On This Day in History for February 9

Events in History

  • 1234 Mongol army takes the Jin city of Caizhou, last holdout of Jin Emperor Ai-Tsung, who commits suicide rather than be captured
  • 1267 Synod of Breslau orders Jews of Silesia to wear special caps
  • 1287 Massive storm across south-east England hits Cinque Ports realines the coastline, New Romney port now a mile inland [1]
  • 1499 France & Venice sign treaty against Milan
  • 1537 Pope Paul III routes Cardinal Pole to England
  • 1554 Battle at London: Sir Thomas Wyatt defeated and his rebellion against Queen Mary crushed
  • 1555 Bishop of Gloucester John Hooper is burned at the stake for heresy
  • 1574 Louis of Nassau ends siege of Maastricht
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