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On This Day in History for June 15

Events in History

  • 763 BC Assyrians record a solar eclipse that will be used to fix the chronology of Mesopotamian history
  • 923 Battle of Soissons: King Robert I of France is killed and King Charles the Simple is arrested by the supporters of Duke Rudolph of Burgundy

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1094 Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar [El Cid] occupies Valencia on the Moren

Spanish National Hero El Cid
Spanish National Hero
El Cid
  • 1184 Magnus V Erlingsson, King of Norway (1156–1184), dies in the Battle of Fimreite

Historic PublicationMagna Carta

1215 King John signs Magna Carta at Runnymede, near Windsor, England

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The Magna Carta, written in iron gall ink on parchment in medieval Latin
The Magna Carta, written in iron gall ink on parchment in medieval Latin
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  • 1219 King Valdemar brought victory for Denmark

DenmarkDannebrog - World's Oldest National Flag

1219 Dannebrog is the flag of Denmark and the oldest national flag in the world. According to legend, it fell from the sky during the Battle of Lyndanisse (now Tallinn) in Estonia, and turned the Danes' luck

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According to legend the Dannebrog fell from the sky during the Battle of Lyndanisse in 1219
According to legend the Dannebrog fell from the sky during the Battle of Lyndanisse in 1219
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  • 1246 Battle at Leitha: Hungary-Austrian
  • 1246 With the death of Duke Frederick II, the Babenberg dynasty ends in Austria
  • 1389 Battle of Kosovo; Turks defeat Serbs
  • 1567 Battle at Carberry, Scotland: Protestant troops beat Earl Bothwell's army
  • 1567 Republic of Genoa expels Jews from its whole territory
  • 1580 Phillip II of Spain declares William the Silent to be an outlaw.

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1626 King Charles I disbands English parliament

King of England Charles I
King of England
Charles I
  • 1643 Able Tasman returns to Batavia after discovering Tasmania
  • 1667 1st fully documented human blood transfusion is performed by French physician, Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys, when a small amount of sheep blood is transfused into a 15-year old boy, who survives the procedure

  • 1741 Captain Vitus Bering leaves Petropavlovsk, sailing to America
  • 1762 Austria uses 1st paper currency

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1775 George Washington appointed commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, the day after Congress establishes the force

First US President George Washington
First US President
George Washington
  • 1785 2 French balloonists die in world's 1st fatal aviation accident

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1802 Toussaint Louverture leaves Haiti, prisoner on French ship Héros

General and Revolutionary Toussaint Louverture
General and Revolutionary
Toussaint Louverture
  • 1804 Twelfth Amendment to the US Constitution, establishing the procedure for electing the President and Vice President, ratified in Congress
  • 1808 Joseph Bonaparte becomes King of Spain
  • 1826 Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II abolishes the elite Janissary corps executing thousands for treason to make way for a more modern army
  • 1834 Rioters in Safed Palestine kills many Jews
  • 1836 Arkansas becomes 25th state of the Union

DiscoveryHistoric Expedition

1842 John C. Frémont sets off from Kansas River on his first expedition of the Oregon Trail with frontierman Kit Carson as his guide

Frontiersman Kit Carson
Kit Carson

InventionHistoric Invention

1844 Charles Goodyear patents the vulcanization of rubber

Chemist and Inventor Charles Goodyear
Chemist and Inventor
Charles Goodyear
  • 1846 Oregon Treaty signed, setting US-British boundary at 49°N
  • 1851 Jacob Fussell, Baltimore dairyman, sets up 1st ice-cream factory
  • 1857 San Francisco Water Works organized
  • 1859 Pig War: Ambiguity in the Oregon Treaty leads to the "Northwestern Boundary Dispute" between U.S. and British/Canadian settlers
  • 1860 1st White settlement in Idaho (Franklin)
  • 1861 Johnston evacuates Harpers Ferry

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1862 General Jeb Stuart completes his "ride around McClellan"

Confederate General J.E.B. Stuart
Confederate General
J.E.B. Stuart
Union General George McClellan
Union General
George McClellan
  • 1863 Second Battle at Winchester Virginia, ends in Federal defeat; 1350 casualties

  • 1864 -17] Skirmish at Gilgal Church, Georgia

BattleBattle of Interest

1864 Battle of Petersburg begins as General Ulysses S. Grant assaults the Confederate line at the important Southern rail center of Petersburg

Union General and US President Ulysses S. Grant
Union General and US President
Ulysses S. Grant
  • 1864 Capt Mendell begins building 640m long ponton bridge over James River, Virginia
  • 1864 US Congress passes legislation equalizing pay for Black soldiers

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1864 Robert E. Lee's home area (Arlington, Virginia) becomes a military cemetery

Confederate General Robert E. Lee
Confederate General
Robert E. Lee
  • 1866 Prussia attacks Austria
  • 1867 Atlantic Cable Quartz Lode gold mine located in Montana
  • 1869 World's 1st plastic Celluloid is patented by John Wesley Hyatt, Albany, NY
  • 1869 Mike McCoole (US) defeats Tom Allen (England) in bare-knuckle bout
  • 1871 Phoebe Couzins is 1st woman graduate of a US collegiate law school
  • 1876 Sara Spencer (R) is 1st woman to address a US presidential convention
  • 1876 Tsunamis after earthquake floods NE coast of Japan, kills 28,000

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1877 Henry Ossian Flipper becomes 1st African American to graduate from West Point Military Academy

Soldier and Former Slave Henry Ossian Flipper
Soldier and Former Slave
Henry Ossian Flipper
  • 1887 Carlisle D Graham survives 2nd ride in Niagara waterfall in barrel
  • 1887 Stanley's expedition reaches Yambuya waterfalls Congo

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1888 Wilhelm II becomes Emperor of Germany

German Emperor and King of Prussia Wilhelm II
German Emperor and King of Prussia
Wilhelm II
  • 1896 Tsunami strikes Shinto festival on beach at Sanriku, Japan; 27,000 are killed, 9,000 injured and 13,000 houses destroyed
  • 1897 Liberals/social-democrats win Dutch 2nd Parliamentary election
  • 1898 US House of Representatives passes resolution to annex Hawaii
  • 1898 US marines attack Spanish off Guantánamo, Cuba

  • 1902 Canada's Maritime Provinces switch from Eastern to Atlantic time
  • 1903 The Serbian Assembly meets and elects Prince Peter Karageorgevich king
  • 1904 Side-wheeler passenger paddlesteamer "General Slocum" burns in NY's East River (1,031 die)
  • 1907 The 2nd Hague Peace Conference meets in an attempt to stop the arms race; Germany resists, but conference does make important rules around the rights of neutral powers

Book releaseHistoric Publication

1907 Researcher George Soper publishes the results of his investigation into recent typhoid outbreaks in the New York area and announces that Mary Mallon [Typhoid Mary] is the likely source of the outbreak

  • 1908 World congress for Women's rights opens in Amsterdam
  • 1911 Tabulating Computing Recording Corporation (IBM) is incorporated.
  • 1913 The Battle of Bud Bagsak in the Philippine concludes
  • 1915 US government mints 1st $50 gold pieces, for Panama Pacific Expo
  • 1916 Boys Scouts of America forms

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1916 Boeing Model 1 [B & W Seaplane], the 1st Boeing product, flies for the 1st time

Aviation Pioneer William Boeing
Aviation Pioneer
William Boeing
  • 1917 In order to calm troubled relations with Ireland, the British grant amnesty to the Prisoners taken during the Easter Rising of 1916
  • 1918 1" of snow falls in Northern Pennsylvania
  • 1919 1st nonstop Atlantic flight (Alcock & Brown) lands in Ireland
  • 1920 African American circus workers, Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson and Isaac McGhie are taken from jail and lynched by a white mob of thousands in Duluth, Minnesota
  • 1921 Bessie Coleman reaches France as US 1st black pilot
  • 1923 Belgium's Theunis government falls because of mine, post and railroad strike
  • 1924 1st transmission of radio Bloemendaal

Historic InventionModel T

1924 Ford Motor Company manufactures its 10 millionth automobile

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The 1910 Model T Ford
The 1910 Model T Ford
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Event of interestEvent of Interest

1924 J. Edgar Hoover assumes leadership of the FBI

First Director of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover
First Director of the FBI
J. Edgar Hoover

  • 1925 Philadelphia As go into bottom of 8th inning trailing 15-4, then score 13 times to defeat Cleveland 17-15

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1926 7th French government of Aristide Briand falls

11x Prime Minister of France Aristide Briand
11x Prime Minister of France
Aristide Briand
  • 1929 1st time NY curb stock exchange transacts more business than NY Exch
  • 1931 Poland and USSR sign friendship and trade treaty
  • 1934 Great Smokey Mountains National Park dedicated
  • 1940 38 Italian Fiat bombers bomb Luc-en-Province
  • 1940 Bread & flour rationed in Holland
  • 1940 World War II: France surrenders to NAZI Germany, German troops occupy Paris
  • 1940 Soviet Army occupies Lithuania
  • 1943 Congress of racial Equality (CORE) forms
  • 1944 US forces begin invasion of Saipan in Pacific
  • 1945 Dutch political party ANJV established in Concert building, Amsterdam
  • 1949 Phils Eddie Waitkus, shot by Ruth Steinhagen, 19, at Eddgewater Hotel
  • 1950 Dutch police seize condoms
  • 1953 NYC Transit Authority forms
  • 1954 Great Britain's 2 biggest steel factories nationalized
  • 1954 UEFA (Union des Associations Européennes de Football) is formed in Basle, Switzerland
  • 1955 Australia score 8-758 v West Indies at Kingston, their best ever

Event of interestEvent of Interest

1955 The Eisenhower administration stages the first annual "Operation Alert" (OPAL) exercise, an attempt to assess the USA's preparations for a nuclear attack

34th US President & WWII General Dwight D. Eisenhower
34th US President & WWII General
Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • 1957 42.01 cm (16.54") of rainfall, East St Louis, Ill (state record)

Execution'The Banality of Evil'

1960 Argentina complains to UN about Israeli illicit transfer of Eichmann

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Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann sits in the dock at his 1961 trial in Jerusalem
Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann sits in the dock at his 1961 trial in Jerusalem
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  • 1961 Expansion Washington Senators are 30-30, latest date an expansion team will be at .500, Washington will lose their next 10 games
  • 1962 South Africa passes a bill setting death penalty for many crimes
  • 1962 Students for a Democratic Society complete the Port Huron Statement

Birthdays in History

  • 28 Emperor Ming of Han [Liu Yang], Chinese Emperor of the Han dynasty (58-69 AD), born in Luoyang, China (d. 75 AD)
  • 1221 Frederik II [Strijdbare], duke of Austria

Person of interestEdward the Black Prince

1330 Edward the Black Prince [Edward of Woodstock], English prince and knight, born in Woodstock Palace, England (d. 1376)

Prince of Wales Edward the Black Prince
Prince of Wales
Edward the Black Prince
  • 1542 Richard Grenville, English parliament leader/vice-admiral (Roanoke)
  • 1553 Ernst, archduke of Austria/governor of the Netherlands
  • 1594 Nicolas Poussin, French painter, born near Les Andelys, France (d. 1665)
  • 1623 Cornelis de Witt, Dutch statesman (Chatham)
  • 1624 Hiob Ludolf, German orientalist (d. 1704)
  • 1638 Samuel Apostool, Dutch vicar/theologist (The Sun)
  • 1640 Bernard Lamy, French mathematician (d. 1715)
  • 1755 Antoine François, comte de Fourcroy, French chemist (d. 1809)
  • 1767 Rachel Donelson Jackson, wife of President Andrew Jackson (1828-37), (d. 1828)
  • 1789 Josiah Henson, American slave and settlement founder (d. 1883)
  • 1801 Benjamin Raymond, Mayor of Chicago (d. 1883)
  • 1805 William Butler Ogden, first Mayor of Chicago (d. 1877)
  • 1809 François-Xavier Garneau, French-Canadian poet and historian (d. 1866)
  • 1833 Edward Moody McCook, American lawyer, politician and Brevet Major General (Union Army), born in Steubenville, Ohio (d. 1909)
  • 1865 L H Perquin, Dutch religious radio speaker
  • 1867 Konstantin Balmont, Russian writer, born in Gumnishchi, Shuya (d. 1945)
  • 1888 Ramon Lopez Velarde, Mexican poet (La Sangre Devota)
  • 1890 Georg Wüst, Posen, German Oceanographer who provided the first complete understanding of the temperature, salinity and deep-current structure of the Atlantic Ocean
  • 1894 Nikolai Chebotaryov, Ukrainian mathematician (d. 1947)
  • 1898 Willem Scheps, Dutch journalist
  • 1900 Gotthard Günther, German philosopher (d. 1984)
  • 1902 Erik Erikson, Frankfurt Germany, American developmental psychologist and psychoanalyst who coined the phrase "identity crisis"
  • 1906 Louis RJ Ridder van Rappard, Dutch mayor (Zoelen)
  • 1906 Léon Degrelle, Belgian Walloon Rexist Party leader, and Nazi collaborator, born in Bouillon, Belgium (d. 1994)

Person of interestSam Giancana

1908 Sam Giancana, American mafioso, born in Chicago, Illinois

Gangster Sam Giancana
Sam Giancana
  • 1911 Wilbert Awdry, British Anglican cleric and children's writer (Thomas the Tank Engine), born in Ampfield, England (d. 1997)
  • 1913 Trevor Huddleston, English pastor/chairman (Anti-Apartheid)
  • 1914 Cees [Cornelis A B] Bantzinger, Dutch cartoonist/illustrator
  • 1914 Saul Steinberg, Romanian-American cartoonist and illustrator (The New Yorker), born in Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău County, Romania (d. 1999)

Person of interestYuri Andropov

1914 Yuri Andropov, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (1982-84) and KGB Chief (1967-82), born in Nagutskaya, Stavropol Region, Russian Empire (d. 1984)

Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov
Soviet General Secretary
Yuri Andropov
  • 1914 Hilda Terry, American Cartoonist (d. 2006)
  • 1916 Marshall Field IV, publisher/editor (Chic Daily News, Sunday Times)
  • 1917 Lillian Bassman, American photographer and painter (Harper's Bazaar), born in Brooklyn, New York (d. 2012)
  • 1918 Andreas M Donner, Dutch state leader
  • 1918 N'garta Tombalbaye, 1st President of Chad (1960-75), born in Bessada, Chad (d. 1975)
  • 1919 Van T. Barfoot, American Army colonel and Medal of Honour recipient, born in Edinburg, Mississippi (d. 2012)
  • 1920 Amy Clampitt, American poet (The Kingfisher), born in Iowa (d. 1994)
  • 1920 George Ernest Leslie, Scottish trade union official, born in Leith, Scotland (d. 1996)
  • 1922 [Morris] Mo Udall, American politician (Rep-D-AZ, 1961-91), born in St Johns, Arizona (d. 1998)
  • 1924 Ezer Weizman, 7th President of Israel (d. 2005)
  • 1925 Jaime Sabines, Mexican poet (Tarumba, Maltiempes)
  • 1926 Shigeru Kayano, Japanese Ainu activist (d. 2006)
  • 1927 Hugo Pratt, Italian graphic artist, born in Rimini, Italy (d. 1995)
  • 1932 Einar K Enevoldson, American Nasa test pilot (X-24B)
  • 1932 Mario Cuomo, American politician (Governor-D-NY, 1983-95), born in NYC, New York (d. 2015)
  • 1933 Mohammad Ali Rajai, President of Iran (1981) who was assassinated by a bomb while in office, born in Qazvin, Persia (d. 1981)
  • 1935 Fernand Schokweiler, British judge
  • 1936 William Joseph Levada, American Catholic prelate
  • 1939 Ward Connerly, American political activist (affirmative action), born in Leesville, Louisiana
  • 1939 Brian Jacques, British author, born in Liverpool, England (2011)
  • 1942 Tony Coelho, American politician (Rep-D-California, 1979-89), born in Los Banos, California
  • 1943 Xaveria Hollander [Vara de DeVries], Dutch author (The Happy Hooker), born in Soerabaja, Dutch East Indies
  • 1944 Robert Keppel, American criminologist
  • 1945 Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Philippine senator
  • 1945 Lawrence Wilkerson, American retired military officer
  • 1950 Lakshmi Mittal, Indian industrialist (ArcelorMittal), born in Sudulpur, India
  • 1952 Lorna Young, Scottish promoter of Fairtrade products, born in Dumfries, Scotland (d. 1996)

Person of interestXi Jinping

1953 Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China (2012-) and President of the People's Republic of China (2013-), born in Beijing

Paramount Leader of China Xi Jinping
Paramount Leader of China
Xi Jinping
  • 1954 Paul Rusesabagina, Rwandan hotel manager
  • 1955 Sally E Silverstone, Walthamstow England, Co-Captain (Biosphere 2)
  • 1965 Annelies Bredael, Belgian rower
  • 1965 Adam Smith, American politician (D-Wash), born in Washington, D.C.
  • 1968 Adam Rapp, American playwright and author (Red Light Winter), born in Chicago, Illinois
  • 1972 Hank Von Helvete, Turbonegro Frontman
  • 1988 Miku Ishida, Japanese teen idol
  • 2015 Prince Nicolas of Sweden, Duke of Ångermanland, born in Danderyd

Weddings in History

LoveWedding of Interest

1777 First American flag seamstress Betsy Ross (25) weds mariner Joseph Ashburn

Seamstress Credited with Creating the First American Flag Betsy Ross
Seamstress Credited with Creating the First American Flag
Betsy Ross
  • 1905 Princess Margaret of Connaught marries Gustav, Crown Prince of Sweden.

LoveWedding of Interest

1953 Sci-Fi author Arthur C. Clarke (35) weds Marilyn Torgenson in New York

Sci-Fi Author Arthur C. Clarke
Sci-Fi Author
Arthur C. Clarke
  • 1969 British-American romance novelist, Jackie Collins (31) weds 2nd husband, American theatrical producer Oscar Lerman (49), at the home of her sister Joan
  • 1978 Jordan's King Hussein marries Elizabeth Halaby, 26-yr-old American
  • 1992 Director Frank Perry (Mommie Dearest) marries Virginia Bush Ford
  • 2013 "Hart of Dixie" actor Cress Williams (42) weds girlfriend Kristen Torrianni in Texas

Divorces in History

Broken heartDivorce of Interest

1978 US Senator Edward W. Brooke (58) divorces first wife Remigia Ferrari-Scacco after 31 years of marriage

US Senator Edward W. Brooke
US Senator
Edward W. Brooke

Deaths in History

  • 923 Robert I, King of France (922-23), dies in battle
  • 948 Romanus I Lecapenus, Armenian emperor of Byzantium (919-44), dies
  • 991 Theophanu, wife of Holy Roman Emperor Otto II and regent of Otto III, dies (b. 960)
  • 1073 Emperor Go-Sanjō of Japan, 71st emperor of Japan, dies at 38
  • 1246 Frederik II "the Strijdbare", duke of Austria, dies in battle at 25
  • 1337 Angelus Clarenus/da Cingoli, Italian leader, dies
  • 1341 Andronicus III Paleologus, Byzantine emperor (1328-41), dies
  • 1381 Wat Tyler, leader of English Peasants' Revolt is beheaded in London
  • 1381 John Cavendish, Lord Chief Justice of England
  • 1383 John VI Cantacuzenus, Byzantine Emperor
  • 1389 Lazar I, Serbian prince, dies in battle
  • 1389 Murad I, Osmaans sultan, dies in battle
  • 1397 Count of Eu, French knight, dies in Turkish captivity

Person of interestPhilip the Good

1467 Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy (1419-67), dies at 70

Duke of Burgundy Philip the Good
Duke of Burgundy
Philip the Good
  • 1521 Tamás Bakócz, Hungarian Catholic cardinal and statesman (b. 1442)
  • 1557 Sebastiaan Van Noyen, military master builder, dies
  • 1580 Nicolaas van Nieuwland, corrupt 1st bishop of Haarlem, dies at 70
  • 1614 Henry Howard, 1st Earl of Northampton, English politician (b. 1540)
  • 1666 Pieter de Bitter, Dutch admiral (Colombo, Goa), dies
  • 1679 Guillaume Courtois, French painter (b. 1628)
  • 1702 Georg E Rumphius, German nature explorer, dies
  • 1703 Gillis Schey, Dutch admiral (battle at Lowestoft), dies at 58
  • 1708 Romeyn de Hooghe, Dutch painter and goldsmith, buried at 62
  • 1724 Henry Sacheverell, English churchman and politician (b. 1674)
  • 1750 Marguerite De Launay, Baronne Staal, French writer (b. 1684)
  • 1768 James Short, Scottish mathematician and manufacturer of telescopes, dies at 57
  • 1814 Charles Palissot de Montenoy, French writer/politician, dies at 84
  • 1844 Thomas Campbell, Scottish poet (Ye Mariners of England), dies at 66
  • 1845 Francesco Capaccini, Italian cardinal and diplomat, dies at 60

Person of interestJames Knox Polk

1849 James Knox Polk, 11th US President (1845-1849), dies in Nashville Tenn at 53

11th US President James Knox Polk
11th US President
James Knox Polk
  • 1858 Ary Scheffer, Dutch French Romantic painter, etcher and sculptor, dies at 63
  • 1864 Haller Nutt, American rich Southern Plantation owner (Longwood house - largest octagonal house in the US), dies at 48
  • 1865 Edmun Ruffin, US secessionist/writer, commits suicide
  • 1888 Emperor Friedrich III of Germany (b. 1831)
  • 1889 Mihail Eminesco, Romanian poet (Luceafarul), dies at 39
  • 1905 Hermann Wissmann, German African explorer and governor of East-Africa,, dies at 51
  • 1907 William Le Baron Jenney, American architect (father of skyscraper), dies at 74
  • 1917 Kristian Birkeland, Norwegian explorer and physicist (nominated 7 times for Nobel Prize), dies at 49
  • 1923 Alexander Stamboeliski, premier Bulgaria (1919-23), dies
  • 1938 Ernst L Kirchner, German painter, dies at 58
  • 1941 Evelyn Underhill, British Anglo-Catholic poet, dies at 65
  • 1941 Otfrid Foerster, German neurologist, dies at 67
  • 1942 Vera Figner, writer, dies
  • 1952 Jakob Jud, Swiss linguist/etymologist, dies at 70
  • 1958 François de Vries, Dutch economist, dies at 74
  • 1965 E. A. Speiser, American Bible scholar (b. 1902
  • 1971 Wendell Meredith Stanley, American chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1904)
  • 1978 Anton Roosjen, Dutch politician and NCRV-chairman, dies at 83
  • 1979 Ernst Meister, writer, dies at 67
  • 1981 Philip Toynbee, British journalist and writer (Savage Days, Barricade), dies at 64
  • 1983 Srirangam Srinivasarao [Sri Sri], Indian Telugu poet, dies at 73
  • 1985 Robert Stethem, U.S. Navy Seabee diver murdered by terrorists on TWA Flight 847 (b. 1961)
  • 1987 Walter Heller, American economist (Old Myths & New Realities), dies at 71
  • 1989 Maurice Bellemare, Canadian politician (b. 1912)
  • 1993 Mahfoud Boucebi, Algerian psychiatrist, murdered
  • 1993 Vera, scarf/linen designer, dies of cardiac arrest at 87
  • 1993 John Connally Jr, American politician, 39th Governor of Texas, and federal treasurer who was critically wounded during the assassination of Kennedy, dies of pulmonary fibrosis at 76
  • 1994 David Lawson, executed in NC (wanted execution shown on Donahue)
  • 1996 Jean Gimpel, French author and medievalist, dies at 77
  • 1999 Ernst van Altena, Dutch author and interpreter (Chansons van Earnest), dies at 65
  • 2000 Jules Roy, French writer (b. 1907)
  • 2002 Choi Hong Hi, South Korean army general and Founder of Taekwon-Do, dies at 83
  • 2006 Alireza Shapour Shahbazi, Iranian archaeologist and a world expert on Achaemenid archeology, dies of cancer at 63
  • 2007 Claudia Cohen, American gossip columnist and socialite (b. 1950)
  • 2011 Bill Haast, American Herpetologist (b. 1910)
  • 2013 Kenneth G. Wilson, American physicist (Nobel 1982), dies from lymphoma at 77
  • 2014 Daniel Keyes, American author (Flowers for Algernon), dies from complications from pneumonia at 86
  • 2015 Kirk Kerkorian, American CEO and "father of the mega-resort" (MGM, UA), dies at 98
  • 2015 Jean Doré, Canadian politician (39th Mayor of Montreal), dies at 70
  • 2016 Lois Duncan, American young adult novelist (I Know What You Did Last Summer), dies at 82
  • 2017 John Robert Jones [John Dalmas], American sci-fi author (White Regiment, Lizard War), dies at 90
  • 2017 James W. McCord Jr., American CIA officer who led the Watergate break-in, dies of pancreatic cancer at 93