On This Day in History for July 27

Events in History

  • 432 St Celestine I ends his reign as Catholic Pope
  • 1214 1st battle of Bouvines - King Philip II of France vs Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV and King John of England; as a result John lost Normandy and his other possessions in France (hence his nickname John "Lackland")
  • 1230 Treaty of San Germano between Emperor Frederik II & Pope Gregory IX
  • 1280 Sogen Mugaku, founder of Engakuji temple, arrives in Japan from China
  • 1298 Albert (Albrecht) I, son of Rudolf of Habsburg, crowned King of the Germans
  • 1360 Danish King Waldemar IV destroys Visby, Gotland
  • 1377 First example of quarantine in Rugusa (now Dubroknik); city council passes law saying newcomers from plague areas must isolation for 30 days (later 40 days, quaranta in Italian)
  • 1501 Nicolaus Copernicus formally installed as a canon of Frauenberg Cathedral
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Weddings in History

  • 1365 Isabella of England marries Enguerrand of Coucy at Windsor
  • 1857 Emperor of Mexico Maximilian I (25) weds princess Charlotte of Belgium (17) in Brussels
  • 1927 British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (39) weds Elizabeth Carver in Chiswick, England

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