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On This Day in History for February 13

Events in History

  • 1130 Gregorio de' Papareschi elected as Pope Innocent II

Historic InventionAbbasid-Era Baghdad

1258 Baghdad, then a city of 1 million, falls to the Mongols as the Abbasid Caliphate is destroyed, tens of thousands slaughtered, ending the Islamic Golden Age

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The minaret of the Al Khalufa mosque in Baghdad, showcasing the minaret from the Abbasid era of the city
The minaret of the Al Khalufa mosque in Baghdad, showcasing the minaret from the Abbasid era of the city
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  • 1349 Jews are expelled from Burgdorf, Switzerland
  • 1502 Nicolás de Ovando y Cáceres, new Governor of the Indies sets sail for the Indies with fleet of 30 ships, largest-ever fleet to the New World
  • 1503 Disfida di Barletta - Famous challenge between 13 Italian and 13 French knights near Barletta, Southern Italy
  • 1510 Charles of Gelre conquers Oldenzaal
  • 1545 Willem of Nassau becomes Prince of Orange
  • 1575 Henry III of France is crowned at Rheims

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1578 Tycho Brahe first sketches "Tychonic system" of solar system

Astronomer Tycho Brahe
Tycho Brahe
  • 1601 1st British East India Company voyage departs from London, lead by John Lancaster

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1633 Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei arrived in Rome for trial before Inquisition for professing belief that earth revolves around the Sun

Astronomer and Physicist Galileo Galilei
Astronomer and Physicist
Galileo Galilei
  • 1651 Flemish missionary Joris van Geel departs to Congo
  • 1668 Treaty of Lisbon: Spain recognizes Portugal
  • 1689 Parliament of England adopts the Bill of Rights which establishes the rights of parliament and places limits on the crown
  • 1692 Glencoe Massacre: about 38 MacDonalds killed early in the morning by rival Campbell clan members, allegedly for not promptly pledging allegiance to the new king, William of Orange
  • 1693 College of William & Mary opens in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • 1706 Battle at Fraustadt: Swedish army beats Russia and Saxon forces, one of Swedish's Greatest victories in the Great Northern War
  • 1741 Andrew Bedford publishes 1st American magazine (American Magazine)
  • 1755 Rebel leader Mangkubuni signs Treaty of Gianti Java

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1777 Marquis de Sade arrested without charge, imprisoned in Vincennes fortress

Philosopher and Writer Marquis de Sade
Philosopher and Writer
Marquis de Sade
  • 1782 French fleet occupies St Christopher
  • 1786 Abraham Baldwin selected president of University of Georgia
  • 1795 1st state university in US opens, University of North Carolina
  • 1799 1st US law regulating insurance passed by Massachusetts legislature
  • 1809 French take Saragossa, Spain after a long siege
  • 1815 The Cambridge Union Society is founded.
  • 1816 -14] Teatro San Carlo in Naples destroyed by fire
  • 1826 American Temperance Society forms in Boston
  • 1832 First appearance of cholera in London
  • 1837 Riot in New York due to a combination of poverty and increase in the cost of flour

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1858 Sir Richard Burton & John Speake explore Lake Tanganyika, Africa

Geographer, Explorer & Translator Richard Francis Burton
Geographer, Explorer & Translator
Richard Francis Burton
  • 1860 King Basse Kajuara departs Boni South-Celebes
  • 1861 First military action to result in Congressional Medal of Honor, Arizona

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1861 Abraham Lincoln declared US President in Washington, D.C.

16th US President Abraham Lincoln
16th US President
Abraham Lincoln
  • 1861 Colonel Bernard Irwin attacks & defeats hostile Chiricahua Indians
  • 1862 -Feb 16th) Siege of Ft Donelson, Tennessee
  • 1864 Miridian Campaign fighting at Chunky Creek & Wyatt, Mississippi

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1866 Jesse James holds up his first bank, stealing $15,000 from the Clay County Savings Association in Liberty, Missouri

Outlaw Jesse James
Jesse James
  • 1867 Work begins on the covering of the Senne, burying Brussels's primary river and creating the modern central boulevards
  • 1881 The feminist newspaper La Citoyenne is first published in Paris by activist Hubertine Auclert

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1886 Painter Thomas Eakins resigns from Philadelphia Academy of Art after controversial over use of male nudes in a coed art class

Painter Thomas Eakins
Thomas Eakins
  • 1895 Moving picture projector patented
  • 1899 -16°F (-27°C), Minden Louisiana (state record)
  • 1899 -1°F (-18°C) New Orleans, La
  • 1899 -2°F (-19°C) Tallahassee, Florida (state record)
  • 1905 -29°F (-34°C) Pond, Arkansas (state record)
  • 1905 -40°F (-40°C) Lebanon, Kansas (state record)
  • 1905 -40°F (-40°C) Warsaw, Missouri (state record)
  • 1907 English suffragettes storm British Parliament & 60 women are arrested
  • 1915 The French try to drive the Germans forces back into the Champagne region
  • 1920 League of Nations recognizes perpetual neutrality of Switzerland, allowing Switzerland to rejoin the League
  • 1925 US Congress makes Supreme Court appeals more difficult
  • 1927 Uprising against Portuguese regime of Gen Carmona defeated
  • 1929 Cruiser Act, USA, approves the construction of 19 new cruisers & an aircraft carrier
  • 1929 Vladimir Mayakofsky's "Klop" premieres in Moscow
  • 1932 "Free Eats" introduces George "Spanky" McFarland to "Our Gang"
  • 1934 Austrian Dollfuss government bans socialist party
  • 1934 The Soviet steamship Cheliuskin sinks in the Arctic Ocean.
  • 1935 1st US surgical operation for relief of angina pectoris, Cleveland
  • 1935 Bruno Hauptmann found guilty of kidnap & murder of Lindbergh infant. He proclaimed his innocence to the end.
  • 1937 "Prince Valiant" comic strip appears; known for historical detail
  • 1937 US male Figure Skating championship won by Robin Lee
  • 1941 Nazi leaders attack Dutch Jewish Council

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1942 Hitler's Operation Sealion, the invasion of England, is cancelled

Dictator of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Nazi Germany
Adolf Hitler

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1943 German assault on Sidi Bou Zid Tunisia, General Dwight D. Eisenhower visits front

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 1943 Women's US Marine Corps created

Battle of InterestBombing of Dresden

1945 Allied planes begin bombing Dresden, Germany; a firestorm results and over 22,000 die

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Dresden after the Allied firebombing campaign in 1945
Dresden after the Allied firebombing campaign in 1945
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  • 1945 Gerbrandy Dutch government refuses Dutch Jewish right to buy
  • 1945 USSR captures Budapest, after a 49-day battle with Nazi Germany in which 159,000 die
  • 1948 Ice Pairs Championship at Davos won by Lannoy & Baugniet of BEL
  • 1948 Men's Figure Skating Championship in Davos won by Richard Button USA
  • 1948 Wright Flyer, 1st plane to fly, returns to US from England
  • 1953 A's change name of Shibe Park to Connie Mack Stadium
  • 1954 Frank Selvey scores 100 points for Furman beating Newberry 149-95
  • 1955 Israel acquires 4 of 7 Dead Sea scrolls
  • 1956 KYW-AM in Philadelphia Penn gives calls to WTAM (now WWWE) Cleveland

Conference meetingConference of Interest

1957 Southern Christian Leadership Conference organizes in New Orleans with Martin Luther King Jr. as President

Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr.
Civil Rights Activist
Martin Luther King Jr.
Civil Rights Activist Ralph Abernathy
Civil Rights Activist
Ralph Abernathy
  • 1959 Miro Cardon, premier of Cuba, resigns
  • 1960 France performs 1st nuclear test at Reggane Proving Grounds Algeria
  • 1960 France becomes the 4th nuclear nation by exploding the 70 kilo-ton "Gerboise Bleue" atomic bomb in the French Algerian Sahara desert [1]
  • 1961 Soviet Union fires a rocket from Sputnik V to Venus
  • 1965 US male Figure Skating championship won by Gary Visconti
  • 1966 USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR
  • 1968 US sends 10,500 additional soldiers to Vietnam
  • 1969 Mary Hopkin's Postcard album on Apple is released
  • 1969 Suriname government of Pengel resigns
  • 1970 Man-eating tiger is reported to have killed 48, 80 km from New Delhi
  • 1970 NL offices begins move from Cincinnati to San Francisco (completed Feb 23)
  • 1971 12,000 South Vietnamese troops cross into Laos
  • 1973 US dollar devalues 10%

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1974 Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian novelist and historian, is deported from the Soviet Union to Frankfurt, West Germany and stripped of his Soviet citizenship

Writer and Nobel Laureate Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Writer and Nobel Laureate
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  • 1975 Turkish Cypriot leader Rauf Denktash proclaims Turkish-Cypriot Federation
  • 1976 Peter Casserly of NZ hand-sheers record 353 lambs in 9 hours
  • 1976 Major-General Olusegun Obasanjo becomes military ruler of Nigeria
  • 1978 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1979 Washington State's Hood Canal Bridge breaks up in windstorm
  • 1979 Formation of Guardian Angels crime fighters in New York City
  • 1980 Apollo Computer Inc incorporated
  • 1981 Longest sentence published by "The New York Times" - 1286 words
  • 1981 A series of sewer explosions destroys more than two miles of streets in Louisville, Kentucky.

Birthdays in History

  • 711 BC Emperor Jimmu Tennō, According to legend the 1st Emperor of Japan (660 BC - 585 BC) and founder of the imperial dynasty, (d. 585 BC)
  • 1440 Hartmann Schedel, German physician, humanist and historian, born in Nuremberg, Germany (d. 1514)
  • 1457 Mary of Burgundy, daughter of Charles the Bold and wife of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, born in Brussels, Burgundian Netherlands (d. 1482)
  • 1480 Girolamo Aleandro, Italian Catholic cardinal, Treviso, Venice, Italy (d. 1542)
  • 1599 Alexander VII [Fabio Chigi], Italian Pope (1655-67), born in Siena, Florence, Italy (d. 1667)
  • 1610 Jean de la Badie, French theologian, founder of Labadists, born in Bourg, Bordeaux, France (d. 1674)
  • 1622 Adam Pijnacker, Dutch landscape painter and etcher, baptized
  • 1658 Jan B. Wellekens, Dutch poet and painter
  • 1672 Étienne François Geoffroy, French physician and chemist (1718 affinity table), born in Paris (d. 1731)
  • 1682 Giovanni Battista Piazzetta, Italian Rococo painter of religious subjects and genre scenes (Fortune Teller), born in Venice (d. 1754)
  • 1728 John Hunter, Scottish surgeon and founder of pathological anatomy in England, born in Long Calderwood, Scotland (d. 1793)

Person of interestJoseph Banks

1743 Joseph Banks, English botanist and naturalist who accompanied James Cook on board the Endeavour, born in London (d. 1820)

Botanist and explorer Joseph Banks
Botanist and explorer
Joseph Banks
  • 1766 Thomas Malthus, British economist and demographer (Law of Malthus), born in Guildford, England (d. 1834)
  • 1768 Édouard Adolphe Casimir Joseph Mortier, French marshal (d. 1835)
  • 1769 Ivan Krylov, Russian fabulist (d. 1844)
  • 1805 David Dudley Field II, American lawyer, law codifier, born in Haddam, Connecticut (d. 1894)
  • 1805 Peter G L Dirichlet, German number theorist/analysist
  • 1807 Bartolomea Capitanio, Italian teacher, co-foundress of the Sisters of Charity of Lovere, and saint, born in Lovere, Bergamo, Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy (d. 1833)
  • 1813 Charles Pierre Schimpf, governor of Suriname (1855-59)
  • 1822 Lev A Mej, Russian nobleman/poet
  • 1829 Gerard Keller, writer (Netherlands Spectator)
  • 1831 John Aaron Rawlins, Bvt Major General (Union Army), (d. 1869)
  • 1833 William Whedbee Kirkland, American Brigadier-General (Confederate Army), born in Hillsboro, North Carolina (d. 1915)
  • 1835 Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, Founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (d. 1908)
  • 1849 Lord Randolph Churchill, England, politician, Winston's father
  • 1852 Johan L E Dreyer, Danish astronomer (New gen catalogue of nebulae)
  • 1855 Paul Deschanel, French President (d. 1922)
  • 1859 Frank van de Goes, Dutch writer/marxist theorist
  • 1859 William Strang, Scottish painter/engraver
  • 1861 Uchimura Kanzo, religious writer (How I Became a Christian), born in Tokyo, Japan
  • 1874 Hendrik Spiekman, Dutch journalist and politician (social-democratic)
  • 1879 Sarojini Naidu, Indian freedom fighter and poet, born in Hyperbad, India (d. 1949)
  • 1881 Eleanor Farjeon, English writer (Martin Pippin)

Person of interestBess Truman

1885 Bess Truman, US First Lady (1945-52), born in Independence, Missouri (d. 1982)

US First Lady Bess Truman
US First Lady
Bess Truman
  • 1888 Georgios Papandreou, Greek politician and Prime Minister of Greece (1944–45, 1963, 1964–65), born in Kalentzi, Achaea, Greece (d. 1968)
  • 1888 Heintje Davids [Hendrika], Dutch revue star
  • 1891 Grant Wood, American painter (American Gothic), born near Anamosa, Iowa (d. 1942)
  • 1891 Kate Roberts, Welsh nationalist and writer (d. 1985)
  • 1892 Robert Houghwout Jackson, 84th Supreme Court justice (1941-54)
  • 1893 Ana Pauker-Rabensohn, Romania, communist/foreign minister (1945-52)
  • 1898 Neville Pearson, English publisher
  • 1902 Blair Moody, American journalist (US Senator (D)-Michigan, 1951-52), born in New Haven, Connecticut (d. 1954)
  • 1902 Karl Menger, Austria-American mathematician (theory of dimension)
  • 1903 Georges Simenon, Belgian born mystery writer (Maigret detective novels, Snow Was Black), born in Liège, Belgium (d. 1989)
  • 1906 Agostinho da Silva, Portuguese philosopher (d. 1994)

Person of interestWilliam Shockley

1910 William Shockley, American physicist who helped invent the transistor (1956 Nobel), who was also known for his racist eugenics views, born in London, England (d. 1989)

Physicist William Shockley
William Shockley
  • 1913 Arthur Carleton Hetherington, public servant
  • 1913 Guiseppe Dossetti, politician/priest

Person of interestAung San

1915 Aung San, Burmese general and nationalist politician, born in Natmauk, Myanmar (d. 1947)

General and Politician Aung San
General and Politician
Aung San
  • 1921 Henk van Galen Last, Dutch journalist
  • 1921 Zao-Wou-Ki, Chinese/French painter and graphic artist
  • 1922 Lord Pym of Sandy, British minister of foreign affairs
  • 1922 Gordon Tullock, American economist
  • 1922 Tristram Coffin, San Marino, California, folklorist (The Book of Christmas Folklore, The Old Ball Game), (d. 2012)
  • 1923 Chuck Yeager, American test pilot who was the 1st man to break the sound barrier, born in Myra, West Virginia (d. 2020) [1]
  • 1923 Michael Anthony Bilandic, American politician (d. 2002)
  • 1924 Jean-Jacques Servan-Schreiber, French economist/politician
  • 1925 Jan Arends, Dutch poet/author
  • 1927 Harry Wich, Dutch set designer
  • 1929 Omar Torrijos Herrera, president Panama
  • 1930 Ernst Fuchs, Austrian artist
  • 1933 Emanuel Ungaro, French fashion designer (Neiman-Marcus Award-1969)
  • 1933 Paul Biya, Cameroon politician, President of Cameroon (1982- ), born in Mvomeka'a, Cameroon
  • 1937 Sigmund Jaehn, German cosmonaut (Soyuz 31/29), born in Muldenhammer, Germany
  • 1937 Ali El-Maak, Sudanese writer, born in Omdurman, Sudan (d. 1992)
  • 1939 Valery Rozhdestvensky, Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz 23), born in Leningrad, Soviet Union (d. 2011)
  • 1939 Beate Klarsfeld, Franco-German journalist, born in Berlin, Germany
  • 1941 Andrea Conte, First Lady of Tennessee, born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts
  • 1941 Sigmar Polke, German painter, born in Oleśnica, Poland (d. 2010)
  • 1942 Donald E. Williams, US naval officer & NASA astronaut (STS 51D, STS 34), born in Lafayette, Indiana (d. 2016)
  • 1943 Friedrich Christian Delius, German writer, born in Rome, Italy
  • 1943 Leo Frankowski, American sci-fi author (High Tech Knight, Flying Warlord), born in Detroit, Michigan (d. 2008)

Person of interestJerry Springer

1944 Jerry Springer, English-born US talk show host (Jerry Springer Show), born in London, England

Talk Show Host Jerry Springer
Talk Show Host
Jerry Springer
  • 1945 David Tremlett, English artist, born in Dartford, United Kingdom
  • 1948 Allan Legere, Canadian serial killer (Monster of the Miramichi), born in Chatham, Canada
  • 1955 Joe Birkett, American lawyer, born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1956 Princess Alia bint Al Hussein, Jordanian Royal Family member, born in Amman, Jordan
  • 1957 Denise Austin, US fitness instructor & author, born in San Pedro, California
  • 1958 Marc Emery, Canadian cannabis activist, born in London, Canada
  • 1960 Pierluigi Collina, Italian football referee, born in Bologna, Italy
  • 1962 Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, Puerto Rican politician and lawyer, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • 1964 Ylva Johansson, Swedish politician, born in Huddinge Municipality, Sweden
  • 1974 Gus Hansen, Danish poker player (3 x World Poker Tour open titles, WSOP bracelet 2010), born in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 1974 Jeff Duran, US radio personality, born in Arcadia, California
  • 1976 Martin Sastre, Uruguayan artist, born in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • 1979 Anders Behring Breivik, Norwegian terrorist, born in Oslo, Norway
  • 1982 Lanisha Cole, US model, born in Pasadena, California
  • 1990 Olivia Federici, British synchronized swimmer, born in Plymouth, United Kingdom
  • 1997 Michael Jackson Jr., son of Michael Jackson, born in Beverly Hills, California

Weddings in History

  • 1575 Henry III of France marries Louise de Lorraine-Vaudémont.

Deaths in History

  • 858 Kenneth I of Scotland [Kenneth MacAlpin], King of the Picts who united Scotland and is considered the 1st Scottish King, dies of a tumor at around 48
  • 1130 Honorius II [Lamberto], Pope (1124-30), dies
  • 1141 Béla II of Hungary (b. 1110)
  • 1200 Stefan Nemanja [Saint Symeon], Serbian ruler and founder of Serbian state (or died 1199)
  • 1219 Minamoto no Sanetomo, Japanese 3rd shōgun of the Kamakura shogunate
  • 1237 Jordanus of Saxon, 2nd general of Dominicans, drowns
  • 1315 Jean I of Chalon-Arlay, mayor of Neuchôtel, dies
  • 1332 Andronicus II Paleologus, Byzantine emperor (1282-1328)/monk, dies
  • 1539 Isabella d'Este, Marquise of Mantua (b. 1474)
  • 1542 Catherine Howard, Queen of England (1540-42), 5th wife of Henry VIII, beheaded at 18 or 19 for adultery
  • 1542 Jane Boleyn, Viscountess Rochford, sister-in-law of King Henry VIII of England, beheaded in the Tower of London at 36 or 37
  • 1585 Alfonso Salmeron, Spanish Jesuit biblical scholar, dies at 69
  • 1592 Jacopo Bassano, Italian painter
  • 1600 Gian Paolo Lomazzo, Italian painter and poet (Trattato), dies at 61
  • 1602 Alexander Nowell, English churchman, dean of St Paul's, dies
  • 1608 Konstanty Wasyl Ostrogski, Lithuanian prince (b. 1526)
  • 1608 Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury and builder of country houses, dies at 89
  • 1624 Stephen Gosson, English satirist (b. 1554)
  • 1635 Georg R Weckerlin, German poet, dies at 50
  • 1660 Charles X Gustav, King of Sweden (1654-60), dies at 37
  • 1662 Elisabeth Stuart, Electress of the Palatinate, "The Winter Queen" of Bohemia and daughter of James VI and I of England and Scotland, dies at 65
  • 1727 William Wotton, English theologian and scholar, dies at 58

Person of interestCotton Mather

1728 Cotton Mather, American Puritan minister (Salem witchcraft trials), dies at 65

Puritan Minister Cotton Mather
Puritan Minister
Cotton Mather
  • 1732 Charles-René d'Hozier, French historian (b. 1640)
  • 1787 Ruđer Bošković, Croatian scientist and diplomat (b. 1711)
  • 1787 Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes, French statesman and diplomat, dies at 67
  • 1798 Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder, German writer (Fantasies of Art), dies at 24
  • 1813 Samuel Ashe, Governor of North Carolina (b. 1725)
  • 1818 George Rogers Clark, American frontier military leader in Revolutionary War, dies at 65
  • 1818 Absalom Jones, African-American abolitionist and clergyman, dies at 71
  • 1837 Mariano José de Larra, Spanish journalist and writer (b. 1809
  • 1841 Thomas Ainsworth, English/Dutch industrialist, dies at 45
  • 1845 Henrik Steffens, Norwegian-German philosopher, dies at 71
  • 1858 Hermann Heinrich Gossen, Prussian economist, dies at 47
  • 1873 Petrus Abraham Samuel van Limburg Brouwer, Dutch politician and critic (Akbar), dies at 43
  • 1882 Henry Highland Garnet, diplomat, dies in Monrovia Liberia at 66
  • 1888 Jean Baptiste Lamy, 1st Archbishop of Santa Fe (1853-85), dies at 73
  • 1889 João Maurício Wanderley, Brazilian magistrate and politician (b. 1885)
  • 1891 David Dixon Porter, United States Navy admiral, dies at 77
  • 1893 Ignacio Manuel Altamirano, Mexican author (El Zarco), dies at 58
  • 1894 Franjo Rački, Croatian historian and politician, dies at 65
  • 1897 Joseph O. Shelby, American Brigadier General (Confederate Army), dies at 66
  • 1905 Konstantin Savitsky, Russian painter (Travellers in Auvergne), dies at 60
  • 1906 Albert Gottschalk, Danish painter, dies at 39
  • 1907 Marcel Bertrand, French geologist and mine engineer (tectonic geology), dies at 59
  • 1914 Alphonse Bertillon, French police officer and anthropologist (devised crime ID system), dies at 60
  • 1919 Matteo Albertone, Italian general who fought in the Italo-Ethiopian War, dies at 78
  • 1921 Willem P C Knuttel, Dutch bibliography/librarian, dies at 67
  • 1927 Brooks Adams, American philosopher (New Empire), dies at 78
  • 1935 Violet Paget, British author (Gospels of Anarchy), dies at 78
  • 1937 C A Bernoulli, writer, dies
  • 1942 Epitácio Pessoa, 11th President of Brazil (Minas Gerais Republican: 1919-22), dies at 76
  • 1943 William Walraven, Dutch journalist and writer (Neglected Grouser), dies at 55
  • 1950 Rafael Sabatini, Italian-British writer (The Sea Hawk), dies at 74
  • 1951 Lloyd C. Douglas, American novelist (The Big Fisherman), dies at 73
  • 1952 Josephine Tey, English author (b. 1896)
  • 1954 Frederick Lewis Allen, American social historian and editor of Harper's Magazine, dies at 63
  • 1958 Dame Christabel Pankhurst, a leading suffragette (English) "Queen of the mob" (b.1880)
  • 1958 Georges Rouault, French expressionist painter (Miserere et Guerre), dies at 86
  • 1960 Delmar G Roos, designer of jeep, dies at 79
  • 1963 Harry Steers, bowling hall of famer, dies
  • 1964 Werner Heyde, German psychiatrist, one of the main organizers of Nazi Germany's T-4 Euthanasia Program, dies at 61
  • 1965 William Heard Kilpatrick, American mathematician and philosopher, dies at 93
  • 1966 Elio Vittorini, writer, dies
  • 1975 Henry P Van Dusen, US protestant theologist, dies at 77
  • 1976 Murtala Mohammed, Nigerian military ruler, is assassinated at 37
  • 1982 Zeng Jinlian, tallest woman known (2.46 m, 8'1''), dies at 17
  • 1984 Andre Stander, South African police captain and bank robber (b. 1946)
  • 1989 Wayne Hays, American politician (b. 1911)
  • 1992 Bob den Uyl, Dutch journalist and writer (Restless Travel), dies at 61
  • 1992 Nikolay Bogolyubov, Russian mathematician, dies at 82
  • 1993 Agatha Hagtingius-Seger, Dutch author (Sparkles Chain), dies at 91
  • 1994 Michael Francis Morris Lindsay, orientalist, dies at 84
  • 1994 Theo Bitter, Dutch painter/set designer, dies at 79
  • 1995 Abdelhafid Said, Algerian student leader, murdered
  • 1995 Alberto Burri, Ital's physician/sculptor/painter), dies at 79
  • 1995 Azeddine Medjoubi, head Algerian nationally theater, murdered at 49
  • 1995 Joan A C Ramsey nee Hamilton, lady Ramsey of Canterbury, dies at 84
  • 1997 Mark Krasnosel'skii, Russian-Ukrainian mathematician (nonlinear functional analysis), dies at 76
  • 1998 Jo Clayton, author, Cancer Died, Drums of Chaos, dies at 58
  • 2000 James Cooke Brown, American author and inventor (b. 1921)
  • 2002 Pauline Trigère, French-American fashion designer (Bell Bottoms), dies at 93
  • 2003 Axel Jensen, Norwegian author (b. 1932)
  • 2003 Walt Rostow, U.S. government official (b. 1916)
  • 2004 Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, Chechen leader (b. 1952)
  • 2005 Lúcia Santos, Portuguese Carmelite nun and Fatima visionary, dies at 97
  • 2005 Dick Weber, American professional bowler (b. 1929)
  • 2005 Emilios T. Harlaftis, Greek astrophysicist, dies at 40
  • 2006 Peter Frederick Strawson, British philosopher (b. 1919)
  • 2006 Wang Xuan, Chinese computer scientist, dies at 66
  • 2007 Elizabeth Jolley, British-born Australian writer (Palomino), dies at 83
  • 2007 Charlie Norwood, American politician (b. 1941)
  • 2007 Richard Gordon Wakeford, Air Marshal, Royal Air Force (b. 1922)
  • 2008 Kon Ichikawa, Japanese director (Matatabi, Money Talks), dies at 92
  • 2010 Lucille Clifton, American poet (Two-Headed Woman), dies at 73
  • 2012 Mohamed Lamari, Chief of Staff of the Algerian Army, dies from a heart attack at 72
  • 2012 Lillian Bassman, American photographer and painter (Harper's Bazaar), dies at 94
  • 2016 Antonin Scalia, American 105th Supreme Court Justice (1986-2016), dies at 79
  • 2018 Henrik [Henri Marie Jean André de Laborde de Monpezat], Prince Consort of Denmark, dies at 83
  • 2021 Olle Nygren, Swedish speedway rider (World Team Cup 1960; World C'ship 1954 3rd; World Longtrack C'ship 1961 runner-up), dies at 91