On This Day in History for February 15

Events in History

  • 399 BC Philosopher Socrates is sentenced to death by the city of Athens for corrupting the minds of the youth of the city and for impiety
  • 438 The Theodosian Code of Roman laws proclaimed in the Eastern Empire (first law reforms since 295)
  • 590 Khosrau II, the last great Sasanian king is crowned King of Persia
  • 732 Zen teacher Ho-tse Shen-hui disputes founder of Northern Ch'an line
  • 1145 Bernardo elected Pope Eugene III
  • 1220 Khwarezmian city of Bukhara taken by Genghis Khan's Mongol army after a 12-day siege, with the death of about 30,000 of its citizens
  • 1313 Peace of Angleur, Li├Ęge signed
  • 1386 Duke Philip the Stout forms Council of Flanders
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Weddings in History

  • 1867 Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky (45) weds Anna Snitkina at Trinity Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, Russia

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