On This Day

On This Day in History for February 3

Events in History

  • 1377 Mass execution of population (between 2,500 and 5,000) of Cesena, Italy, by Breton troops of Giovanni Acuto under the command of Robert, Cardinal of Geneva, acting as the legate of Pope Gregory XI

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1451 Sultan Mehmed II, the Conqueror inherits the throne of the Ottoman Empire

Ottoman Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror
Ottoman Sultan
Mehmed the Conqueror

DiscoveryHistoric Discovery

1488 Bartolomeu Dias discovers Mosselbaai (Angra dos Vaqueros)

Portuguese Explorer Bartolomeu Dias
Portuguese Explorer
Bartolomeu Dias
  • 1509 The Battle of Diu, naval battle at port of Diu, India between Portugal and the Ottoman Empire, establishes Portuguese trading control

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1576 Henry of Navarre (future Henry IV) escapes from Paris

  • 1591 German monarchy forms Protestant Union of Torgau
  • 1653 Cardinal Mazarin returns to Paris from exile
  • 1660 General Monck's army reaches London
  • 1740 Charles de Bourbon, King of Naples, invites Jews to return to Sicily
  • 1743 Philadelphia establishes a "pesthouse" to quarantine immigrants
  • 1752 Dutch States-General forbids export of windmills
  • 1781 Dutch West Indies island of St Eustatia taken by British
  • 1783 Spain recognizes US independence
  • 1807 A British military force, under Brigadier-General Sir Samuel Auchmuty captures the city of Montevideo in the Battle of Montevideo, then part of the Spanish Empire now capital of Uruguay (Napoleonic Wars)
  • 1809 Territory of Illinois organizes (including present-day Wisconsin)
  • 1815 World's first commercial cheese factory established, in Switzerland
  • 1825 Dutch North Sea coast floods
  • 1830 The sovereignty of Greece confirmed in a London Protocol
  • 1834 Wake Forest University is established in North Carolina
  • 1836 Whig Party holds its 1st national convention (Albany NY)
  • 1855 Wisconsin Supreme Coutt declares US Fugitive Slave Law unconstitutional
  • 1860 Thomas Clemson takes office as 1st US superintendent of agriculture

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1863 Samuel Clemens first uses the pen name Mark Twain in a Virginia City newspaper, the "Territorial Enterprise"

Author Mark Twain
Mark Twain
  • 1864 Sherman's march through Mississippi
  • 1865 Hampton Roads Peace Conference, Lincoln & Stephens reach an impasse
  • 1867 Prince Mutsuhito, 14, becomes Emperor Meiji of Japan (1867-1912)
  • 1869 Booth Theater at 23rd & 6th opens in NYC (Romeo & Juliet)
  • 1870 US state of Iowa ratifies the 15th Amendment of the United States Constitution allowing suffrage for all races & colour

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1882 Circus owner P. T. Barnum buys his world-famous elephant Jumbo

Circus Showman and Businessman P. T. Barnum
Circus Showman and Businessman
P. T. Barnum
  • 1887 To avoid disputed national elections, the US Congress creates Electoral Count Act
  • 1892 Russia closes down the Volozhin Yeshiva, a Lithuanian talmudical college
  • 1895 Wilhelm Mauseth skates world record 500 m (46.8 secs)
  • 1900 Rival forces fight for control of the Union Park ball grounds in Baltimore
  • 1900 Gubernatorial candidate William Goebel is assassinated in Frankfort, Kentucky
  • 1901 Dutch troops under Gen Van Heutsz conquer Batu Ilië on Sumatra
  • 1903 Frederick Lugard occupies Kano West Africa
  • 1908 Supreme Court rules a union boycott violates Sherman Antitrust Act
  • 1908 Foundation of Panathinaikos in Athens, Greece.
  • 1913 16th Amendment to the US Constitution, federal income tax, ratified
  • 1915 Turkish & German army reach Suez Canal
  • 1916 Canada's original Parliament buildings in Ottawa burn down
  • 1916 Tristan Tzara publishes the Dada manifesto in Zurich, Switzerland

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1917 US liner Housatonic is sunk by German submarine, on the same day that US President Woodrow Wilson breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany

28th US President Woodrow Wilson
28th US President
Woodrow Wilson
  • 1918 Twin Peaks Tunnel for streetcars begins service in San Francisco, at 11,920 feet one of world's longest
  • 1919 Socialist conference convenes (Berne, Switzerland)
  • 1919 The Bolshevik army is defeated in a series of clashes with the White Russians, who are fighting to reclaim the government after the 1917 revolution
  • 1923 The Alpha Zeta chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia founded at Pennsylvania State University.
  • 1924 Alexei Ryko elected as President of People's commission (succeeds Lenin)
  • 1927 Uprising against regime of general Carmona in Portugal

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1928 Paleoanthropologist Davidson Black reports his findings on the ancient human fossils found at Zhoukoudian, China in the journal Nature and declares them to be a new species he names 'Sinanthropus pekinensis' (now known as 'Homo erectus')

Paleoanthropologist Davidson Black
Davidson Black
  • 1929 Revolutionary Socialist Party forms in Amsterdam

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1930 William Howard Taft resigns as US chief justice for health reasons

27th US President William Howard Taft
27th US President
William Howard Taft
  • 1930 The Indochinese Communist Party of Vietnam is established

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1931 Arkansas legislature passes motion to pray for soul of journalist H. L. Mencken, after he calls the state the "apex of moronia"

Journalist and Critic H. L. Mencken
Journalist and Critic
H. L. Mencken

New ZealandHawke's Bay Earthquake

1931 New Zealand's worst natural disaster, the Hawke's Bay earthquake, kills 256 and injures thousands, devastating Napier and the Hawke's Bay region

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The Hastings post office damaged after the 1931 earthquake
The Hastings post office damaged after the 1931 earthquake
Learn More
  • 1933 1st interstate legislative conference in US opens, Washington, D.C.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1933 German Minister Hermann Goering bans social-democratic newspaper Vorwarts

Nazi Politician Hermann Goering
Nazi Politician
Hermann Goering
  • 1933 Marinus van der Lubbe departs to Berlin
  • 1938 Paul Osborn's "On Borrowed Time" premieres in NYC
  • 1941 US Supreme Court upheld Federal Wage & Hour law, sets minimum wages & maximum hours
  • 1942 1st Japanese air raid on Java
  • 1943 4 chaplains drown after giving up their life jackets to others
  • 1944 World War II: United States troops capture the Marshall Islands.
  • 1945 Almost 1,000 Flying Fortresses drop 3,000 tons of bombs on Berlin
  • 1947 -81°F (-63°C), Snag Yukon (North American record)
  • 1947 1st black reporter in US Congressional press gallery (Percival Prattis)
  • 1950 Nuclear physicist Klaus Fuchs arrested on spying charges
  • 1951 Dick Button wins US skating title for 6th time

Music releaseTheater Premiere

1951 Tennessee Williams' play "The Rose Tattoo" premieres in NYC

Playwright Tennessee Williams
Tennessee Williams
  • 1954 Jeen van den Berg wins Dutch Eleven Cities Skating race (7:32)
  • 1956 Autherine Lucy admitted to University of Alabama, suspended 2/7 after a riot
  • 1959 American Airlines Electra crashes in NY's East River, killing 65

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1960 British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan makes his famous "wind of change" speech in Africa, against the apartheid regime, angering South African politicians

British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan
British Prime Minister
Harold Macmillan
  • 1961 6th largest snowfall in NYC history (17.4" (44.2cm))

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1962 US President John F. Kennedy bans all trade with Cuba except for food & drugs

35th US President John F. Kennedy
35th US President
John F. Kennedy
  • 1964 Black & Puerto Rican students boycott NYC public schools
  • 1965 105 USAF cadets resigned for cheating in exams
  • 1965 Geraldine McCullough wins Widener Gold Medal for Sculpture
  • 1965 Orbiting Solar Observatory 2 launches into Earth orbit (552/636 km)
  • 1966 1st operational weather satellite, ESSA-1 launched US
  • 1966 1st soft landing on Moon (Soviet Luna 9)
  • 1967 Ronald Ryan, the last person to be executed in Australia, is hanged in Pentridge Prison, Melbourne

Electoral defeatElection of Interest

1969 Northern Ireland Prime Minister Terence O'Neill announces the dissolution of the Stormont parliament and the holding of new elections

Northern Ireland Prime Minister Terence O'Neill
Northern Ireland Prime Minister
Terence O'Neill
  • 1971 A series of house searches by the British Army in Catholic areas of Belfast, resulting in serious rioting and gun battles
  • 1971 OPEC mandates "total embargo" against any company that rejects 55 percent tax rate
  • 1971 NYPD officer Frank Serpico is shot during a drug bust while his fellow officers stood outside and failed to call for assistance
  • 1972 US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
  • 1975 Billy Herman, Earl Averill, & Bucky Harris elected to Hall of Fame
  • 1977 Martin Dihigo John Lloyd elected to Hall of Fame
  • 1978 Australia beat India 3-2 on 6th day of final test, after India are all out for 445 chasing 493 to win

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1978 Egyptian President Anwar al-Sadat and US President Jimmy Carter discuss the Middle East peace process in Washington, D.C.

39th US President Jimmy Carter
39th US President
Jimmy Carter
  • 1979 US female Figure Skating championship won by Linda Fratianne
  • 1979 US male Figure Skating championship won by Charles Tickner
  • 1980 Mohammed Ali tours Africa as President Carter's envoy
  • 1981 Gro Harlem Brundtland is elected as the first female Prime Minister of Norway
  • 1982 Columbia Shuttle moves to Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center (Florida) for mating for STS-3 mission
  • 1982 Greatest helicopter lift, 56,888 kg, Podmoscovnoe, USSR
  • 1982 John Sharples of England finishes 371 hours of disco dancing
  • 1982 Porn star John Holmes ordered to stand trial for murder
  • 1983 US female Figure Skating championship won by Rosalynn Sumners

Birthdays in History

  • 1338 Jeanne de Bourbon, wife of Charles V of France (d. 1378)

Person of interestFerdinand Magellan

1480 Ferdinand Magellan, Portuguese explorer, born in Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal (d. 1521)

  • 1655 Francois Fagel, Dutch fieldmarshal, baptized
  • 1677 Jan Santini Aichel, Czech architect (d. 1723)
  • 1690 Richard Rawlinson, English minister (d. 1755)
  • 1721 Friedrich Wilhelm, baron von Seydlitz, Prussian general, born in Kalkar, Germany l (d. 1773)
  • 1747 Samuel Osgood, American patriot (d. 1813)
  • 1763 Caroline von Wolzogen [von Lengefeld], German author
  • 1795 Antonio José de Sucre, South American independence leader (d. 1830)
  • 1805 Otto Theodor von Manteuffel, Prussian conservative statesman and Minister-President of the Kingdom of Prussia (1850-88), born in Lübben (Spreewald), Electorate of Saxony (d. 1882)

Person of interestJoseph E. Johnston

1807 Joseph E. Johnston, American military officer (senior officer in Confederate Army and United States Army), born in Farmville, Virginia (d. 1891)

US Army Officer and Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston
US Army Officer and Confederate General
Joseph E. Johnston
  • 1811 Horace Greeley, American founder and editor of the New-York Tribune ("Go west, young man"), born in Amherst, New Hampshire (d. 1872)
  • 1817 Samuel Ryan Curtis, American politician and Major General (Union Army), born in Champlain, New York (d. 1866)
  • 1817 Achille Ernest Oscar Joseph Delesse, French geologist (d. 1881)
  • 1820 Elisha Kent Kane, US Arctic explorer (Kane Basin off NW Greenland)

Person of interestElizabeth Blackwell

1821 Elizabeth Blackwell, English-American physician who was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States, born in Bristol, England (d. 1910)

  • 1823 Spencer F Baird, US biologist (Wood's Hole Station)
  • 1824 George Thomas "Tige" Anderson, Brigadier General (Confederate Army)
  • 1824 Nathan George "Shanks" Evans, American Brigadier-General (Confederate States Army), born in Marion County, South Carolina (d. 1868)
  • 1824 Ranald MacDonald, Canadian-born Scottish educator and interpreter (d. 1894)
  • 1826 Walter Bagehot, England, economist/sociologist

Person of interestRobert Gascoyne-Cecil

1830 Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury, British Prime Minister (Conservative: 1885-86, 1886-92 and 1895-1902), born in Hatfield, England (d. 1903)

British Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
British Prime Minister
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil
  • 1831 Cyrus Ballou Comstock, American Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Wrentham, Massachusetts (d. 1910)
  • 1833 Thomas T H Jorissen, Dutch historian
  • 1845 Ernest von Wildenbruch, German playwright (Sedan)
  • 1851 Johannes B van Heutsz, lt-gen/gov-gen Dutch East Indies
  • 1857 Wilhelm Ludvig Johannsen, Copenhagen, Danish Botanist and Geneticist who provided evidence for Hugo de Vries' mutation theory
  • 1859 Hugo Junkers, German aircraft designer (d. 1935)
  • 1865 Martinus Ballings, Flemish jesuit/author (Will Power)
  • 1870 Ada Negri, Italian poet/author (Il Libro di Mara)
  • 1873 Ernest B Allo, French theologist
  • 1874 Gertrude Stein, Penn, author (Autobiography of Alice B Toklas)
  • 1878 Joseph Gordon Coates, Prime Minister of New Zealand (1925-28), born in Ruatuna, New Zealand (d. 1943)
  • 1880 Arnoldus JH Aerts, bishop of Neth-Guinea (1920-42)
  • 1882 Trijntje Jansma-Boskma; oldest person in the Netherlands
  • 1883 Clarence Mulford, Ill, western writer (Hopalong Cassidy)
  • 1887 Georg Trakl, Austrian poet (Autumn of the Lonely)
  • 1887 Silvio d'Amico, Italian theater critic (Tramonto del grande attore)
  • 1887 Juan Negrín, Spanish Prime Minister (d. 1956)
  • 1888 Joris Baers, Flemish bibliography/founder (Boekengids)
  • 1889 Carl Theodor Dreyer, Danish director (Passion of Jeanne d'arc)
  • 1889 Risto Ryti, Finnish premier/president
  • 1891 Jan Donner, Dutch minister of Justice (1926-33)
  • 1893 Gaston Julia, French mathematician (d. 1978)
  • 1894 Norman Rockwell, American artist/illustrator (Sat Evening Post covers)
  • 1895 Victor Raul Haya de la Torre, politician (APRA-Peru) [or Feb 22]
  • 1896 Johannes Urzidil, writer
  • 1898 Alvar Aalto, Finnish architect (Finlandia House) and designer, born in Kuortane, Finland (d. 1976)
  • 1898 Paul Urysohn, Russian mathematician
  • 1899 João Café Filho, Brazilian president (d. 1970)
  • 1899 Lao She, Chinese writer (d. 1966)
  • 1903 Walter Linck, Swiss sculptor

Person of interestPretty Boy Floyd

1904 Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd, American gangster and FBI Most Wanted criminal, born in Adairsville, Georgia (d. 1934)

  • 1904 Roger Makins, diplomat
  • 1905 Arne Beurling, American mathematician (d. 1986)
  • 1906 George Adamson [Baba ya Simba - "Father of Lions"], British conservationist (Born Free), born in Etawah, India (d. 1989)
  • 1907 James A. Michener, American author (Tales of the South Pacific, Hawaii), born in Doylestown, Pennsylvania (d. 1997)
  • 1909 M Vasalis [Margaretha Droogleever Fortuyn-Leenmans], poet (Phoenix)
  • 1909 Simone Weil, social philosopher/Resistance fighter (WWII), born in Paris, France
  • 1912 Jacques Soustelle, French minister of information
  • 1914 Cornelis "Kees" Andrea, Dutch painter, graphic artist and carpet designer
  • 1914 Felix Kelly, New Zealand-born British artist, born in Auckland (d. 1994)
  • 1915 Jann Willem Holsbergen, author (Zakenmensen Fair as Gold)
  • 1916 Vivien Signy, nurse (d. 1997)
  • 1918 Joey Bishop [Gottlieb], talk show host (Joey Bishop Show), born in The Bronx, New York
  • 1920 Henry Heimlich, Surgeon and inventor of the Heimlich maneuver, born in Wilmington, Delaware (d. 2016)
  • 1920 George A. Miller, cognitive psychologist (the magical number seven), born in Charleston, West Virginia (d. 2012)
  • 1922 Bill Chappell Jr, (Rep-D-FL, 1969- )
  • 1925 Joop C Swart, Dutch publisher/founder (World Press Photo)
  • 1925 Leon Schlumpf, member of the Swiss Federal Council
  • 1926 Glen Tetley, US choreographer
  • 1926 Hans-Jochen Vogel, leader of West Germany's Social Democrats (SPD)
  • 1926 J Roy Rowland, (Rep-D-GA, 1983- )
  • 1927 Joan Lowery Nixon, American writer (d. 2003)
  • 1927 Blas Ople, Filipino politician (d. 2003)
  • 1930 Gillian Ayres, British abstract painter and printmaker, born in Barnes, London (d. 2018)
  • 1933 Paul Sarbanes, American politician (Senator-D-MD, 1977-2007, sponsored Sarbanes–Oxley Act), born in Salisbury, Maryland (d. 2020)
  • 1938 Vladimir Grigoryevich Fartushny, Russian cosmonaut
  • 1938 Randolfe "Randy" Wicker [Charles Gervin Hayden Jr.], American author, LGBT and pro-cloning activist and blogger, born in Baltimore, Maryland
  • 1939 Vladimir Yevgenyevich Preobrazhensky, Russian cosmonaut
  • 1939 Michael Cimino, American director (The Deer Hunter), (d. 2016) possible date only
  • 1941 Neil Bogart, American record executive (d. 1982)
  • 1944 Stephen Ross, American economist (arbitrage pricing theory), born in Boston, Massachusetts, (d. 2017)
  • 1944 C Thomas "Tom" Gallagher, American Republican politician, financier, and insurance agent, born in Wilmington, Delaware
  • 1948 Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo, East Timor politician, Nobel Peace laureate
  • 1948 Henning Mankell, Swedish playwright and author (Wallander novels), born in Stockholm (d. 2015)
  • 1950 Michael Dickinson, British(?) reorganizer
  • 1951 Blaise Compaoré, Burkinabé politician, born in Ziniare, Burkina Faso
  • 1952 Jack Fields, (Rep-R-TX, 1981- )
  • 1953 Savvas Tsitouridis, Greek politician
  • 1955 Stephen Euin Cobb, American novelist
  • 1955 Kirsty Wark, British broadcast journalist
  • 1958 Joe Frank Edwards Jr, Cmdr USN/astronaut (STS 89), born in Richmond, Virginia
  • 1958 N. Gregory Mankiw, American economist
  • 1965 Karlous Marx Shinohamba, Namibian politician
  • 1969 Joseph [Beau] Biden III, American politician and son of Vice President Joe Biden, born in Wilmington, Delaware (d. 2015)
  • 1971 Sarah Kane, English playwright (d. 1999)
  • 1974 Ayanna Pressley, American politician, (Rep-D-Mass) one of "The Squad", born in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 1978 Amal Clooney, British-Lebanese human rights lawyer (Julian Assange), born in Beirut, Lebanon
  • 1980 Sarah Lewitinn, American writer

Weddings in History

  • 1112 Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona and Douce I of Provence marry, uniting the fortunes of those two states.

LoveWedding of Interest

1547 Russian Tsar Ivan IV [Ivan the Terrible] (17) marries Anastasia Romanova (17)

Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible
Russian Tsar
Ivan the Terrible

LoveWedding of Interest

1910 Author James Weldon Johnson (38) weds civil rights activist Grace Nail Johnson (24) at her family's home

Writer and Civil Rights Activist James Weldon Johnson
Writer and Civil Rights Activist
James Weldon Johnson
  • 2006 "The Science Guy" Bill Nye (50) weds author/oboist Blair Tindall at Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles
  • 2007 Jackass prankster Bam Margera (27) weds Missy Rothstein (26) in downtown Philadelphia

Deaths in History

  • 474 Leo I, Byzantine Emperor (457-74), dies
  • 619 Laurence of Canterbury, 2nd Archbishop of Canterbury
  • 699 Saint Werburgh, Anglo Saxon Princess and patron saint of Chester, England
  • 865 Ansgar, German Catholic archbishop and Saint, dies at 63
  • 1014 Sweyn Forkbeard, Viking king of Denmark, Norway and England (1013-14), dies at around 54 (born cira 960)
  • 1116 King Coloman of Hungary (b. 1070)
  • 1399 John of Ghent, English prince, Duke of Lancaster, founder of the royal House of Lancaster, dies at 58
  • 1428 Ashikaga Yoshimochi, Japanese shogun (b. 1386)
  • 1451 Murad II, sultan of Turkey (1421-51), dies

Person of interestJohannes Gutenberg

1468 Johannes Gutenberg, German inventor (movable printing press), dies at 70 (birth date c. 1400)

  • 1536 Garcia de Resende, Port writer/publisher (Cancioneiro Geral), dies
  • 1558 Alfonsus de Castro, Spanish theologist (council of Trente), dies
  • 1566 George Cassander, Flemish theologian (b. 1513)
  • 1669 Catharina Questiers, Dutch poet (Friend of Abandoned Child), dies at 31
  • 1679 Jan Havicksz Steen, Dutch painter (St Nicolas Feast), dies at 53
  • 1697 Sjoucke Gabbes, Frisian sailor, dies/buried on Dirk-Hartog Island
  • 1737 Tommaso Ceva, Italian Mathematician (b. 1648)
  • 1803 Pedro Rodríguez de Campomanes y Pérez, 1st Count of Campomanes, Spanish economist and literary, dies at 79
  • 1832 George Crabbe, English poet (Everlasting Mercy), dies at 77
  • 1862 Jean-Baptiste Biot, French physicist (Biot-Savart law), dies at 87
  • 1866 François-Xavier Garneau, French Canadian poet and historian (b. 1809)
  • 1874 Lunalilo, Hawaiian monarch (b. 1835)
  • 1875 Everhardus Johannes Potgieter, Dutch writer (Liedekens van Bontekoe), dies at 66
  • 1876 Gino Capponi, Italian marquis, literary and Premier of Toscane, dies at 83
  • 1881 John Gould, British ornithologist and bird artist, dies at 76
  • 1889 Belle Starr, US female gangster, murdered at 40
  • 1890 C. H. D. Buys Ballot, Dutch meteorologist (Buys Ballot's law), dies at 72
  • 1896 Jane Wilde, Irish poet, nationalist and mother of Oscar Wilde, dies at 74
  • 1900 William W. Averell, American Major General (Union Army), dies at 67
  • 1902 Isaac Fransen van der Putten, Dutch PM (1866), dies
  • 1919 Charles Edward Pickering, American astronomer and pioneered American spectroscopist, dies at 72
  • 1919 Maria Theresa of Austria-Este, Queen of Bavaria, dies at 69
  • 1922 Christiaan R de Wet, South African Boer general, dies at 67
  • 1922 John Butler Yeats, Northern Irish artist (b. 1839)

Person of interestWoodrow Wilson

1924 Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President (1913-21), dies at his home in Washington at 67

28th US President Woodrow Wilson
28th US President
Woodrow Wilson
  • 1929 Agner Krarup Erlang, Danish scientist (b. 1878)
  • 1931 Hans Schardt, Swiss geologist, dies at 72
  • 1935 Hugo Junkers, German engineer (b. 1859)
  • 1936 Sophie of Schönburg-Waldenburg, consort of William of Wied, Prince of Albania (b.1885)
  • 1943 Alexander Goode, rabbi who surrendered his life jacket, drowns
  • 1945 Roland Freisler, German Nazi judge (July 20th plotter case) and politician, dies at 51
  • 1947 Marc A "Pete" Mitscher, US lt-adm (WW II-Task Force 58), dies at 60
  • 1950 Karl Seitz, President of Austria (1920), dies at 80
  • 1956 Émile Borel, French mathematician (b. 1871)
  • 1958 Henry Kuttner, sci-fi author (Dark World, As You Were), dies at 42
  • 1958 Johannes F Buziau, Dutch cabaret performer, dies at 81
  • 1960 Johannes Geelkerken, Dutch theologian and vicar, dies at 80
  • 1961 Viscount Dunrossil, Gov-Gen of Australia (1959-61), dies at 67
  • 1962 Werner Bock, writer, dies
  • 1964 Sir Albert Richardson, English architect (b. 1880)
  • 1969 Eduardo C Mondlane, president of Mozambique, murdered
  • 1969 C. N. Annadurai, Indian politician and 1st Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, dies of cancer at 59
  • 1975 William D. Coolidge, American physicist and inventor (b. 1873)
  • 1984 Ravindra Mhatre, Indian diplomat, murdered at 48 by Kashmiri terrorists in Birmingham, England
  • 1985 Frank Oppenheimer, American physicist (b. 1912)
  • 1991 Harry Ackerman, American TV executive producer (b. 1912)
  • 1995 John Pinsent, English classical scholar (Greek mythology), dies at 72
  • 1995 Art Kane [Kanofsky], American art director (Seventeen Magazine), and portrait photographer (A Great Day In Harlem), takes his own life at 69
  • 1996 Brodrick Haldane, Scottish photographer, dies at 83
  • 1996 Edward Adamson, English artist, 'father of art therapy' and collector, dies at 84
  • 1996 Edward Frederick Weston Goodman, property Developer, dies at 81
  • 1996 Tibor Reich, textile designer, dies at 79
  • 1997 Bohumil Hrabal, Czech writer (Closely Observed Trains), dies at 82
  • 1997 William Geoffrey Biddle, English bomb disposal expert, dies at 79
  • 1998 Karla Faye Tucker, murderer, executed at 38
  • 2000 Richard Kleindienst, American politician (b. 1923)
  • 2005 Corrado Cardinal Bafile, Italian Catholic cardinal (b. 1903)
  • 2005 Ernst Mayr, German-American biologist (evolutionary theory), dies at 100
  • 2005 Zurab Zhvania, Prime Minister of Georgia (b. 1963)
  • 2007 Ralph de Toledano, Moroccan-born American political columnist and author (b. 1916)
  • 2007 George Becker, American president of United Steelworkers (1993-2001) (b. 1928)
  • 2008 Douglas Fraser, Scottish pilot (b. 1916)
  • 2009 Sheng-yen, Buddhist monk and founder of Dharma Drum Mountain. (b. 1930)
  • 2010 Regina, Crown Princess of Austria (b. 1925)
  • 2012 Christopher Samuel Youd, British sci-fi writer (Tripods Trilogy), dies at 89
  • 2012 Norton Zinder, American biologist (genetic transduction), dies from pneumonia at 83
  • 2013 Cardiss Collins, American politician (first African-American woman to represent the Midwest in Congress), dies at 81
  • 2014 Joan Mondale (née Adams;), American artist, author, and wife of US vice-president Walter Mondale, dies of Alzheimer's disease at 83
  • 2015 Sir Martin Gilbert, British historian (Winston Churchill biography), dies at 78
  • 2020 George Steiner, French American literary critic and educator, dies at 90