On This Day in History for January 18 (Part 2)

Events in History

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  • 1979 Peter Jenkins finishes "A Walk Across America" at Florence, Oregon
  • 1980 Gold reaches $1,000 an ounce
  • 1980 Studio 54 owners Steve Rubell & Ian Schrager sentenced to 3½ years in prison for tax evasion & fined $20,000
  • 1981 Iran accepts US offer of $7.9 billion in frozen assets
  • 1981 Phil Smith and Phil Mayfield become the first two people to BASE jump from objects in all four categories (buildings, cliffs, bridges, antennae) after parachuting off a Houston skyscraper
  • 1984 80th Islander & 3rd dual hat trick (Carroll & Bossy) 9-1 win
  • 1985 US renounces jurisdiction of World Court despite previous promise
  • 1986 24th Space Shuttle (61-C) Mission-Columbia 7-returns to Earth
  • 1986 NY Lotto pays $30.5 million to one winner (#s are 19-20-27-34-41-46)
  • 1988 Airliner crashes in SW China, killing all 108 on board
  • 1989 Astronomers discover pulsar in remnants of Supernova 1987A (LMC)
  • 1989 IBM announces earnings up 10.4% in 1988
  • 1990 South Africa says it is reconsidering ban on African National Congress
  • 1990 Washington DC, Mayor Marion Barry arrested in drug enforcement sting
  • 1991 Iraq launches SCUD missiles against Israel

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1991 US acknowledges CIA and US Army paid Manuel Noriega $320,000 over his career

Panamanian General and Dictator Manuel Noriega
Panamanian General and Dictator
Manuel Noriega
  • 1991 Eastern Air Lines goes out of business after 62 years, citing financial problems.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1993 Martin Luther King Jr. holiday observed in all 50 states of the USA for 1st time

Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr.
Civil Rights Activist
Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 1994 The Cando event, a possible bolide impact in Cando, Spain. Witnesses claim to have seen a fireball in the sky lasting for almost one minute.
  • 1995 Kumble takes 16-99 in match for Karnataka v Kerala

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1995 Pope John Paul II begins visit to Australia

264th Pope John Paul II
264th Pope
John Paul II
  • 1997 In north west Rwanda, Hutu militia members kill 3 Spanish aid workers, 3 soldiers and seriously wound one other.
  • 1997 Boerge Ousland of Norway becomes the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided.
  • 1998 ABL All-Star Game at Disney complex in Orlando
  • 2000 The Tagish Lake meteorite impacts the Earth.
  • 2002 Sierra Leone Civil War finally declared over.
  • 2003 A bushfire kills 4 people and destroys more than 500 homes in Canberra, Australia.
  • 2005 The world's largest commercial jet, the Airbus A380, is unveiled in France
  • 2007 Hurricane Kyrill: kills at least 44 in Western Europe: strongest British storm in 17 years kills 14 people, worst German storm since 1999 with 13 deaths and causes container Ship MSC Napoli to be destroyed off coast of Devon
  • 2012 Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) blackout becomes the largest protest in the history of the internet
  • 2016 World's 62 richest people are now as wealthy as half the world's population according to a report published by Oxfam
  • 2017 NASA and NOAA announce that 2016 was the hottest year on record, surpassing the previous record set in 2015 which itself topped a record set in 2014

Birthdays in History

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  • 1974 Princess Claire of Belgium
  • 1976 Damien Leith, Australian Idol 2006
  • 1978 Thor Hushovd, Norwegian former professional road bicycle racer widely considered the greatest Norwegian cyclist of all time, born in Grimstad, Norway
  • 1979 Leo Varadkar, Irish politician, Prime Minister (2017-), born in Dublin, Ireland
  • 1982 Joanna Newsom, American harpist
  • 1984 Seung-Hui Cho, shooter at Virginia Tech
  • 1984 Michael Kearney, American child prodigy
  • 1985 Dale Begg-Smith, Australian freestyle skier

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