On This Day in History for March 13 (Part 2)

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  • 1989 US space shuttle STS-29 launched
  • 1990 Nicholoas Braithwaite elected premier of Grenada
  • 1991 Exxon pays $1-billion dollars in fines & cleanup of Valdez oil spill
  • 1991 Saudi Arabia and Iran say OPEC oil production cuts will take effect April 1
  • 1992 FCC rules companies can own 30 AM & 30 FM stations (formerly 12)
  • 1992 An earthquake registering 6.8 on the Richter scale kills over 500 in Erzincan, eastern Turkey.
  • 1993 Blizzard of '93 hits north-east USA
  • 1994 33.3% of Austria votes for ultra-right Freedom Party
  • 1994 Oil tank/airship crash at Bosporus (huge fire/15+ killed)
  • 1994 President Mangope of Bophuthatswana deposed
  • 1995 Anti-fascist Kazakhstan anti-parliament forms
  • 1995 Hungarian Forint devalued 9%
  • 1995 Istanbul police shoot dead 16 Alawitische demonstrators
  • 1996 Sri Lanka beat India in World Cup semi as riots stop play
  • 1996 At Dunblane Primary School, Scotland, 16 children and 1 teacher are shot dead by Thomas Hamilton who then commits suicide. Results in handguns being banned in the UK.
  • 1997 India's Missionaries of Charity chooses Sister Nirmala to succeed Mother Teresa as its leader
  • 2003 The journal Nature reports that 350,000-year-old footprints of an upright-walking human have been found in Italy
  • 2005 Terry Ratzmann shoots and kills six members of the Living Church of God and the minister at Sheraton Inn in Brookfield, Wisconsin before killing himself.

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2005 Bob Iger is named CEO of Walt Disney International, succeeding Michael Eisner

CEO of The Walt Disney Company Bob Iger
CEO of The Walt Disney Company
Bob Iger
  • 2008 Gold prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange hit $1,000.00 an ounce for the first time.
  • 2012 19 people are shot dead in a bus attack in Ethiopia
  • 2012 Encyclopaedia Britannica announces that it will no longer publish printed versions of its encyclopaedia
  • 2012 110 people are killed and 63 are missing after a ferry collides with an oil tanker near Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • 2012 28 people, including 22 children, are killed in a motorway bus crash near Sierre, Switzerland
  • 2013 10 people are killed by a suicide bombing in Kunduz province, Afghanistan
  • 2013 The European Parliament rejects a European Union budget for the first time
  • 2013 An Embraer 821 aeroplane crashes and kills 9 people in Para, Brazil
  • 2013 North Korea shreds the Korean Armistice agreement
  • 2013 Aleqa Hammond’s Siumut party wins the Greenland parliamentary elections

Event of interestEvent of Interest

2013 Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio is elected the new pope, taking the papal name Pope Francis

Pope Francis
  • 2014 After protests earlier this month, the Israeli parliament votes 65 to 1 for legislation that ends exemptions from military service for ultra-Orthodox Jewish seminary students
  • 2015 Cyclone Pam causes widespread damage in Vanuatu and the South Pacific, including 15-16 deaths.
  • 2016 Suicide Bombing in Ankara, Turkey kills 37 people

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