1907)/Norway (-1905), dies
  • 1910 George Doherty Johnston, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), dies at 78
  • 1914 Maximilian von Spee, German naval officer (b. 1861)
  • 1917 Mendele Moykher Sforim, Russian writer (b. 1836)
  • 1917 Arthur Matthew Weld Downing, British mathematician and astronomer, dies at 67
  • 1926 Jan Six, Dutch art historian/collector, dies
  • 1938 Friedrich Glauser, German-language Swiss writer (b. 1896)
  • 1940 George Exton Lloyd, Anglican Bishop and theologian (b. 1861)

Person of interestAlbert Kahn

1942 Albert Kahn, American architect known as the "architect of Detroit", dies at 73

Architect of Detroit Albert Kahn
Architect of Detroit
Albert Kahn
  • 1952 Charles Lightoller, English second officer on the Titanic (b. 1874)
  • 1963 Field Marshal Sarit Dhanarajata, Prime Minister of Thailand (b. 1908)
  • 1966 Ward Morehouse, American theater critic and newspaper columnist (b. 1899)

Person of interestRobert Henry Lawrence, Jr.

1967 Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr., 1st African-American astronaut and U.S. Air Force major, dies in a crash of an F-104 Starfighter while training at 32

  • 1970 Christopher Kelk Ingold, English chemist (Cahn–Ingold–Prelog priority rules), dies at 77
  • 1972 George Collins, (Rep-Ill), dies at 47, in airplane crash

Person of interestGolda Meir

1978 Golda Meir [Mabovitch], Israeli teacher, stateswoman and 4th Prime Minister of Israel (1969-74) known as the "Iron Lady" of Israeli politics, dies in of lymphatic cancer at 80

4th Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir
4th Prime Minister of Israel
Golda Meir
  • 1982 Andre Kamperveen, Suriname minister, murdered
  • 1982 Bram Behr, Suriname revolutionary, murdered
  • 1982 Cyrill Daal, Suriname worker's union leader, murdered
  • 1982 Frank Wijngaarde, Suriname journalist, murdered
  • 1982 Harald Riedewald, Suriname attorney, murdered
  • 1982 John Baboeram, Suriname lawyer, murdered
  • 1982 Jozef Slagveer, Suriname journalist, murdered
  • 1982 Kenneth Goncalves, Deacon of Surinamese order of advocate, murdered
  • 1982 Leckie, Suriname scholar, murdered
  • 1982 Leslie Rahman, Suriname journalist, murdered
  • 1982 Surendre Rambocus, Suriname army lieutenant, murdered

Person of interestKeith Holyoake

1983 Keith Holyoake, 26th Prime Minister of New Zealand (National: 1960-72), dies of a stroke at 79

New Zealand Prime Minister Keith Holyoake
New Zealand Prime Minister
Keith Holyoake
  • 1984 Robert Jay Mathews, White Nationalist (b. 1953)
  • 1989 Hans Hartung, German-French painter, dies at 85
  • 1991 Kimberly Bergalis, got AIDS from health care worker, dies at 23
  • 1992 William Shawn, American magazine editor (New Yorker, 1952-87), dies at 85
  • 1993 Carlotta Monti, lover of WC Fields, dies at 86
  • 1994 Israel Aaron Maisels, South African lawyer and communal leader, dies at 89
  • 1995 Carl Marsden, bodyguard, dies at 36
  • 1995 Mikki Doyle, journalist, dies at 79
  • 1995 Ernest L. Boyer, American educator and chancellor (NY's State Universities-SUNY), dies at 67
  • 1996 Marin Sorescu, Romanian poet, playwright and artist (Iona, House under surveillance), dies of a heart attack at 60
  • 1997 Bob Bell, clown (WGN's 1st Bozo), dies at 75
  • 1997 Leon Poliakov, historian, dies at 87
  • 1997 Nicholas Polunin, British botanist and environmentalist, dies at 88
  • 1999 Péter Kuczka, Hungarian writer (b. 1923)
  • 2000 Marvin Leath, American politician (Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas's 11th district), dies at 69
  • 2001 Don Tennant, American advertising executive (b. 1922)
  • 2004 Nathan Gale, American murderer (Heavy metal Pantera's concert murder), dies at 25
  • 2007 Gerardo García Pimentel, Mexican journalist
  • 2013 John Cornforth, Australian-British chemist (Nobel Prize 1975), dies at 96

Person of interestJohn Glenn

2016 John Glenn, American astronaut (1st American to orbit the earth) and politician (Senator D-Ohio), dies at 95

Astronaut and Politician John Glenn
Astronaut and Politician
John Glenn
  • 2016 Florence Finch, Filipino-American war hero who fought against the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during World War II, dies at 101 [1]
  • 2016 Sheila Quinn, British nurse and adviser (British Red Cross), dies at 96
  • 2018 Roger the ripped kangaroo, famous for crushing a metal bucket like a paper cup, dies at 12 in Alice Springs of old age
  • 2018 Rosanell Eaton, American voting rights advocate, dies at 97
  • 2018 Lyudmila Alexeyeva, Russian 'Grandmother of Russian Human Rights', dies at 91
  • 2018 Evelyn Berezin, American computer pioneer, invented first word processor, dies at 93

Person of interestPaul Volcker

2019 Paul Volcker, American economist and Chairman of the US Federal Reserve (1979-87), dies at 92

Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Economist Paul Volcker
Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Economist
Paul Volcker