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  • 1962 South Africa passes a bill setting death penalty for many crimes
  • 1962 Students for a Democratic Society complete the Port Huron Statement

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1963 Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion resigns

First Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion
First Israeli Prime Minister
David Ben-Gurion
  • 1964 Last French troops leave Algeria
  • 1965 South Africa begins economic boycott of Dutch products
  • 1968 "Yummy Yummy Yummy" by Ohio Express hits #4
  • 1969 The Campaign for Social Justice publish a second edition of 'Northern Ireland The Plain Truth' which set out the allegations of discrimination against Catholics by Unionists in the region
  • 1971 Vernon E Jordan Jr, appointed exec director of National Urban League
  • 1972 Rock fall inside Vierzy Tunnel (France) causes 2 train crash; 107 die
  • 1972 West German police arrested RAF leader Ulrike Meinhof
  • 1972 The Social Democratic and Labour Party meet Secretary of State for Northern Ireland W Whitelaw, to present the IRA's conditions for a meeting
  • 1976 Yankees trade May, Martinez, Pagan, MacGregor & Demsey to Baltimore for Holtzman, Alexander, Grant Jackson, Elrod Henrick & Jim Freeman
  • 1977 Spain's 1st free elections since 1936 (41 years)
  • 1977 Wim Polak becomes mayor of Amsterdam
  • 1978 Belgian government resigns
  • 1978 Italy's pres Leone resigns due to Lockheed affair
  • 1978 Soyuz 29 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6; they stay 139 days
  • 1979 1st space shuttle SRB qualification test firing; 122 seconds
  • 1982 Riots in Argentina after Falklands/Malvinas defeat
  • 1982 Supreme Court rules all children, regardless of citizenship, are entitled to a public education
  • 1983 Supreme Court struck down state & local restrictions on abortion
  • 1984 "Thicke Of The Night" TV Talk Show last airs in syndication
  • 1984 Thomas Hearns KOs Roberto Duran
  • 1985 En route to Halley's Comet, USSR's Vega 2 drops lander on Venus
  • 1985 Russian space probe Vega 2 lands on Venus
  • 1985 Rembrandt's painting Danaë is attacked by a man later judged insane; he threw sulfuric acid on the canvas and cut it twice with his knife.
  • 1986 Pravda announces high-level Chernobyl staff fired for stupidity
  • 1987 Bettino Craxi's Socialist Party wins election in Italy
  • 1988 NASA launches space vehicle S-213
  • 1988 Turkish premier Özal meets Greek premier Papandreou in Athens
  • 1990 "Dick Tracy" with Warren Beatty & Madonna premieres
  • 1991 Carolyn Tanny & Bob Trischel wed
  • 1991 Climactic eruption of the Mount Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, the second-largest volcanic eruption on Earth of the 20th century
  • 1991 Birth of the first federal political party in Canada that supports Quebec nationalism, le Bloc Québécois.
  • 1992 1st Berlin Air Show in 60 years
  • 1992 Erie Sailors (Fla Marlin farm team) 1st game beat Jamestown 6-5 in 13
  • 1992 Ghana Airways inaugurates flights to JFK Airport (NYC)
  • 1992 Jeff Reardon breaks Rollie Fingers' save record with #342
  • 1992 Dan Quayle, relying on faulty card, erroneously instructs Trenton NJ, elementary student to spell "potato," "potatoe" during spelling bee
  • 1995 Mark Ilott takes 9-19 incl all lbw hat-trick, Essex v Northants
  • 1995 Northants all out 46 v Essex & wins game next day
  • 1996 IRA bomb in Manchester wrecks city centre at 11.17am, injuring 200
  • 2001 ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum sign a letter of intent for a natural gas to liquids (GTL) project that would be the largest in the world
  • 2002 Near earth asteroid 2002 MN missed the Earth by 75,000 miles (120,000 km), about one-third of the distance between the Earth and the Moon
  • 2008 62nd Tony Awards: In the Heights & August: Osage County win
  • 2012 Apple I computer sells for a record $374,500
  • 2012 Five Dutch banks, including ING, receive credit rating downgrades of one or two notches
  • 2014 Juan Manuel Santos is reelected President of Columbia

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2015 Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, announces he will run for the US Presidency in Miami

US Governor Jeb Bush
US Governor
Jeb Bush
  • 2015 Remains of a 2,000 year old women dubbed "the sleeping beauty" are announced discovered in Northern Ethiopia from ancient kingdom of Aksum
  • 2015 800 year anniversary of "the birthplace of modern democracy", the signing of the Magna Carta by King John at Runymede, England

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2015 Real estate mogul Donald Trump launches his campaign for US President

45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality Donald Trump
45th US President, Businessman and TV Personality
Donald Trump

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2017 Scotland Yard launches criminal inquiry and British Prime Minister Theresa May announces a public inquiry a day after the Grenfell Tower fire

British Prime Minister Theresa May
British Prime Minister
Theresa May
  • 2017 New record set for price of a parking lot in Hong Kong - $664,000
  • 2017 Rebel Wilson win defamation case against Bauer Media at The Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne

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