On This Day

On This Day in History for February 10

Events in History

  • 60 St Paul thought to have been shipwrecked at Malta
  • 1098 Crusaders defeat Prince Redwan of Aleppo at Antioch
  • 1355 The St. Scholastica's Day riot breaks out in Oxford, England, leaving 62 scholars and perhaps 30 locals dead in two days.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1525 Albert of Prussia pledges a personal oath to Sigismund I and is invested with the duchy for himself and his heirs

Duke of Prussia Albert of Prussia
Duke of Prussia
Albert of Prussia
  • 1535 12 nude anabaptists run through Amsterdam streets
  • 1549 Tomé de Sousa appointed as the 1st Governor-General of Brazil
  • 1635 The Académie française forms in Paris (by Cardinal Richelieu)
  • 1676 Wampanoag Indians under King Philip kill all men in Lancaster Mass
  • 1713 Netherlands & Britain sign accord concerning anti-French Barrier [OS=Jan 31]
  • 1716 Scottish pretender to the throne James III Edward returns to France

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1720 Edmond Halley appointed as the second Astronomer Royal at the Greenwich Observatory

Astronomer, Mathematician and Physicist Edmond Halley
Astronomer, Mathematician and Physicist
Edmond Halley

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1746 The Pelham brothers resign from the British government, but resume office when King George II backs down.

British Prime Minister Henry Pelham
British Prime Minister
Henry Pelham
King of Great Britain and Ireland George II
King of Great Britain and Ireland
George II
  • 1763 Treaty of Paris ends French-Indian War, surrendering Canada to Britain
  • 1774 Andrew Becker demonstrates diving suit

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1778 Voltaire returns to Paris to great acclaim after an absence of 28 years

Enlightenment Philosopher Voltaire
Enlightenment Philosopher
  • 1798 Louis Alexandre Berthier invades Rome
  • 1807 US Coast Survey authorized by Congress

Victory in battleVictory in Battle

1814 Napoleonic Wars: Battle of Champaubert, the French beat the Russians

French Emperor Napoléon Bonaparte
French Emperor
Napoléon Bonaparte

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1824 Simón Bolívar named dictator by the Congress of Peru

Military and Political Leader Simón Bolívar
Military and Political Leader
Simón Bolívar
  • 1837 Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is fatally injured in a duel with French officer Georges-Charles de Heeckeren d'Anthès (1/29 OS)
  • 1842 Moreton Bay Penal Colony abolished and opened for free settlement (modern city of Brisbane, Australia) [1]
  • 1846 Beginning of Mormon march to western US
  • 1846 British defeat Sikhs in battle of Sobraon, India
  • 1855 US citizenship laws amended; all children of US parents born abroad granted US citizenship

Battle of InterestThe Indian Mutiny

1859 General Horsford defeats Begum of Oude and Nana Sahib in Indian Mutiny

Learn More
Mutineers are executed by the Bengal Horse Artillery, in a painting by Orlando Noire
Mutineers are executed by the Bengal Horse Artillery, in a painting by Orlando Noire
Learn More
  • 1862 Dutch 2nd government of Thorbecke forms
  • 1863 1st US fire extinguisher patent granted to Alanson Crane of Virginia
  • 1866 Dutch government of Frans van der Putte forms
  • 1868 Conservatives & military seize Convention Hall in Florida
  • 1870 City of Anaheim in California incorporates for the 1st time, but disincorporates after two years as the tax burden was too high
  • 1870 YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association) forms (NYC)
  • 1878 Pact of Zanjón signed between Cubans rebels and the Spanish bringing the 10 Years War to an end
  • 1879 1st electric arc light used (California Theater)

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1879 Henry Morton Stanley departs for the Congo

Journalist and Explorer Henry Morton Stanley
Journalist and Explorer
Henry Morton Stanley

BeatificationCatholic Encyclical

1880 Pope Leo XIII publishes encyclical Arcanum about Christian marriage

256th Pope Leo XIII
256th Pope
  • 1883 Fire at un-insured New Hall Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, kills 71
  • 1890 Around 11 million acres ceded to US by Sioux Indians, then opened for settlement
  • 1897 NY Times begins using slogan "All the News That's Fit to Print"
  • 1899 -39°F (-39°C), Milligan, Ohio (state lowest record temperature)
  • 1900 Peter Ostlund skates world record 500m (45.2 sec)
  • 1904 Japan and Russia declare war
  • 1906 British battleship HMS Dreadnought launches after only 100 days, renders all other capital ships obsolete with its revolutionary design
  • 1906 State of siege proclaimed in Zululand
  • 1913 Edward Sheldon's "Romance" premieres in NYC

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1914 In accordance with the understanding reached by General J.C. Smuts and Mahatma Gandhi, 60 passive resistance prisoners released from Pietermaritzburg Prison; 40 passive resisters released in Durban, 8 in Newcastle, 11 in Port Elizabeth

Pacifist and Spiritual Leader Mahatma Gandhi
Pacifist and Spiritual Leader
Mahatma Gandhi

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1915 US President Woodrow Wilson warns Germany that the US will hold it 'to a strict accountability' for 'property endangered or lives lost'

28th US President Woodrow Wilson
28th US President
Woodrow Wilson
  • 1915 US President Woodrow Wilson protests to Britain on the use of US flags on British merchant ships to deceive the Germans
  • 1916 Military conscription begins in Britain

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1916 Biggest oil well gusher ever - Edward L. Doheny's Cerro Azul No. 4 first gushes 600 feet in the air near Tampico, Mexico

Oil Tycoon Edward L. Doheny
Oil Tycoon
Edward L. Doheny
  • 1917 Johanna Westerdijk installed as the Netherlands' 1st female professor

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1918 Trotsky declares that Russia is leaving the war

Russian Revolutionary Leon Trotsky
Russian Revolutionary
Leon Trotsky
  • 1918 In Finland, General Carl G. Von Mannerheim gathers an army known as the 'White Guard' to mount a counter revolution against the Bolshevik 'Red Guard'
  • 1920 Jozef Haller de Hallenburg performs symbolic wedding of Poland to the sea, celebrating restitution of Polish access to open sea
  • 1923 Ink paste manufactured for 1st time by Standard Ink Company
  • 1923 Owen Davis' "Icebound" premieres in NYC
  • 1923 SDAP speaks out against allied occupation of the Ruhr
  • 1925 1st waterless gas storage tank put into service, Michigan City, Indiana

Conference meetingConference of Interest

1927 US President Calvin Coolidge asks for 2nd disarmament conference

30th US President Calvin Coolidge
30th US President
Calvin Coolidge
  • 1929 Bishop Stephen Alencastre dedicates the beautiful Romanesque church of Saint Patrick in Honolulu
  • 1930 Grain Stabilization Corporation authorized by Congress
  • 1931 New Delhi becomes the capital of India
  • 1933 -54°F (-48°C), Seneca, Oregon (state record)
  • 1933 Delivery of 1st singing telegram (Postal Telegram Co NYC)
  • 1933 Dutch seaplane bombs Dutch ship

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1933 Adolf Hitler proclaims end of Marxism

Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler
  • 1933 Mutiny on "7 Provinces" ends (began Feb 4th), 23 killed
  • 1934 1st Jewish immigrant ship to break the English blockade in Palestine
  • 1934 Byrd souvenir sheet issued, NYC; 1st unperforated ungummed US stamp
  • 1938 King Carol II of Romania drives out dictator Goga
  • 1940 US female Figure Skating championship won by Joan Tozzer
  • 1940 US male Figure Skating championship won by Eugene Turner
  • 1941 1st highway post office makes 1st trip, Washington, D.C. to Harrisonburg, Virginia
  • 1941 Anti-Nazi "Het Parool" begins publishing in Netherlands

InventionHistoric Invention

1942 American chemist James Franklin Hyde is granted a patent for fused silica

  • 1943 "Manifesto of Algerian People" calls for equality & self-determination
  • 1943 British 8th Army sweeps through North Africa to Tunisia
  • 1943 Van der Veen Resistance starts fire in Amsterdam employment bureau
  • 1944 Belgian resistance fighter and author Kamiel van Baelen arrested
  • 1944 U-666/U-545/U-283 sink off Ireland

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1946 Charles "Lucky" Luciano is deported to Italy, and never returns to the United States

  • 1947 Italy cedes most of Venezia Giulia to Yugoslavia
  • 1947 Netherlands Radio Union forms
  • 1947 Province of Petsamo returned to Soviet Union by Finland
  • 1947 WW II peace treaties signed
  • 1948 Greek Gen Markos' guerrilla army bombs Saloniki

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1952 India holds its first general election: Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru remains in power

1st Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru
1st Prime Minister of India
Jawaharlal Nehru
  • 1953 Ice Pairs Championship at Davos won by Jennifer & John Nicks of GRB
  • 1953 Men's Figure Skating Champion in Davos won by Hayes Alan Jenkins USA

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1954 President Dwight Eisenhower warns against US intervention in Vietnam

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 1954 World Figure Skating Championship in Oslo: Ladies - won by West Germany's Gundi Busch
  • 1954 World Figure Skating Championship in Oslo: Men - won by American Hayes Alan Jenkins
  • 1955 The US Navy evacuate 1000s from Tachen Islands in the Pacific
  • 1959 Dutch Princess Wilhelmina publishes "Lonely, but not alone"
  • 1959 Tornado in St Louis kills 19 & injures 265
  • 1961 Niagara Falls hydroelectric project begins producing power
  • 1962 Jim Beatty sets American indoor mile record (3:58.9) in LA
  • 1962 USSR swaps spy Francis Gary Power to US for Rudolph Abel
  • 1963 US female Figure Skating championship won by Lorraine Hanlon
  • 1963 US male Figure Skating championship won by Thomas Litz
  • 1964 Australian destroyer HMAS Voyager sinks after colliding with aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne, killing 82

Birthdays in History

  • 1499 Thomas Platter, Swiss humanist (d. 1582)
  • 1524 Albrecht Giese, German politician and diplomat (d. 1580)
  • 1606 Christine Marie of France, regent of Savoy (d. 1663)
  • 1609 John Suckling, English Cavalier poet/dramatist/courtier
  • 1637 Henriette Catharina van Nassau, Dutch daughter of Frederick Henry
  • 1670 Norbert van Flowers [Cephalus], Flemish painter
  • 1670 William Congreve, England, writer (Old Bachelor, Way of the World)
  • 1685 Aaron Hill, English playwright/poet (Tragedy of Zara)
  • 1686 Johann F Gronovius, Dutch physician/botany
  • 1775 Charles Lamb, British critic/poet/essayist (Essays of Elia), born in London, England (d. 1834)
  • 1785 Claude-Louis Navier, French engineer and physicist who specialized in mechanics (Navier–Stokes equations), born in Dijon, France (d. 1836)
  • 1795 Ary Scheffer, Dutch painter/etcher/sculptor
  • 1807 Abner Clark Harding, American politician and Civil War Brigadier General (Union Army), born in East Hampton, Connecticut (d. 1874)
  • 1818 Isham Green Harris, Gov (Confederacy), (d. 1897)
  • 1821 William Read Scurry, (Confederate Army Brigadier General, (d. 1864))
  • 1824 Samuel Plimsoll, inventor (Plimsoll line for ships), born in Bristol, England
  • 1827 Peter J Savelberg, Dutch Limburgs monastery founder
  • 1846 Mildred Childe Lee, daughter of confederate General Robert E. Lee
  • 1846 Charles Beresford, British admiral and politician (d. 1919)
  • 1846 Ira Remsen, American chemist (d. 1927)
  • 1859 Alexandre Millerand, French President (d. 1943)
  • 1866 Rafael Altamira Crevea, Spanish lawyer/historian
  • 1868 William Allen White, Emporia KS, editor (Pulitzer 1942)
  • 1870 Fritz Klimsch, German sculptor/painter
  • 1872 Anne Anema, Dutch lawyer/journalist/politician (ARP)
  • 1880 Jesse G Vincent, Arkansas, engineer designed 1st V-12 engine
  • 1884 Frederick Hawksworth, GWR Chief mechanical engineer. (d. 1976)
  • 1887 [Fran J] Vital Celen, Flemish literary/author [or Feb 9]
  • 1888 Giuseppe Ungaretti, Italian poet (Hermeticism) and journalist, born in Alexandria (d. 1970)
  • 1889 Howard Spring, British author/novelist/writer/critic (O Absalom)

Person of interestBoris Pasternak

1890 Boris Pasternak, Russian novelist and poet (Doctor Zhivago, Nobel 1958), born in Moscow, Russia (d. 1960)

Novelist & Poet Boris Pasternak
Novelist & Poet
Boris Pasternak
  • 1890 Fanny Kaplan, failed assassin of Vladimir Lenin (d. 1918)
  • 1891 Harold RLG, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis, Gov-gen of Canada (1945-52)

Person of interestHarold Macmillan

1894 Harold Macmillan, British Conservative politician and Prime Minister (1957-63), born in London (d. 1986)

British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan
British Prime Minister
Harold Macmillan
  • 1897 John Franklin Enders, Conn, microbiologist (polio-Nobel 1954)
  • 1898 Bertolt Brecht, German poet and playwright (Mother Courage), born in Augsburg, Bavaria (d. 1956)
  • 1898 Joseph Kessel, French journalist/writer (Army of the Shadows)
  • 1902 Armand Bernier, Belgian poet (Sorcier Triste)

Person of interestWalter Houser Brattain

1902 Walter Houser Brattain, American physicist and Nobel laureate for his work on transistors, born in Amoy, China (d. 1987)

  • 1903 Waldemar Hoven, German physician (d. 1948)
  • 1905 Max Schubert, a pioneering Australian winemaker
  • 1906 Henry Phelps Brown, British historian and economist, born in Calne (d. 1994)
  • 1906 Walraven (Wally) van Hall, Dutch banker/resisted Nazis
  • 1907 Grace Hamilton, 1st African American member of Georgia state legislature
  • 1909 George Douglass Milne, British peer, soldier and artist, born at Lichfield (d. 2005)
  • 1910 Dominique Pire, Belgian educator, aided WW II refugees (Nobel 1958)
  • 1912 Lord Orr-Ewing [Charles Ian], great-grandson of Sir Archibald Orr-Ewing, Bt
  • 1913 Ragnhild Marie Hatton, Norwegian historian, born in Bergen, Norway (d. 1995)
  • 1916 Edward R. Roybal, American politician (Rep-D-CA, 1963-93), born in Pecos, New Mexico (d. 2005)
  • 1918 Gordon Pirie, English Group Captain and politician, born in Oxford (d. 2003)
  • 1918 Idwal Pugh, British ombudsman
  • 1920 Alexander Comfort, English poet/writer (Wreath for the Living)
  • 1920 J Heslop-Harrison, botanist
  • 1922 Harold Hughes, American politician, Governor of Iowa (D) and US Senator, born in Ida County, Iowa (d. 1996)
  • 1922 Árpád Göncz, Hungarian politician, 1st post-communist President (1990-2000), born in Budapest (d. 2015)
  • 1927 Jakov Lind, German/British author (Counting My Footsteps)
  • 1927 Nigel Bagnall, British field marshal
  • 1927 Viscount Cowdray, British financier/multi-millionaire
  • 1928 Gene Taylor, (Rep-D-St Louis, 1973- )
  • 1929 Henk Heidweiler, Surinam ambassador (in Netherlands)
  • 1929 Jim Whittacker, mountain climber (1st American to climb Mt Everest)
  • 1931 Thomas Bernhard, Austrian novelist, playwright and poet whose work some describe as "the most significant literary achievement since World War II", born in Heerlen, Netherlands (d. 1989)
  • 1932 Donald Hilton, Moderator (General Assembly of United Reformed Church)
  • 1934 Fleur Adcock, New Zealand poet
  • 1935 Conrad Klapheck, German painter (typewriters)
  • 1936 Olwyn Bowey, British artist, born in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham
  • 1936 Sylvia Williams, museum director/curator
  • 1937 Lord Justice Rose, former judge on the Court of Appeal of England and Wales
  • 1939 Adrienne Clarkson, 26th Governor General of Canada
  • 1940 Peter Middleton, CEO (Lloyd's)
  • 1942 Michael Bishop, British CEO (British Midland Airways), born in Bowdon, Cheshire
  • 1944 Frank Keating, American politician
  • 1945 John Hayes, secretary-general (British Law Society)
  • 1947 Louise Arbour, Canadian judge
  • 1947 Nicholas Owen, English newsreader
  • 1948 Luis Donaldo Colosio, Mexican politician (d. 1994)
  • 1950 Gail Rebuck, CEO (Random House)
  • 1951 Roxanne Pulitzer, author (Prize Pulitzer), born in Glendale, California
  • 1951 Zeudi Araya, Asmara Ethiopia, Miss Ethiopia (1969)

Person of interestLee Hsien Loong

1952 Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister of Singapore (People's Action Party: 2004-present), born in Singapore

Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien Loong
Prime Minister of Singapore
Lee Hsien Loong
  • 1953 John Shirley, American sci-fi author (Eclipse Penumbra, Eclipse Corona), born in Houston, Texas
  • 1959 Lisa McPherson, former Scientologist (d. 1995)
  • 1961 George Stephanopoulos, American journalist, political commentator, and political advisor (Clinton), born in Fall River, Massachusetts
  • 1964 Mir Aimal Kansi, Pakistani perpretrator of the 1993 shootings at CIA Headquarters, born in Quetta, Pakistan (d. 2002)
  • 1964 Arthur Lenk, Israeli diplomat, born in Paterson, New Jersey
  • 1969 Joe Mangrum, American artist, born in Florissant, Missouri
  • 1970 Åsne Seierstad, Norwegian journalist, born in Oslo, Norway
  • 1970 Myrea Pettit, British illustrator
  • 1974 Tanoai Reed, American stunt performer, born in Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 1975 Amber Frey, American witness in the Scott Peterson case
  • 1978 Lorna Bailey, English ceramic designer

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

1840 British Queen Victoria (20) marries her cousin Albert (20) of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, later the Prince Consort at St James' Palace

Queen of the United Kingdom Queen Victoria
Queen of the United Kingdom
Queen Victoria

LoveWedding of Interest

1858 US President Millard Fillmore (58) weds Caroline Carmichael (43) in Albany, New York

13th US President Millard Fillmore
13th US President
Millard Fillmore
  • 1863 P. T. Barnum stages wedding of Tom Thumb & Mercy Lavinia Warren, both midgets, in NYC

LoveWedding of Interest

1899 Future US President Herbert Hoover (24) marries college sweetheart Lou Henry (24) in Monterey California

31st US President Herbert Hoover
31st US President
Herbert Hoover

Deaths in History

  • 1126 William IX, Duke of Aquitaine and poet, dies at 54
  • 1134 Robert III/II Curthouse, Duke of Normandy, dies
  • 1162 King Baldwin III of Jerusalem, son of King Fulco of Anjou/husband of Theodora, dies. (b. 1130)
  • 1242 Emperor Shijō of Japan (b. 1231)
  • 1275 Arnold Fitz Thedmar, English chronicler of the mayors and sheriffs of London in 1188–1274, reported to have died at 73 (probably died 1274)
  • 1278 Margaret II of Flanders (b. 1202)

Person of interestTemür Khan

1307 Temür Khan, Second Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty (1294-1307), grandson and successor to Kublai Khan, dies at 41

Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty Temür Khan
Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty
Temür Khan
  • 1482 Luca della Robbia, Italian sculptor (majolica reliefs), dies at 81
  • 1495 William Stanley, Engl lord chamberlain, executed for conspiracy
  • 1543 Johann Eck, German Scholastic theologian and early counter-reformer against Lutheran challenges, dies a 56
  • 1567 Lord Darnley Stuart, husband of English queen Mary, murdered
  • 1576 Guilielmus Xylander, German classical scholar (b. 1532)
  • 1588 Joost Sybrantsz Buyck, Amsterdam merchant/regent, dies at about 82
  • 1598 Anna van Bull, 1st wife of Polish/Swedish king Sigismund II, dies
  • 1657 Sebastian Stosskopf, Elizabethan painter, dies at 59
  • 1678 Philip Vingboons, Amsterdam's master builder, buried
  • 1686 William Dugdale, English antiquarian and Garter King of Arms (1677-86), dies at 80
  • 1711 Lukas Fencer, Dutch poet (Meleager & Atalante), dies at 22
  • 1722 Bartholomew Roberts, Welsh pirate (raided ships off the Americas and West Africa between 1719-1722), dies at 39
  • 1755 Montesquieu, French writer (b. 1689)
  • 1758 Thomas Ripley, English architect
  • 1772 Joseph Wenzel I, Prince of Liechtenstein and general, dies at 75
  • 1782 Friedrich Christoph Oetinger, German Lutheran theologian, dies at 79
  • 1822 Albert Casimir, Duke of Teschen and Governor of the Austrian Netherlands, dies at 83
  • 1825 Paul van Hemert, Dutch theologist and philosopher (Kant), dies at 68
  • 1829 Leo XII [Annibale Sermattei], Italian Pope (1823-29), dies at 68
  • 1837 Alexander Pushkin, Russian poet and writer (Eugene Onegin), killed in a duel at 37
  • 1852 Samuel Prout, British water color painter, dies at 68
  • 1857 David Thompson, English-Canadian explorer (Columbia River), dies at 86
  • 1861 Francis Danby, Irish painter, dies at 67
  • 1865 Heinrich Lenz, German physicist (b. 1804)
  • 1868 David Brewster, Scottish physicist and inventor (kaleidoscope), dies at 86
  • 1876 Reverdy Johnson, American politician and jurist (Dred Scott v. Sandford), dies at 79
  • 1878 Claude Bernard, French physiologist involved in the founding of modern physiology (blind experiments), dies at 64
  • 1887 Ellen Wood, English author (Pomeroy Abbey), dies at 73
  • 1887 Pieter Jan Baptist Carel Robidé van der Aa, Dutch Indologist and geographer, dies at 54
  • 1891 Sofia Kovalevskaya, Russian mathematician (b. 1850)
  • 1902 J N Krieger, German Selenographer, dies
  • 1904 John A. Roche, Mayor of Chicago (b. 1844)
  • 1906 Ezra Butler Eddy, Canadian businessman (E.B. Eddy Company) and politician, dies at 78
  • 1907 William Howard Russell, Irish war pioneering correspondent, dies at 87
  • 1908 Mustafa Kamil Pasha, Egyptian lawyer, journalist, Nationalist and a founder of Egyptian National Party, dies at 33
  • 1912 Joseph Lister, British surgeon (pioneer of antiseptic surgery), dies at 84
  • 1915 Albert J-BJ Thijs, Belgian Colonial pioneer (Congo), dies at 65
  • 1917 John William Waterhouse, British painter, dies of cancer at 67
  • 1918 Abdul Hamid II, 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire (1876-1909), dies at 75

Person of interestErnesto Teodoro Moneta

1918 Ernesto Teodoro Moneta, Italian pacifist, Nobel Prize Laureate, dies at 84

Italian Pacifist Ernesto Teodoro Moneta
Italian Pacifist
Ernesto Teodoro Moneta

Person of interestWilhelm Röntgen

1923 Wilhelm Röntgen, German physicist who discovered X-rays (Nobel 1901), dies of cancer at 77

Physicist and Nobel Laureate Wilhelm Röntgen
Physicist and Nobel Laureate
Wilhelm Röntgen

Person of interestEdgar Wallace

1932 Edgar Wallace, English novelist, playwright and journalist (The Terror, The Four Just Men) who created King Kong, dies of diabetes at 76

Person of interestPius XI

1939 Pius XI [Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti], Italian 259th Pope (1922-39), dies at 81

259th Pope Pius XI
259th Pope
Pius XI
  • 1943 Wa'er, shot dead by Defiance
  • 1944 Eugène Michel Antoniadi, Greek astronomer, a crater on Mars and the Antoniadi crater on the Moon were named in his honor (b. 1870)
  • 1945 Anacleto Diaz, Filipino jurist (b. 1878)
  • 1950 Marcel Mauss, French sociologist (b. 1872)
  • 1952 Henry Drysdale Dakin, British-American biochemist, known for the Dakin-West reaction (b. 1880)
  • 1957 Laura Ingalls Wilder, American author (Little House on the Prairie), dies at 90
  • 1960 Aloysius Stepinac, Croatian cardinal (b. 1898)
  • 1962 Willem Paerels, Neth/Belgian painter and graphic artist, dies at 83
  • 1964 Eugen Sänger, Austrian aerospace engineer (b. 1905)
  • 1966 Billy Rose [William Samuel Rosenberg], American theatrical producer (Diamond Horse Show), dies at 66
  • 1968 Pitirim A Sorokin, Russian/US sociologist, dies at 79
  • 1975 Nikos Kavvadias, Greek poet and writer (b. 1910)
  • 1983 Vittorio Sereni, Italian poet (Diario d'Algeria), dies at 69
  • 1987 Syed Sadequain Ahmed Naqvi, Pakistani painter, calligrapher and artist (b. 1930)

Person of interestAlex Haley

1992 Alex Haley, American writer (Autobiography of Malcolm X, Roots), dies at 70

Writer Alex Haley
Alex Haley
  • 1992 Florence Tarlow, dies of cancer at 70
  • 1992 Mau Kopuit, Dutch editor-in-chief (New Israeli Weekly Newspaper), dies
  • 1992 Thomas Graftdijk, Dutch writer (Dr Faustus), dies
  • 1993 John Grossman, Czech director (Process, Revisor), dies
  • 1993 Maurice Bourges-Maunoury, Prime Minister of France (1957), dies
  • 1993 Fred Hollows, New Zealand ophthalmologist (b. 1929)
  • 1995 Kenton Kilmer, American writer, dies of cancer at 85
  • 1995 Louis Sen A Kaw, Suriname's great dam builder, dies at 75
  • 1995 Paul Monette, American writer, dies of AIDS at 49
  • 1995 S van der Linde, church historian, dies at 89
  • 1996 Hugh Francis Lamprey, British ecologist, dies at 67
  • 1997 Milton Cato, 1st Prime Minister of San Vincent and the Grenadines (1979-84), dies at 82
  • 1997 Matthew Eappen of Newton Massachusetts (b. 1996)
  • 1998 Buddy the Wonder Dog, dog (Air Bud), dies of cancer at 9
  • 1998 Maurice Schumann, French Minister of Foreign Affairs (1969-73), dies at 86
  • 2001 Abraham Beame, Mayor of New York City (b. 1906)
  • 2002 Traudl Junge, German secretary to Adolf Hitler, dies at 81
  • 2003 Edgar de Evia, Mexican-American photographer, dies at 92
  • 2003 Clark MacGregor, American Republican politician (involved in Watergate), dies at 80
  • 2003 Al Ruffo, Mayor of San Jose, California (b. 1908)
  • 2003 Ron Ziegler, American White House press secretary to Richard Nixon, dies at 63
  • 2003 Bengt Edlén, Swedish Astrophysicist who specialized in spectroscopy and discovered the source of unidentified emission lines in solar spectrum, dies at 86
  • 2004 Margaret Stacey, English sociologist who helped shape the distinctively British genre of empirical sociology, dies at 81

Person of interestArthur Miller

2005 Arthur Miller, American playwright (Death of a Salesman, Crucible), dies at 89

Playwright Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller
  • 2008 Steve Gerber, American comics writer (b. 1947)
  • 2010 Charles Wilson, American politician (b. 1933)
  • 2012 Jeffrey Zaslow, American author and columnist, dies in a car accident at 53
  • 2013 Eugenio Trias, Spanish philosopher, dies at 70